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  1. Hi kleineMax,My 3.3 bench is valid -as per the benchmark specs. However, it's not a default I5 2500 configuration as I did disable the the cpu's turbo function. I posted the 3.3GHz score for reference purposes only.
  2. Hmm ...maybe the posted Win7 64 averages are invalid? Maybe the 1st run scores better reflect actual FSX performance?Man, don't we love FSX!
  3. Doods! I just ran the FSXMark11 on an XP Home (32 bit) OS. I must tell ya's the results are NOT in line with the Win7 64 bench results. Seems like the 32 bit system is not able to cache the bench mark like a 64 bit system with 8 gigs of ram can. For example, my 1st runs (of a 4 run series) with XP and Win 7 have very similar scores, however, where as the Win7 scores rise (as much as 30% over the 1st run) on runs 2 thru 4 the XP scores remain the same throughout the test.Is my XP setup wrong? <------ on same hardware as my previously submitted results.
  4. All of my posted results were with the default MSI 560ti clock speeds:GPU 880MHzMemory 2100MhzShader 1760MHzNote: I've had this card bumped up to 1000/2450/2000 during FSXMark11 benchmark testing with no appreciable increase in FPS.
  5. I'm certainly hitting a wall at 5.2 with FSX, but not with other benchmarks. Could it be that I'm reaching 'max headroom' with the 560? Maybe it's my memory settings, but a 10% hit? re: settingsI ran a series of tests for about an hour looking for anything that might limit the 5.2 bench and found nothing -I checked and double checked the FSX cfg., driver settings, disabled C states and Speed Stepping and even overclocked my video card. @DazzYeah, I too have wondered 'bout the clouds. FSX does not behave the same from run to run let alone session to session.
  6. I figured I'd post this to compare and contrast the 5.2GHz that James posted.
  7. The animations work with the 747X. Just couple of things I did to manage similar problem:1) I uninstalled Accelerated, may not be applicable to you -####, it may not even be necessary, but that's what I did.2) Start up FSX and load up the default FSX "free flight" -the glider flight will do- I let it run for a few seconds. I then exit completely out of FSX. It's important that you do not hit the end flight button. 3) Start up FSX and load up your favorite PMDG 747 ....you should be good to go.To ensure that I don't have a repeat of the above mentioned problem:A) I never change PMDG 747's during the same session of FSX -I always exit out of the sim. Again try to refrain from using the "exit flight" option from the menu bar. b)Never, I mean never, let your flight end with your aircraft crashing, as this will reset the flight, which has the same effect as loading another PMDG 747 during the same session. c)If any this happens to ya during an FSX session while using the PMDG, you must repeat step #2 listed above to clear the condition.Again, this assumes you have the same condition I've dealt with.Hope it helps,Ken
  8. Dude, fighter pilots have been known up to detect 150 flashes of light per second.Cheers
  9. I've seen it with my own eyes.Having witnessed perhaps a 1000 take-offs at KSFO as kid and young adult I can say I've seen 747's use only half of the 7500' RNWY 1R at SFO and climb to 2500' while still over the runway ...looks like a rocket.er, rnwy 1L
  10. The only way I could get the "animations" back was to uninstall the FSX Accelerator Pack. I didn't have to uninstall the entire FSX program just Accelerator.Just guessing here, but I think it may have something to do with the FSX Accelerator aircraft. I say this because everything seemed fine with the PMDG replays until I took a FSX Accelerator aircraft out for a ride ...my PMDG replays were hosed after that. I have no laboratory evidence to support this theory, yet. I will install Accelerator at a later time to see if this theory holds true.
  11. Not an answer, but I think I have have a work around, works for me anyway:When I'm ready to exit a flight while using the 747x I use the "flights" heading on the menu bar then under "flights" I hit "exit" If at anytime I use the "end flight" from the menu bar or the dialog box after hitting the "esc" key I will get a fatal error when I exit FSX ....Everytime. In a nut shell, when I'm ready to exit the plane, I'm exiting the game and restarting FSX before I go back to the cockpit, any cockpit, even a default FSX aircraft.
  12. Thanx for the reply, John. All I really needed to know at this point was that I'm not alone with this condition.Ken
  13. I have yet to get through a replay without experiencing an FSX.EXE failure to respond while using the 747x. The symptom is always a black screen, with the only remedy being to close FSX through Task Manager.My system:XPe66002 gigs ram8800 gts 640, with latest driversSoundBlaster Extreme GamerInstalled Software:FSX AcceleratorLevel D 767 -for FSXBest regards,Ken Carlin
  14. 25 to 100% performance boost with the affinity set at 2. Running the 3 setting gives me the same performnce as I get with no tweak -major lags, stutters and blurries. I'm on a e6600Ati 1900xt2 gig ramXp 32With the tweak at the "2" setting:Settings all but maxed out, running at 20 to 30+ fps (Paris Airshow), with Fraps running.My understanding of the tweak is it simply switches the job handling from core 1 to core 2, leaving headroom for the 1st core to handle system processes and any 3 third party utilities -such as fraps, that will only call on core one.Before the tweak, I couldn't even use fraps, as my frames rates would fall into into the single digits, if not a complete momentary stall.Edit: My claimed performance increase is over preSP1 with the same settings.
  15. For you guys with dual core processors who have installed SP1 with disappointing results. Add a section "[Jobsheduler]" with a line "AffinityMask=2" to the top of your FSX.CFG file. It's absolutely necessary to get SP1 to work as advertised.Guys, i'm still in the wow stage since adding this "tweak".[JOBSCHEDULER]AffinityMask=2The fsx.cfg file is found here; C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataMicrosoftFSX
  16. Anyone know where I can buy a pirated copy of Vista? .....I didn't think so.
  17. WHERE TO LAND?I'm having a devil of time trying to complete this mission.Two questions:1) What time do I have beat to set the course record?2) Where in the heck do I have to land the glider to get credit for completing the mission? After completing the course -clean, and being shown the airport as the next way point, I keep getting a "mission failed","Our telemetry shows that you had an off-landing", whenever I land. I've landed on the runway, grass area of airport, taxi way and even the on the adjacent golf course but always get the same "mission failed" statement .....I'm stumped!Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.thanx,kenP.S. I've completed 50 of the 51 missions with this freaking glider mission being the last ...All WANT IS THE GREEN CHECK!!!!Heck, I'm not even a glider fan but have spent more time on the P.I.T.A mission than I'd care to admit.
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