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  1. What kind of settings do you guys run with P3dV4? My single1080Ti is easily hitting 265 watts and has bumped up against 280+ watts on many flights. My cpu (coffee lake) will peak at 140+ watts.
  2. Not the pros at Asus. I believe the OP is/or going to use a Maximums XI Formula .....do yourself a favor and look it up over at the Rog forum. ......and I'll refrain from ever making a hardware recommendation on these forums again.
  3. I think the rule of thumb for best performance these days is to populate all four slots with a 4 stick kit, ie. 4x8GB (32gb) for example. But you can buy and happily use a two stick kit.
  4. Yeah man .... A big thanks to you for taking the time to contribute here at Avsim
  5. I recently upgraded my memory. I bought the same 4400 kit Rob used + a new cpu, in case I needed a stronger integrated memory controller. Long story short: I got a nice memory upgrade but not with the memory kit but rather the new CPU. Yeah, my existing 3200 c14 kit totally blew away the 44000 kit ...the memory upgrade came from the new cpu not the memory kit. I returned the memory kit and kept the cpu. While you probably don't have the resources to bin 5 mobo's, 5 ram kits and 5 cpu's like Westman, you might wanna try a 4400 kit vs a 3200 with two different cpu's ....return the losers.
  6. Well, I'm pretty darn proud of my flight book. "Can I elaborate?" -I'd rather not, as they're are smarter people than I on the topic that already have.
  7. I'm claiming performance with no FPS qualifier. Heck, my fps counter maxes out at 30 fps.
  8. Ray, I put your +/- with regard to your contributions to these forums in the solid + range but, like a few others around here, I get the sense that your appreciation of P3d is a bit on the shallow side. I see the FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=XX as more of a resource than a tweak.
  9. My processor runs at 70c and processes 2x what yours does. I probably paid 20% more for my hardware than you did for yours but I'm probably getting 2x the performance ...greedy? I call it surplus value. I ran a Sandybridge at 5.0 for 5 years ....the 1st of year of use I was publishing benchmarks at 5.4 Ghz .... The person I sold it to says it's still running strong.
  10. I think you're underestimating the 9900K at 5.4/5.0 with 4000+ low latency memory ....I'd like to see Rays hardware configuration vs yours, with the p3d settings you run, set a with a FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=.01. <vbg>
  11. @westman Yup, that's golden ....wtg! p.s. on the Apex z370?
  12. ROFL ....@ 15 GB'eeeeees!?!? Wow, and I thought I was pushing it on a 2k screen using 10GB of ram usage (8.5 GB used by p3D). Congrats on the satisfying build.
  13. You're kidding us, right? When you find the time you may want to read the thread, that you started. The difference of the Max vs the NG have been clearly articulated. The reason for the MCAS is because the new engines (placement) make the craft inherently unstable due to the engine placement that makes the craft want to pitch up making trim duties a crapshoot, especially right after the flaps are up.
  14. It’s this kind of #&#$$##& that just grabs me by the boo boo. It’s the US tax payer that is going eat these two crashes ( so far) not the Boeing investor.
  15. I’m surprised by the fact that the flight characteristics of the max is totally different than that of previous generations of the 737 due to the forward and raised engine placement on the Max .....the main reason for the new mcas, hasn’t been brought up in this thread.....sorry if I missed it.
  16. Well. as someone who lives under the flight path of where these POS's fly, and at the point where the flaps are up and the MCAS kicks in, I'm a feeling a little uneasy when I go to bed at night. Furthermore, I'm not feeling to good about Southwest Airlines right now. Maybe Boeing should've called that plane A-LIL-OverMax.
  17. Really liking the PBR on the this bird. Captured this morning: Departuring LAX: Inflight: Approach into SFO:
  18. The very 1st thing I'd try is unplugging the computer from the wall and then plugging it back in after a minute or so.
  19. Well, I’m bummed now. I had a 4400 c18 kit that I tested with the 8600 and 8086 on the 1401 bios but NOT the 1801 .... wonder if the 4400 kit would have worked as advertised on the newer bios , they were horrible on the 1401. ....kicking myself for NOT trying the 4400 kit on the 1801 .....was going to do it but got lazy about it and then was up against the rma date. edit: nice Aida score ....real nice
  20. Glad you mentioned the memory ....my memory does not like bios 1801, which I assume is geared up for the 9xxx coffee lakes. It runs about 5 to 7% slower than bios 1401. One of the reasons I went with the 8086. Well, that and I was pretty much guaranteed a 5.3 clock at voltages under 1.4.
  21. I'm talking about getting a 747 out of there with the engines intact ... 🙂
  22. I take it you didn't fly into LAX this morning. Off the charts beautiful -the broken clouds, city lights and lightning over the San Gabriel's ....totally worth the price of admission.
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