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  1. If those linked monitors are anything like the one I use then ....then I'll say this: My monitor performance does not change with framerate ....the performance holds true from 24 fps thru 150 fps and beyond. Negotiating the cockpit is true, smooth and natural regardless of the fps ...as long as i'm above 24 fps. I run in game (p3d 4.3) frame limit at 29,30,31,34 <somewhere in that range, doesn't matter>, no vsync with monitor at 150Hz.
  2. Bummer, about the paste. But if on the same substrate, i'm assuming it is, as the 9900, then it's a tank ...an indestructible tank! I'm might pick one up. Thanks for the nexus link.
  3. My last comment on anything monitor ...aside from recommending the monitor I use. ok... ....Tomaz ........I got nothing for ya man. 30Hz isn't my cup of tea. 🙂 I do love the above comment ....sorry the forum hasn't been a little more direct in terms of answering your question. FYI- The monitor I use, and I wouldn't trade it for any monitor on the market today, does not support 30Hz ...in case you're wondering. 🙂
  4. I think a wise man makes no reservation in choosing the 9600K over the 9900, 9700, 8700 or 8600K ....the 8086 on the other hand ..... 🙂 The 9600K is not soldered ...so delid should be easy and efficient. ....but I wonder if it shares the same substrate as the 9900/9700, and if it does how does that compare to the 6 core coffee? Anyway, me thinks the 9600K can run at least 5.2 ...assuming they are not binned to the muddy bucket.
  5. Nice Dave ....Very Nice! Congrats. ....However, I am somewhat offended by the i7 remark. :-)
  6. False! A true statement would look something more like this: 'The only reason I want to go 30hz is the fact that P3D my monitor needs to run at least 60FPS if you want to completely eliminate stutters. With 30Hz you "only" need 30FPS.' Look, the only reason I chimed in was because the thread title caught my eye. 4k is not cheap. And it doesn't matter if the monitor/tv is budget or hi end,.you're going to pay in at least one of two ways and sometimes both, and that is with new hardware or reduced settings. Because you say you can "get" 30 fps with your current setup at 1080P tells me that you'd be hard pressed to hold 15fps with vsync-on at 30Hz on a 4k screen.
  7. 2k is not bad, nor is 4k. Lots of pilots run these settings with great satisfaction. The reference point with my posts was the OP's current sim settings, as a baseline, to measure performance against the different resolutions.
  8. Look, there's two reasons why people run 30Hz: 1) The puter can't handle the requested rendering 2) the monitor is too darn slow It's usually the ladder ...but the blame is usually put on the former.
  9. https://www.asus.com/Product-Compare/?products=BBu4xOGz3eRRHD2B,rLVFJZ0D5oZwhnq1&b=2 with one these monitors you wont need 30Hz or the vsync required to run 30hz.
  10. Scrap it Rob! One mans trash is another mans treasure ,,,right? Delid the flipping garbage can and dump it ....dump it all!!!! I'll be rifling through your garbage over the next few weeks .....imagine finding a couple of 2080ti's, a Maximus XI Formula, 9900K (with a lil mayo on it), 4400 c18 memory ......it would be a flipping bonanza in that garbage can! ....So, Rob, addy please. I promise only to be in the can on garbage nite and only after the lights are out. 🙂
  11. 4k on a budget? LOL No such thing , if we use your existing 1080p settings as a baseline- Let's assume one is using P3d 4.3. To maintain one's settings going from 1080p to 2k you'd need to upgrade a 1070 to a 1080ti; going from 2k to a 4k you'd need two 1080ti's. To the OP: you may also wanna consider a 24" hi performance 1080P monitor, such as an Acer or Asus 144+ Hz gaming monitor. Heck with one of these monitors you'll probably get to add some graphic options to your existing settings after you pull up the vsync anchor. Edit: and all the above assumes you have the cpu power to hande the extra pixels.
  12. What?!? I think most here appreciate your effort. I think we were all pulling for you and Intel and Co., but the quest was to learn and we learned.
  13. Wow! Looking good! Oh, and don't invite me over ....most guaranteed to spill coffee .......on something(s). Glad you found a happy spot with the build. And Yeah, I kinda feel bad about not mentioning anything about the dew point last week ...but hey, it was 200+ days since our last rain ...who would'uh thunk it. 🙂
  14. Sounds like a bad overclock or a poorly configured system.... would start by understanding it as a hardware or software issue. I do this by using a utility called RealBench. Run the utility "benchmark" 4 or 5 times in succession to see if you can replicate the cracking/popping sound. If you hear it or the system crashes then you'd probably want to start on with your hardware. If everything is good then your p3d install might be suspect ...might be suspect anyway (because of your hardware)..
  15. So I'm guessing that memory isn't on the qvl list, the ROG z390's are supposed come with a XMP "2". I take it you don't have that, right? Please, keep chipping away at it. . p.s. What can that memory do in your 8700K build? .....And, you know where you can send that mem if you decided to abandon the 9900 -I'm 40 miles south of you (will pay face value).
  16. Have you guys read this post? Re i9xxx and the z390 https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?106375-MCE-explanations-and-others
  17. I was in total awe of the cubic zirconia incrusted ram modules.
  18. I don't think we'll be hearing from Intel for awhile. <g> Really though, it sounds like you have an itch ....the itch is real and not going away until you scratch it. Consult Bob S., he's posted positive feedback on his 7700 vs coffee lake experience. -Happy trails
  19. The 9600 will certainly help with terrain but will not save you from the vsync pit.
  20. Hey Matt- Why don't you tell us why you made the post ....where do you need the performance? I'm going to tell you that the 7700 is closer to the 4770 in p3d performance than a 6 or 8 core Coffee Lake, and if you run a 4k monitor at 30Hz then the Coffee Lake is probably not going to help much. Now, if you run P3D like I do then the I'd drop the 7700 right now and get the 9600K. The difference would be like comparing night to day.
  21. You can try and disable this: FTX_NCA_objects_CA_San_Francisco.bgl If you're not a San Franciscan or have never been you won't miss anything in this file, but it did cause performance issues with my Haswell system.
  22. What the heck???? Cali is on fire and your worried about the stock market????? All kidding aside ....3 miles visibility here in San Jose ....worst day yet, and we've had some bad days since the Camp fire started.. Anyway, back on topic. Funny thing is earlier today Central had both the boxed and tray 9900k in stock at $569 and $525 respectively. Checking prices and stock now right now, the boxed is still listed at $569 but "out-of-stock" with the tray version in stock but at $549. Anyway, somebody pass me the bottle of oxygen.
  23. here's a link for VRM info on most of the Z370/390 mobo mfg's https://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/f12/lga-1151-mainboard-vrm-liste-1175784.html?fbclid=IwAR29raYr_leDgMZcKRdJqgD7aEieWGRHtKsxT7MW5Kde8aWFr7AhmqIqLpE#z370 Hey Martin! No ZF906 "garbage" with my mobo! 🙂 To Rob: Westman did say recently the Z370 Apex is still (paraphrasing here) 'better than any of the 4 slot z390 mobo's'. Might he mean that there was indeed another 2 slot z390 board that is superior to all other Asus Z390's?
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