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  1. Thanks, Bill. Do you also have the registered version of FSUIPC installed? I'm wondering if everything is getting mixed in and confusing my system by blocking certain commands.Thanks again.
  2. See previous posts: I had to install CH months ago because FSUIPC wouldn't recognize the reverse thrust command from the indent on my throttle quad.I'm going to delete the CH software yet again tomorrow morning and try starting from scratch with just FSUIPC. This will only be about the 6th time -- What's the definition of 'insanity'? Repeating the same thing over and over, expecting different results. :-)
  3. No, they're not freeware but they are inexpensive, and I love them. Much more forgiving and far fewer surprise taxiway crashes than POSKY (which I also love!). If you decide to buy them, look for them from an American download store -- you'll save about 5 bucks. Simmarket bases everything on the Euro which is very strong these days.<< http://www.overland.co.jp/english/sms/w-airlines.html >>
  4. I just bought and downloaded the freeware Boeing collection from Overland/Simmer's Sky about a month ago and I love them. Clean, simple and easy to fly. They're not exactly freeware but they're very inexpensive -- about $25 bucks for 9 or 10 jets, including some heavies, and tons of free paints here in the library.
  5. >Chuck>I have just read your post about the fun and games you had>with the CHProducts thingy.I FEEL YOUR PAIN.In the past i have>had similar experiences ie your sim runs smoothly and well for>ages and then out of the blue a bout of tweaking madness>strikes and you mess and tinker and even tinker and mess and>lo an behold the next time you try to load the sim and it>won't or you load it and it crashes AGGH! >Hope you get it sorted.>cheers Andy>Thanks, Andy. To paraphrase C3PO in Star Wars: occasional tweaking "Seems to be our lot in life!"Best regards!
  6. Thanks, guys. It's all very frustrating -- I'm aware of the FSUIPC techniques, but again, I've had serious problems getting it to control reversers for my throttle quads -- it won't do it. Using the technique outlined this thread was the only way I could get reversers to work on my system. << http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=25470 >>I had the Saitek yoke and throttles for a little while -- I wonder if this has thrown FSUIPC off kilter some way, even though I have deleted (supposedly) all traces of the Saitek yoke.This appears to be some sort of peculiarity unique to my system and set up, and that you guys aren't experiencing my problems. I was afraid of that.
  7. Peter:Do you have all three pieces from CH products? Yoke, throttle quad and pedals?TIA.
  8. If you're looking for a good panel for the 737, I have no idea why anyone would need anything other than Paul Scarrat's PS Panels 737 NG! Up until recently it was payware, but now thanks to Mr. Scaratt it's free here at Avsim. I can't recommend it highly enough!<< http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID...pan&DLID=106129 >>
  9. Yes, I do, Andy. Did you see my post this morning on CHProducts Control Manager? Most times I feel we do much more tweaking and far less flying!
  10. Same here, Andy. His work has never failed me and made my life much, much easier, so I was sure it was something I had done, or was wrong in my A/C. But since I have those other addon programs, it hasn't yet been worth my time to really try and sort it all out.I don't use an external card, but Windows Media is certainly not my default player, so et us know what you come up with -- I'd be very interested to know what gives.
  11. (ADMIN: This is not a hardware issue so I'm posting in this forum -- apologies if I'm not correct.)I just spent the better part of 2 days trying to get my CH Products Flight Yoke, throttle quad and pro pedals back to flying status using CH Control Manager in my FS9. (I started using CH's Control Manager quite successfully several months ago as the alternative to my registered FSUIPC, which I couldn't get to work right with the reverser command.) I made one change in my Windows XP control panel on Sunday night to make the yoke the primary controller so that I could assign a "next" button for my FDC Live Cockpit, and that set off a maddening chain of events that kept me on the ground for that whole time. I lost many of the assignments I had made in FS9 and no matter what I did either in the sim itself or CH Control Manager, one change seemed to mess up 5 other things! I installled, uninstalled, assigned and reassigned countless times -- even replacing the original .map file I had thoughtfully backed up didn't work! (And FDC Live Cockpit never did see my controller -- but that's a completely separate and manageable issue.)I finally got things so I could at least fly again last night by deleting the pedals from Control Manager and running them outside of the software, but even then I still need to recalibrate and desensitize my yoke and throttles.Is this common? What the heck am I doing wrong? I'm afraid to do anything now that involves my flight controls!! God forbid I ever have to rearrange my USB cables again -- I think would just hang myself at that point.
  12. Andy:If you do so, please let us know what he says. I've never been able to get this one to work either, but since I almost always fly with FSPassengers and/or FDC Live Cockpit and both have automatic GPWS, it turned out not to be a real pressing issue.I would still like to know how to make this work in my small, GAs though.
  13. Yes you can -- I've got it unchecked in AS 6.5 and have never used it after the first day.You can look at my specs and compare them to yours -- my computer is only about 6 months old and is a mid-range desktop for FS2004 ONLY -- not a gaming machine. With all that I've listed running, plus 3 flat screens, Radar Contact v4.0 on a WideFS machine (I run ActiveSky on the WideFS machine), FDC Live Cockpit, FS Passengers, and only 40.0% AI, I will only get between 12 and 14 FPS in the areas you mention. If I maxed out everything near Chicago or New York, and had stormy cloud weather from AS, I would probably be reduced to 4 or 6 FPS. Try the other suggestions mentioned above, and then now we all have to compromise somewhere -- mine is in dialing back the AI to 40%. You may simply be expecting too much.
  14. I actually use Active Sky v6.5 in FS9 and use Flight Environment. Then I install GE Pro ground textures, Real Environment (I don't use ActiveSky Graphics at all as it seemed to impact FRs more than RE, Ultimate Terrain, and Bird's Eye View in succesive layers, with SoftHorizons on top of them all and get an outstanding overall effect and good 24+ FPS (locked). No conflicts whatsoever among any of them.For my system all have combined to give a look that's actually better than FSX IMHO and it all runs significantly smoother.
  15. I assume you mean the Ultimate Terrain seasonal CTD. I don't know about a specific zip file, but here's the link to my full discussion with the developer. My issues are toward the bottom:<< http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_post...D=131219#131219 >>Let me know how you make out.
  16. I have to be honest here as I've been holding back writing this, but:Key to MouseActive CameraWideViewI wish I could get my money back on all of them. The first two can be replaced by freeware and Key to Mouse I have never used -- any functionality was replaced when I go FSPanel Studio.I could never get Active Camera to do everything promised.WideView -- nice program but the FS9 version didn't interact with AI or weather properly, even with a registered copy of FSUIPC, and it just whetted my appetite for a 3 screen set up, which I eventually ended up doing. I'm getting tired of buying software and not being able to return inferior or unusable software for refunds. And what's up with this 10 minutes of free time to review the software? How are you supposed to know within that small amount of time?Software developers do have us by the proverbial short hairs, don't they?
  17. Well, sort of. It's a special camera that takes 360* photos. The actual technique used varies by photographer, but many times they make multiple passes with the camera and electronically stitch it together to get the full rotating AND up and down coverage shown in that 'photo'.Here in the US, realtors have been using this technology for a few years to show off homes on their websites.
  18. Deaconblues:Wow! Great sig line. When you read it instead of just hearing it in the song, it takes on a whole new meaning.BTW, Donald Fagan is just nuts . . . :+
  19. Best buy uses BluRay DVD players to show off their TVs. If you don't have BluRay, you'll lose some of that amazing picture quality that you see in the store because TV is not yet broadcast at that standard (and may not be for a very long time to come).
  20. And they fly that bear with joysticks! THAT's what amazes me. :-lol
  21. I've had this problem but only on very long flights, I believe when crossing the equator from North to South America. It ended up being no problem so I never sought a solution. You're right about your heart sinking as you await the CTD, though. Thankfully, it never happened.
  22. Thanks, Outer Marker. I don't fly the Airbus series, but the Boeing package they have, and I love them, if only because I got tired of 200+ page manuals, set ups, preps, planning, setting switches, fuel planning, FMC programming etc., etc., etc. The Overland Boeings give me the opportunity to get into the air quickly and easily and fly, which is why I originally took up this hobby to begin with.All that having been said, I'd be interested in any FDE improvements to the Boeings that you would upload to AVSIM. ESPECIALLY if you can eliminate once and for all that annoying "tail scrape" penalty with the Overlands that the people at FSPassengers deny even exists! :-)
  23. Thanks Mad Dog! I saw you mention that you use VoxATC on the other thread and I was just PM-ing you about this issue, since I wasn't getting any responses here. "Never mind".I used VoxATC again last night, and aside from the controllers "answering themselves" ;-) and not hearing any AI calls -- ATC was giving responses even though there were no audible calls from other aircraft -- weird! -- I really enjoyed the flight! Thanks (again) for clearing this up for me -- the email from the manufacturer really through me for a loop -- AND a $70 loss for voices I can't really use!
  24. At many of my add on airports, with 40% AI, FSPassengers, FSNav, and ActiveSky and Radar Contact running on WideFS I was getting about 10 - 12.5 FPS when on the ground. Uninstalling UT gave me just enough to smooth out those situations.Like I said, I'm sure I'll go back and forth for years. I love how UT makes my FS9 look from FL310 but, on final I prefer the relative abundance of autogen houses and buildings it was suppressing. At least just for today I do. Tomorrow may be different. :-)
  25. Thanks, Jason! It didn't even occur to me that there might be a free fix for that right here at AVSIM!I really appreciate your extra effort on my behalf. :-beerchug
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