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  1. Having just recently purchased it I would actually rank Radar Contact just slightly above my Active Sky as far as "must have's" is concerned -- of course, I would never give up my Active Sky either. Get Radar Contact - I was intimidated by the manual so I put off buying it for a long time, but it is great. I especially like the fact that I can hand the radios to my copilot and he will stay in touch with ATC, even on those 9 and 10 hour over night, long haul flights.I also just bought VoxATC for FS9 and it's a lot of fun, although not as good an AI controller as Radar Contact.My list of addons I WILL NOT fly without:FSNavigatorRadar ContactActive SkySoft Horizon (freeware)AISmooth (freeware) -- yes, even with Radar ContactFSGenesis MeshUltimate TerrainFlight Environment Pro
  2. Chris:Thanks for taking the time to post this, and to do so in a clear and complete manner. Knowing the fix is here now and for the future is a great help.
  3. This happens to me too -- I'm running GE Pro and UT. I was wondering if there was a fix, but since it doesn't happen all that often and apparently only under certain circumstances, it never bothered me enough to spend a lot of time researching it.
  4. Is it still the general concensus that these two do basically the same thing? I have been using GEPro and Flight Environment for a while now and I'm really happy with them, but was looking at Birds Eye View thinking that it will provide further enhancements. The docs for BEV say something about added autogen features as well.Any input into my contemplated purchase of BEV would be appreciated. I also run Ultimate Terrain and Active Sky 6.5, in case that matters.Thank you.
  5. Project Opensky offers the best, most realistic jets -- they can be challenging to fly for someone new.<< www.projectopensky.com >>If you want to prep and plan like a real commercial pilot, and learn jetliner procedures inside out, PMDG is the way to go. << http://www.precisionmanuals.com/ >>If your interests lie along that route, there is a free 747 here in the AVSIM library -- Ready for Pushback, or RFP -- that until just recently was payware, so you might want to start with that one before you spend money on at PMDG '47, just until you're sure you want to expend that much effort before you actually get into the air.If you don't mind paying $25 bucks (USD) and you're not really interested in strict, time consuming set up procedures, I just bought the complete Boeing package by Overland/Simmer's Sky. The models are very forgiving (much more so than POSKY's) and their flying characteristics are similar to the default Aircraft, which makes them a lot of fun to fly, you get 6 or 7 models, there are tons of free liveries available.<< http://www.fspilotshop.com/product_info.php?products_id=972 >>Rest assured that this hobby's choices are almost endless.
  6. Have you tried this one?<< http://library.avsim.net/search.php?Search...s2004&Go=Search >>
  7. >>Hello there >Its not the cabin thats the problem that displays as it>should.Its pilot and co pilot who are grey.>cheers AndyAndy: Just do what I do. Find the appropriate .bmp, open it in PhotoShop Elements, highlight their faces, delete them and insert picutres of some one else's faces. I did it, and now my step-son and I fly all my planes! :-hah (I need to work on how the head sets look on us, though.)
  8. Have you installed any software recently unrelated to FS9? Or, are you running multiple screens?I run multiple monitors and about once a week my FS9 loads up and out of the blue it sticks at abou 1 - 2 FPS, kind of like yours. I find the only way it clears is if I shut down the sim, reboot the computer, run my usual FSStartUp again like I always do, and then go back in. It has to do with my video card multiple screen handling software that came with my driver set up. If FSAutoStart doesn't shut it down properly, then I'm screwed and have to kill it myself by using this method.Hope this helps, or at least gives you an idea or two.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to write such a complete and informative response to my question. This was extremely helpful!
  10. >I would request the ILS Rwy 17 approach with the IAI>transition - that will clear you direct to IAI and allow you>to navigate clear of the mountains without driving the ATC>nuts.>>There will be problems with altitude near those two airports ->because of the grid system which FS uses for setting the MSA.>That is always an issue with airports near coasts with high>mountains nearby.>>For the east end of Maui it's 10,400 ft and for the big island>its 10,000 ft for approach, 14,100 ft over the actual island.>Reggie:Could you explain a little further what an "IAI Approach" means? Should it be selected on all approaches? Does it provide more pilot flexibility on approach than "Vectors to Final"? Thank you!
  11. >>>Hi chuck i also have the fly tampa version of tncm, but atc still>>>directs me to rwy 27. When you said that "now atc directs me to >>>rwy 9 everytime", could it be that whenever you have flown there >>>the winds were in your favour so that atc would direct you to rwy >>>9? Just curious to know seeing that we both have the same >>>scenery. >>>Scott I'm not sure Scott. I've flown there a number of times, always approaching from the South/West and it's always set me down on 9. It's never been an issue so I haven't thought about wind direction too much. Up until I saw your thread, that is. And I can't check for you until tomorrow night as I have plans for tonight (with real, live people! :D ) Are you coming in from the European side (from the East)? I wonder if that could have something to do with it.
  12. I have never been happy with any Saitek product, and their customer service even less. Just my experience.
  13. I love this airport - it's one of my favorite sceneries. The additional airports that come with the expanded package are just phenomenal, complete with people holding drinks out on the porch and cars driving up and down the hillside roads. All with very interesting approaches and/or departures.
  14. I bought FlyTampa's absolutely beautiful TNCM Princess Juliana scenery (which has a package that offers 4 other highly detailed, nearby airports) to go with my Airport Enhancement Services, and now ATC correctly directs me to Rwy 9 every time. No wind adjustments needed - and I love seeing the sailboats and windsurfers on approach.Check it out - quite an approach:<< http://www.metacafe.com/watch/325621/princ...uliana_airport/ >>BTW, taking off from that runway is murder. You need to get over that mountain about 2 miles beyond the airport so get high fast!
  15. Yes, you can do this in FS Panel Studio. I just bought this utility a couple of months ago and it has been an absolute god send. There are still a (very) few things I have to do manually, but the time it has saved me in editing my panels and creating/modifying minipanels has been unbelievable!I can't recommend it enough.
  16. >I recently bought a pair of Saitek Throttle Quadrants, but>could not get the reverse thrust to activate. I purchased an>FSUIPC registration, and programmed the reverse thrust using>FSUIPC.>Now, I have a very bad stutter every second. Bad enough that>it effects FS greatly. If I remove the key file for FSUIPC,>and disable it, the stutter vanishes. I've heard that you can>input commands into the joystick sections of FS9,cfg, and gain>the reverse thrust that way. If anyone knows the commans, I'd>sure appreciate it.>>I sent all my Saitek stuff back and went back to my good ol' CH Products equipment. Here's the procedure I use to accomplish thrust reversers outside of FSUIPC, and it works like a charm. If the CD didn't come with your stuff, you can download Saitek's version their controller software from their website.<< http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=25470 >>Hope this helps!Chuck B.
  17. >Thanks Chuck and Vulcan>Chuck>i may go down your route and try some of Just Flights 'light>range' these are aircraft models that do have an FMC but it is>a simplified version(for clod brains like me).Obviously you're not a clod Andy. These things are complicated and and require a lot of getting used to. I have messed around so much lately with complexity in panels, a/c, etc., I have opted to use less complex aircraft addons (hence the Overland purchase) that still provide a modicum of realism and focus on learning Radar Contact (which itself has a 270+ page manual) and fly around the world, as opposed to more reading, programming, tweaking, etc. In a year or two, that will probably change.>PPS Chuck i hope you got your problems with the PSPanels panel>sorted out.Andy, I'm sorry if I never let you know but my PSPanel woes are all sorted out, with your help, and now I'm going wild modifiying panels and gauges with FSPanel Studio and having a blast. Another contributing factor in my decision to bypass PMDG type aircraft for now. Thanks for all your help!
  18. In this day and age, I'm not sure I'd want the general public to know how to gain access to any unopened, unguarded air craft! :-grnmd
  19. Andy:I've used FSNav from the beginning and I just bought my first set of payware aircraft: the Overland Boeing series for 25 bucks and I am really happy with it. For me, the FSNav FMC feature (if we really want to call it that) works plenty well. I opted for the Overland package (which many here may pooh-pooh as being too much like the default a/c) simply because I have gotten really tired of all the reading, studying, calculating, and programming involved with this hobby -- I'm at a point where I just want to fly! You get 6 or 7 different models and there are tons of free paints out there, too so: What a deal!<< http://www.fspilotshop.com/product_info.php?products_id=972 >>Add ActiveSky, RadarContact (while listening to liveATC.com), FSPassengers to your a/c and (or?) fly with a Virtual Airline and you have a lot of fun with a minimal amount of prefilight planning!
  20. >I know, but mark my words you will experience that behind the>PC and in a real cockpit you can't beat paper and pencil>technology :)>Thanks, Rob -- and I agree with you 100%. Technology can fail you, and we don't want that at thirty thousand feet! I do use multi-PCs, with WideFS on one and multi monitors on the FS machine, and what you point out is exactly why I was asking if any one knew of a better way. Check out the two suggestions made elsewhere in this thread, though -- I especially like FS Online Center -- you may be pleasantly surprised. You may even come over to "the dark side', and we might be able to save another tree or two!! :-jumpy BTW, I also own a Palm Treo smart phone with a high resolution screen. I keep my various (voluminous) flight sim manuals on it and read the from it while I'm 'flying', so that I don't have to waste paper and printer ink (it's very eco-friendly) for my hobby. It has the advantage of minimizing paper lying around my rig, too. The thumb-keyboard is a bit awkward to use when the controller in Radar Contact is speaking too fast as he is giving me my assignments. Otherwise, it's great, and no pencil and paper in sight. I suspect I would use it for real world flying in much the same way, hence my request for an e-app here. My smartphone is (more or less) my real world kneeboard.Thank you, my friend! your suggestions are always a big help!
  21. Thanks, Jim. I had done that, but originally didn't see what I was looking for.BTW, I also found FS Online Center 2007 by Steffen Froemter (AVSIM file name fsonlinecenter_v2sp1.zip) an app I had used before and reinstalled it. I never realized it but it had the note taking functionality I'd been looking for all along!So many add-ons -- so liitle time. :-scatter Thanks again, Jim.Chuck
  22. Yeah, I hear ya' Rob . . . and that's what I've been using. But I'm not really "in the cockpit"; I'm sitting in front of a computer. :-lol Anybody else got any suggestions?Chuck
  23. Does anyone know of a way to use a text writing app such as NotePad for taking notes, without pausing FS? Maybe a knee board plug in or something? I want to write down my runway assignments, squawk codes, etc. using the keyboard while the controller is speaking, and using a pen and paper seems so . . . 20th century! :-)TIA.Chuck B.
  24. I had to go out unexpectedly last night while flying for my VA, so I used the move aircraft to here function in FSNavigator so I could land within 25 minutes, which (understandably) completely messed me up with RC v4.3. I was able to bring the FS9 ATC window back and hear the controllers speaking, and tune the radios ok, but I could never respond, call or identify myself to FS9 ATC, after shutting down RC (running WideFS configuration).From everything I've read here RC doesn't relinquish command of the keyboard after shutting down mid flight. Is that correct, or have I missed something somewhere? Is there any way, in this situation, I could've gone back to FS9s ATC so that I could be vecotred in for a landing, without losing the online connection with my VAs tracking system? I was flying San Jose to San Diego at the time.Thank you!
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