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  1. Answering page .... I will try to put up some entertaining graphics on the subject tomorrow .....And I wonder why no one wants to talk memory. 🙂 -I installed an 8086 and 4400 mems today ...the good bad and ugly
  2. talkin memory but showing off new cpu ...yeah, memory is funny like that ... ...it's an 8086
  3. for kicks a giggles but maybe somewhat relevant if OP decides to overclock the new sticks- GSkill's - 3200 c14 slightly overclocked ...
  4. hit the nail on the head. the link shows a graphic of the vitals of my sfo to lax flight this morning ....without am cores 3 and 4 would be close to 10C higher. furthermore, the weather was lousy (asn - 5 cloud layers) so I would typically see some stuttering along the way with hdd lighting up ...saw none of that during the flight ...heck, i'm not so sure that fs dream team's lax didin't cause a stutter when loading on the approach between santa monica and ventura. https://imgur.com/Rdw29BM the completed flight -near the beach looking east: https://imgur.com/qZyFilE video ...captured right before making my "wow" post on the previous page of this thread ...well, I was impressed: orbx so-cal, pmdg, asn dreamteam, flightbeam, ai by aig
  5. You win, Steve! Just tried AM 85 with my 8600K .....WOW! Long story short, the AM (85) totally out performs no AM and does it 7c to 10c cooler than with no AM, which is saying something because I was completely satisfied with my system before the AM test. Thanks for sticking to your guns on the AM topic(s) .....I would have muzzled ya long ago if AVSIM had the feature. <g> side note: The only reason I even considered trying AM is because I have an 8086 on the table waiting to be installed and wanted to test ...and I didn't the 8086 buy it for Hyperthreading, i bought it for the IMC (integrated memory controller) as a plan B in case the new mems I bought don't work with my current I5.
  6. based on the limited hardware info ....i'd say your not a hardware enthusiasts. so with that said ....and if LEMD is your base of operations, I'd would plan my attack by setting up my sim around LEMD with the goal of trying achieve at least 18fps but preferably 20fps. The rest of the world will fall into place. Me: I'm going to set my in game fps limit at 30 fps, and start from there ....no vsync of any kind and no nvi. keep it simple to start
  7. Hey, I have an 8086 on my desk and 2 sticks of 4400 c18-19 1.4v on the way. I’m coming for ya man. :-) ps is that 4800 on an apex XI by any chance? If on an X, what vssa/imc you running. ....crazy stuff. .....thanks for your patience Ray.
  8. To the OP- are you running 2400MHZ ram ....am i reading that right? man, you may wanna start by at least meeting the p3d recommended minimums. don't know anything about your monitors but, if those things are just your run of the mill 60hz dogs you may want to look into a real hi performance gaming monitor.
  9. Hi Hawkeye! Memory can do wonky and mysterious things to a puter. I'm no expert on the subject but if suspect memory issues .....then it probably is. Nice puter, btw
  10. Yeah Mike, I think you're on the same thought plane as I. I'm thinking that one day maybe we could match the p3d user experience with benchmarks. Of course there isn't much info to make a meaningful connection to anything at the moment, but right off the bat I have taken interest in what you and Sundevil have contributed; two different machines with similar 'user experience' and RealBench image scores. I don't know that is relevant - I hope one day that we can make it or others relevant ....but maybe it's just an amalgamation of bench marks and user experiences that can help us make informed decisions in the future. re: the Real Bench Images test - it claims to focus on single thread cpu and memory performance (I may thrown a curve ball at ya with the cuda claim I made earlier). Hi Sundevil- I'll certainly take a look at it ...anything I can do to help the cause. I do have reservation on the bench as I am limited on the bench marks I can run - Win7 with no DirectX 12.
  11. Hey man, to put a face behind your benchmark; how would you rate your overall p3d experience?
  12. While the you system score is decent your image editing score tells me that your cpu and memory subsystem isnt doing much to help your gpu. Really, your imaging score should be closer to 20 than 30.
  13. Hey Mike ...thanks for taking the time to post some performance shots of your puter. Nice improvement on that image score ...how'd you do it, or what did you change with your setup. Dude! Post it! -your score! .....I don't care what benchy you use, all that matters is we start posting stuff about our systems. The more flight simmers post benchies of their systems the better off the community will be for the purpose of troubleshooting (thank you, Greg) performance topics and evaluating components to suit our individual needs and wants. Thanks man! I'm coming for you! rofl .....I'm up against it ....the wall. That +660 looks like 5660 from my vantage point. WTG on securing that 4800 set. Yes! I wanna see it in action and what it takes to get it to run.
  14. For the little people (i5 users)!!!! The little people have been mocked long enough, well no more!!!! A toast!!!!! ..... to quote the great and fabulous MC Hammer; Can't touch this!!!
  15. Well, as a long time pmdg user and west coast guy this listener takes nothing for granted .....gorgeous shots there.
  16. And you wonder why I had reservations on posting a CPU-z score. LoL Mike, I totally get why you're questioning where our cpu's fit in scheme of things with p3d. You have great processor and by the looks of it a fine running one at that. You have impressive real bench times on everything but imaging ....and if there is anything we can take away from real bench and somehow connnect it to p3d performance it’s the imaging score. the imaging benchmark uses cuda cores and gives significant weight to mem quality and speeds -we’re both on win7 with 1080ti's; I’m usually in mid 18 sec range with an occasional pop into the hi 17 sec range (mid 290’s). -cheers
  17. Wow! Been looking forward to this one.
  18. Greg- a perfectly reasonable request and I got the sense that you were speaking for the group. And your right ....the cpuZ score does have utility but can be somewhat misleading when comparing 'systems'.
  19. Mike, not that we can measure P3Dv4.4 in any meaningful way, but I'd place a fun bet that my setup is 50% faster than what you have. Oh, and those Passmark scores drive me crazy ----I do like the cpu-world link. ...thanks Oh, what cache speed do those things (5960x) run at? I was shocked at what Rob and his 79xxxX was running at.
  20. Here you go Mike ... big smile! ...and in case were wondering what 4266 looks like: and a bonus 4300 mhz pict: ...might try it later. :-) -Cheers And I dare anyone to tell me mem doesnt make a difference on a already fine running machine. :-) @Mace No stutters .....and check out my fan speeds in the above graphic .....the cpu fans are Noctua nf-s212a pushing air through the radiator ...yup ....no noise. :-)
  21. Let me take you inside my world .... orbix so cal - with my hardware: cpu 52/48 with 4266 memory at cl17.
  22. I5 here, Dedicated P3D machine powered by an 8600K. I'll put $100 on it that it out performs 99% of the machines that were used to fill this thread and others like it. Not kidding!
  23. Well ...I did notify the OP that this thread was not for the average joe blow. some thoughts: 1- I'm still not clear what the subject matter is 2- I made a similar a claim when I went from an I5 4670k running 4.7 / nb 4.5 on 2400 cl 10 mems to the 8600k at 5.0 / nb 4600 on 4133 cl17 mems ......and pretty much got the "you're on crack cocaine" reaction 3) I can show a 10% fps boost just by switching mem speed from 3200 cl 14 to 4133 cl 17 4) looking at the 7900x config the OP was reportedly running makes me think my old Haswell was faster 5) Westman reported similar results to the claims made by the OP in this thread 6) Westman has reported that "he prefers" the 7900x over his highly tuned and clocked 8700K ...though his posts over the past year seem to flip-flop between the 7900 and the 8700 ....I'll be back with more thoughts <g>
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