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  1. Hi Silent - I think Rob's post is more about P3D 4.3 vs 4.4 than the 7900x vs the 9900K.
  2. May sound crazy ...but I'll throw this out there anyway: had a similar problem awhile back, turned out to be a bad display port cable.
  3. Angels fly because they take themselves lightly ..... C'mon man. :-(
  4. To the OP: We could bring in 5 experts to discuss memory with us and none would understand what the others are saying, and they'd all be right. Now to Martin 🙂 ....Martin Martin Martin .....If I gave you a few dollars (US) would you promise to go to the movies or the zoo? <vbg> t-topology is just generic term describing the trace layout. Making the trace of equal length means taking shortest trace and making it longer and then you'd have to match lengths of the dimms assigned to the memory ports .....too much flipping work for a typical mobo mfg ....that's why they match ports not dimm slots. ....the above also explains (indirectly) why 2 dimm boards are faster that 4 dimm boards -no t-junctions. edit: mo specifically, the two traces used to hook up the dimms used for the "A" (or "B") port don't match, but they effectively do when ports A and B are used together.
  5. The safest bet on actually hitting the rated XMP on a 4 dimm 2 channel ddr4 board is to populate all the slots with matching memory -not mission critical, but according to the gurus I trust, your best bet. Oh, t-topology is the standard layout for 4 dimm z series boards
  6. Yeah, dan my bad ...it was my intent to phrase my post as Warp not having a reason not to use HT with p3d.
  7. Dude, there are at least 10,000 posts with probably a million views on the subject ‘HT - to be or not to be’ here at Avsim alone. not speaking for Warp but rather to what he posted. He clearly states that p3d has given him no reason not to use HT. It’s clearly not a HT on vs HT off statement.
  8. OOPS ...I forgot to include the qualifier "recommend" minimums ....geez, so sorry man. I7 4790 is a ddr3 system, right?
  9. Look ...I've said it probably a hundred times over the past 6 months or so ....around lax you better be on a ddr4 system with memory closer to 4000Mhz than 3000Mhz ....preferably feeding a coffee lake to have any chance.
  10. No. I'm at the right thread ...look up the system requirements for p3D v4. C'mon man! And I can't help but believe those minimums are before any addons are installed.
  11. To be brutally honest ....your system doesn’t even meet the minimum recommended p3d v4.0 hardware specs. Short of gutting p3d v4, you have none chance if: -on a ddr3 system -run 4k, on any system
  12. I know it doesn't make any sense to the laymen .... Again, show me a video of someone in the cockpit of a quality payware liner approaching LAX running 4k that doesn't look like fsx ...heck, Rob still hasn't produced a video that can or does LAX. I bet the only person that chimes in around here that can 4k into LAX is Dan Downs, and he's running his 4k at 24 fps at 24Hz with TWO 1080Ti's ....but wait a minute ...lets ask Dan how that mouse feels or if panning in the cockpit feels just a bit on the laggy side. Until 4K does 120+ Hz it's going to the weak link in the chain of events that strings together the frames we see while looking at our monitors or TV's ...and no, I'm not talking about the burden the additional pixels 4k brings over 2k or 1080p. Dude: when one runs 4k at 30hz, or 60hz for that matter, you have to slow the entire system down to keep everything in sync, and that's not easy to do and can be quite the cost that no seams to talk about ...again, see Dan and his twin 1080's or Rob with twin RTX's. Try setting your 4k rig up to do 30 fps at 30 hz in Kansas and then take that setup over to the LA basin ....tell me how that works out for ya? Believe what you will, that's fine, but do understand that there are other ways to skin a P3D cat around here ... oh, and the 150Hz on my system is independent of anything P3D is doing.
  13. I'll ignore the above comment. If I did, I'd probably be flying a stuttering pmdg 747 into LAX as we speak Yes, indeed it is ....but we're talking P3D 4.4, not your garden variety program. I'll reference a statement made by Rob A. 'P3D is a time based simulator'. ...I wanna put an emphasis on """time"""", as in speed rules the day not size. Get the fastest processor, memory and monitor you can find.
  14. Here, let me help you to fix this typo .....you mean: I (as in you) get micro stutters if I can't match fps with hz .....
  15. One other thought ...although not what I'm directly aiming at : Dan Downs runs 4k at 24 FPS to maintain a smooth consistent feel ....he's running two 1080 Ti's.
  16. False! (Well, it depends on what is causing the long framse and stutters) I don't use any kind of sync ,,,including G Sync ...the only limiter I use is the in-game frame rate limiter (30 fps). And while frame rate is locked, the in cockpit experience feels like 150 fps (i run a 150Hz refresh rate) even if my actual fps is in the 20's.
  17. There isn't a simple explanation ....nothing about running a sim such as P3D can be put in a nutshell..... I'll give you this little tidbit from Steve W: "A point often overlooked is that a human can see the difference between 110 and 120Hz, but a slightly inconsistent time between those cannot be ascertained. However if we drop down to 20Hz the human can determine a slightly inconsistent time between each. If we choose slower fps we have to concentrate on improving the consistency." Steve W breaks it down nicely here and here Maybe, if we're lucky, Steve will chime in.
  18. I tell you what ....you do some leg work on the subject and we'll reason together. You can start by showing me a video someone flying into KLAX in 4K ...while panning around inside a quality payware airliner cockpit. It would be really cool if the video had a reasonable amount of traffic with Orbix So Cal as backdrop.
  19. I'd quite flying (or fly a lot less than I do now) if had to put up with 30Hz or even 60Hz on a TV... ...oh it matters!
  20. Oh I don't know ....I do take sleeping aids, though. As long as I can get out of bed faster than the Rolls Royce RB211-524G's can get the 747 to cruz altitude ....I'm feeling good! Having read most of Jack London's Martin Eden ....I recognize glib when I see it. :-)
  21. Really? back tri and bi in my sleep: I run 6 to miles a week; swim 4 miles a week (3 miles in pool 1 in bay with Swim with Pedro (Swim with Pedro -Waterworld - San Francisco), and find time to hit the gym 3 days a week ....where did you grow up???? Now, I'm smarter than you because I had all summer to figure out P3D after breaking a foot this past spring running a pig trail near my house. ....So where did you grow up? 🙂
  22. Unless they use AVX .....get away from me Martin! 🙂
  23. https://imgur.com/0sb64fT What a 5.3 overclock looks like with no AVX offset. capture from a krno to ksfo flight
  24. Dude! If you actually used P3D you'd know that P3D never stops loading ....yeah, an occasional pause but the hdd activity light is never out for long. 🙂
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