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  1. Thanks for the report! Rob A. reports at another forum that he's running 5.5 (assume he's still on the z390 Fomrula), but seems to require a 2 stage boot up process that is not unlike the start up sequence for a Saturn V rocket. But that's just it ....what are the odds of me finding a "good" 9900 or 9700. Yes! Nice Cinebench score ....and I like those voltages. WTG, man. If given the chance, post some other performance screen shots. Thanks!
  2. KPHX can have some serious attitude during the summer months, no? 🙂 Place is brutal!
  3. Yeah it was ..28 right was closed. True: My wife, daughter and I were scheduled to check in at the Marriott, across the logon from the 28's, just hours before that happened ....It was our (my :-)) bi annual plane spotting date to the Marriott. Wife and daughter didn't care about plane spotting but entertained me as long as the weekend included Union Square in SF Edit: to be clear ...I wasn't referencing the Asiana incident but rather the crash bug that can happen on approaches over water with P3D.
  4. I grew up around SFO. .Mir has captured the airport down to the mood. Yeah, it's a moody airport. Heck, I think Mir lives nearby SFO ...I get the sense he as personal connection to the strip. Unsolicted ...but, I was at the opening of the AA hangar as a young boy ....inside was a brand new AA 747 .....yeah, we got the tour. Fond memories. Edit: to the OP. If doing KSFO make sure you're closer to 100' than 50' when crossing the rocks at the foot of the 28's. 🙂
  5. get the c14 today ....worry about the price performance ratio next week. 🙂
  6. Anytime! ....just another day at the AVSIM pub .....familiar faces enjoying one another. 🙂 All the best with your new build, Hendrick.
  7. Fair enough. -Cheers OBTW ......but my focus is actually on the little things ....you know, like how the needle on a steam gauge moves like I'd expect it to move in real life. Or maybe something as trivial as filling out an FMC and having the feed back response feel like the real thing ....I won't even mention the bigger stuff like panning around in the cockpit without stutter.
  8. Oh what the heck ....maybe it's time to give a shout-out to the dudes and ladies behind the hardware I so much appreciate: Intel ....8086 is old school good EVGA ... the 6393 1080ti has performed beyond expectation ....would buy it again in a heart beat Asus ... a big shout-out to the designers and engineers behind the z370 Apex. can't help but feel that this board was designed and engineered by hardware enthusiast/gamers for hardware enthusiast/gamers ...again, old school stuff. ..and the monitor I use taint bad either. 🙂
  9. Well, I think my level of appreciation for P3D and the 3rd party apps I use is a little deeper than yours. If your hardware can do what's in the two graphics below then I'll sit down and refrain from reaching to those that might share the passion I have for P3d. The two graphics taken just now ....surfs still strong, so you can still go out and see for yourself...From KLAX to KSFO; Active Sky (5 layer clouds); PMDG 747; FSDream Team KLAX; Flightbbeam KSFO; Orbx So-Cal and Nor-Cal .....let's see what you got Noel. Link below is the approach over the Dumbarton: approach
  10. I think you'll see a nice a little pop in performance going from 2666 to 3200 C14 ...especially if you fly something a PMDG or the other Airbus study level aircraft. I recommend it. To be sure, I'm not recommending you go out and buy 4000 MHz memory. While you will notice a difference going from 3200 to 4133 you'll probably have to go through more hassle and/or expense than it's worth. And there's no guarantee you'll ever get 4000+ with your mobo/cpu combo anyway. B-DIE is the fab for Samsung's latest memory chips. It's accepted by most as being superior to other industry offerings ...and is usually very overclockable. Google it.
  11. Lat spring I spent a few hours playing with mem settings at LAX-24L, noon, fair skys and the PMDG 747: 2400 C10 27 FPS 3200 C14 30 FPS 4133 C17 33 FPS The above tested at 5.0 ghz (all cores), 4.5 cache, no avx offset The guy in the below link breaks down the affects of mem speeds at a microscopic level ...imagine the difference if he measured 3200 vs 4133 https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?101819-DDR4-4400-vs-4133&highlight=4400+4133 DjangO has a generated a B-die list for us ....I'd take the 3200 C14 And lastly ....My mems are w-a-y overclocked. The middle cpu-z graphic shows the memory sticks I'm using. I'm also showing the AIDA because a simple tweak made last night got me an extra 1/2 GB pe sec and another tick off the latency with no increase in voltage(s). Yeah, work in progress. 🙂
  12. Puter is in a good mood this morning ...asked me to share this:
  13. What 3200 c14 looks like working with my 8086 at KSAN. 🙂 Bert! You out there? Notice the VRAM? 9GB's just after being dropped off at the heavy gate 22. 🙂
  14. I had a cheap Asus 24" 1920x1200 IPS before getting my current IPS monitor. At night even the cheap slow as molasses 24" looked good in the cockpit of a PMDG liner ...but ghosting and sync issues were really noticeable during the day, hence the reason I went for a hi performance IPS. Would I get a cheap IPS again? no. I'd probably get a hi performance TN if on a no break budget. A slow IPS is really slow ....So yeah, you're going to have to pay at least $600 (US) for a quality 27 inch IPS ....worth every penny IMHO.
  15. See the monitor in my signature; night flying is gorgeous. If there's bleed, I don't see it.
  16. ...Bert- you have 11,000+ posts here at Avsim, perhaps the above quoted post is one too many? No? Away from puter right now but, I can show a recent p3d v4.4 flight that was using 9.5 GB of video ram -should be home in a few hours ....I’ll post the hwinfo graphic. Heck, even on sunny day I’m using at least 8.5.
  17. Hit the buy button. The kit is on the garden spot, no overkill with that kit.
  18. l really like your selections ; however, you mention future proofing..... your not going to go far into the future with that video card. I know this is really going bust your budget but i think the best long term investment has to include an 11gb or better video card.
  19. Understatement: your new pc doesn't even meet the "recommended" minimums for P3d, if you should decide to down that path. Xplane? pretty darn memory intensive ...memory speed has to mean something. Yeah, that could be an issue when you put your stuff together and you find your new rig isn't meeting performance expectations ....don't forget what your feeding your cpu. Oh, and the GPU also relies on system ram. Not that your asking me for advice, but I'd ship that memory back now and exchange it for at least 2666 memory.
  20. I'd get the 3200 C14 ...especially since you plan an overclock. In theory, the 3200 c14 should be binned a higher quality than the rest.. I have the 2x8 3200 C14 B-die ..can run my kit to at least 4300, am running it now at 4133 C17.
  21. What? You see the graphic I posted? 37 processes running ...and that's with P3D v4.4, ASN, and FSDream team all running. Like Mike said: "to each his own". And ....oh, by the way ....It would take me 10 minutes to go to the store any buy another drive and another ten minutes to install Win10 on my machine in dual boot config. Heck, and tha'ts with the bios tuned with Win10, I have twin bios. Now back to Win7, I've been running this install since I built the rig back in Feb. 2018, and it's exactly the same today as was last year ....no updates of any kind ....boots the same now as it did a year ago. With that said ... don't go running out to get Win7 if you're on a Z390. Microsoft has made darn sure the we can't use Win7 on a new end user desktop going forward. Oh, I've said it before going to say it again, bet my house that my Win7 install completely outperforms your Win10 in the flight sim world. Yeah, get a grip.
  22. Steve ... you know the difference between a pig and a hog, right???? ...pigs get fat and hogs go to slaughter. You know Nike, the great American shoe company, has just announced a new autonomous shoe. Yeah, always on the lookout to "enhance" the user experience the $300 (US) running shoe will tighten the laces without user intervention and will also allow the runner to track other runners ...of course you have to download the app. In other related news .....Health officials in San Francisco have reported that AIDs infections are on the rise for the1st time since the late 80's early 90's. The infected demographic? Adults in the early 20's. What's interesting? The kids had never heard of aids or they thought it was long eradicated. Top of the morning to Ya, Steve. 🙂
  23. In reference to the 9900 vs 8700 video you posted. Captured this morning. My 8700 at 1.34v. LLC5, so we get droop to 1.328. Notice the fans? Yeah, the two case fans are stock -the litttle ones- at idle. The fans on the 240mm aio rad are Noctunas .....all but silent. My summertime blend. 🙂 THe captured HWinfo vitals start on approach into lax. The flight originated from sfo. ambient: 22c
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