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  1. mondoeman: my email address is xtrelanex@yahoo.com. Thanks, man!

  2. mondoeman: my email address is xtrelanex@yahoo.com. Thanks, man!

  3. Duckbilled: Love your dog! VERY cool!

    Chuck B.

  4. Right now, my favorite is KPHL by SunSkyJet. Utterly jaw dropping -- BRAVO, guys.www.sunskyjet.comAnd let's not all be greedy here and just take, take, take: remember to hit the tip jar once in a while! These freeeware developers are doing this hard work out of a love of this hobby and a deep seated sense of sharing. Show them you're appreciation sometimes.
  5. Jerry: It offers the most flight plan import and export formats than any other software that I've ever seen. IOW, it can import and export to more flight planners and payware aircraft. That was enough for me to buy it at first. I am often lazy and don't necessarily want to enter entire flight plan into an FMC.
  6. Yes. Start using it today and READ THE MANUAL. No kidding! -- I kept trying to get it without doing that and you've hit the nail right on the head -- it's not intuitive at all. Not until I actually started using it and reading the manual did I start to realize it's full power.
  7. Also, play around with the order you have the scenery placed -- like try putting the scenery at the very top of your priority list (No. 1) and see if that helps.And I love to be "thanked" -- just didn't think I did anything in this case . . . :(
  8. Here's another big thumbs up for FSBuild. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you get past that it more than makes up for it's cost by time saved and fun gained.
  9. I had this same issue for a while and I think you'll find Opa's solution works -- as usual!Don't forget to come back and tell us if it did work for you. A thank you to "Mr." Opa would be nice as well!
  10. Thanks for the comment about Jack the Dawg, altstiff -- he's 1/2 boarder collie! But you could probably tell that. Smooth skies, my friend!


    AKA Trelane

  11. I, for one agree. Coincidentally (and now pretty much O/T) this just came up with me. I downloaded a Lockheed C-27 last night from a VA. They offered an "alternative" soundset and since the download was 26 megs and the website download speed was slow, I looked at the aircraft's native sound.cfg file to see if I could get by without it: the plane's sound was aliased to the default Beech Baron. :-bla
  12. Thanks for your work and effort, Ed! It's greatly appreciated. This particular one is part of my daily fleet and is in my active aircraft hangar at all times -- I fly it a lot!
  13. Thank you, ThrottleUp! I downloaded it late last night but couldn't get the electronic displays in the suggested panel to show themselves -- just blank screens. I installed all patches as directed in the readme's, too!Maybe work on it this weekend, but THANKS! No matter what, I'll no longer shy away from the Airbus -- at least the 300 - 310s! Cool!(PS: ThrottleUp -- I just PM'd you on a different matter. Hope you don't mind.)
  14. >Posky MD11? Do you mean the IFDG MD11? I don't think Posky>did an MD11. Edited my original post -- typing too fast. I was more curious simply about Airbus planes in general. I have never flown anything by IFDG.
  15. I'm just curious: can people let me know why they fly Airbus jets as opposed to other manufacturers? I own the Overland Boeings and love them, but recently it seems I've seen a larger number of repaints and .cfg fixes for their Airbus series which got me wondering what I may be missing. I've avoided Airbus simply because (I think) they're flown mainly using a joystick instead of a yoke and, although I'm not a stickler for ultimate realism, I don't like simming with a joystick so this detail has kept me from flying Airbus. EDIT: BTW, I have flown some smaller jets from POSKY, as well as the MD11 that comes with the Overland Boeing package, so I do have experience flying other manufacturers. I thought it is a nice plane, if not understandably tail heavy, but nothing overly special.Can anyone share their special preferences for Airbus with me?
  16. I use Flight Environment and Active Sky and I simply can't fly without SoftHorizons! If forced to make a choice, I think I'd give up ASv6.5 before I gave up SoftHorizons. I use the randomize feature in FE frequently. To solve the overwrite of SoftHorizons textures issues, I wrote a simple .bat file to recopy SoftHorizons textures back to the appropriate folders with a shortcut to it on my desktop. Now, double clicking on the shortcut after an FE randomize has just become yet another routine step in my standard FS9 start up routine. It's an incredible time saver to achieve an outstanding, consistent flight experience.I'd be happy to share it so long as John doesn't mind. You might have to cusotmize the script a bit for the proper folder names on your system. And/or I could upload it to the file library here, but I wouldn't do so unless John OK'd it.
  17. Alex:After so many multi-mon posts, I hereby officially christen you the "Monarch of Multiple Monitors"! :-lol Crusade on, my friend -- you converted me so long ago!
  18. >>Surprised you haven't seen it before Chuck.Hey, Andy! I'd read about it here before, but never actually remembered to take the time to check it out for myself. And because I wasn't expecting it at all this time, it turned into one of those really cool Flight Sim moments. When I showed it to my wife, even she thought it was great -- and there's not much I can show her that will impress her anymore. :-)
  19. I tried PMing you but it says your user profile has been disabled or hidden. I've used CMStart.
  20. Jeez,Bill. That would be great! Thank you! I'm PMing you with my email address. My set up always gets most confused with all the different axes. Do you have to save, upload and exit each time you change a key command? EDIT: Woops, I guess I'm not PMing you! My email adress is listed. THANKS!:-beerchug
  21. >>I dont know if the CH software works well or not as I have not >>used it, I am sure it probably does work very well.Well, now I have experience using all 3 and of the 3 I have found the software made by Saitek and CH Products to ge equally deficient and aggravating, if only because they do add that extra layer of control, which can confuse the system. FSUIPs biggest drawback seems to be in its utter vastness -- it tries to do a lot (and it usually succeeds!) -- if not in it's somewhat confusing or verbose documentation. The customer support persoan is cranky, too! :-hah
  22. Flying freight out of PANC 15:00Z tonight I was treated to one heck of a terrific light show on take off and climb! Caught me totally off guard. :-jumpy Very, VERY nice touch, FS9!
  23. Thanks for checking Andy, and sorry, I've never been able to figure out the problem either. Fortunately for me I have terrific GPWS in both FSPassengers and FDC Live Cockpit, so I'm just going to take a pass on this gauge.Good luck! Let me know if you ever figure it out.
  24. Thanks for your comments,ha5mvo, and I do agree with most of what you say. I bought FSUIPC a long time ago when it seemed like the only answer to several issues and every body always raved about it. However, for me, CH CM causes far, far more problems -- it totally confuses my FS, assinging different designations to and/or not recognizing my hardware at all, it doesn't hold assignements easily unless I save and exit after every change, etc. etc. etc. Right now I've removed it and I'm back to FSUIPC controlling everything including my reversers, and is working great and see's everything I need it to see, which is all I ask. However, as we all know in this hobby the future is always in question. :-DThanks again!
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