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  1. "I never doubted you for a minute Captain Mainwaring" 👏
  2. SU5 has flatter mountains? Ok I see it... SU5 has more HDR? Honestly I don't see much difference ehere. They both look ok, but maybe screen shots can't convey the HDR differences very well.
  3. Yes, I like to have the task bar positioned vertically, along the left hand edge of my monitor, and not horizontally along the bottom edge of my monitor. With a wide screen it's better to "waste" space on the left hand edge of the screen rather than the bottom... IMO.
  4. I like to dock the Taskbar vertically on the left side of my screen (not horizontally along the bottom). Is that possible in Windows 11?
  5. Support for AMD FidelityFX super resolution? 🤔🤞 https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-supported-games
  6. SU4 sounds like a lot of improvements... Excellent! 👍🍻
  7. not (They do speak of the patch having corrected the ESC bug and it is).
  8. Looks ok... At least we have some higher res screenshots now. 👍
  9. No screenshots, only tiny "thumbnails" 🤦‍♂️ Why? Are they trying to hide something? Surely if the 3D modelling was impressive they would want to show it off in high-res detail? 🤷‍♂️
  10. Really? So you're saying PMDG should just shrug off a potential $600,000 in quick/easy revenue from a "lite" version and instead put all their eggs into the "full version" basket at $139, that might be another 2 years off? Seems to me PMDG already have done 90% of the 3D modelling work (ie for P3D) and could reuse/adapt all that work and get a "lite" version out the door in 3 months. Of course, maybe MSFS has changed everything and they need to start from scratch, but I don't think so. Global Flight Ops, is that ever coming out? I lost interest years ago....
  11. Why doesn't PMDG release a "Lite" version ASAP with excellent 3D modelling + basic systems? 737/777/747/DC3 surely it's not too hard to "recycle" those already excellent 3D models for use in MSFS? Then release a "Pro" version later, with the study-sim systems we are used to... 🤔 I've not spent a cent on PMDG (for P3D) since MSFS came out and I never will again... only interested in MSFS now-a-days. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Little Nav Map is great! Love the ability to see STARS/SIDS on the map... makes it very easy to find the correct procedure.
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