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  1. Hi Harry, I installed the PC-24 back in December. Looking over my files it looks like the key is used for the initial download. I didn't see a folder for the key. However, just make a folder named Personal_key, put the key file in it and try the install per instructions. I hope that works for you.
  2. jcjimmy

    "Bouncy" Aircraft XP11

    The bounciness is excessive.
  3. Hi Coop, Nice looking bird. Good luck with the development and release of the Mooney.
  4. Hi Jetman, Thanks for the updates on the EuroFox. The tail-dragger looks great. Keep up the good work.
  5. jcjimmy

    Citation X in XP11

    Nice bird. Close to 3,000nm range. A mean looking machine - looks powerful. I hope it is released in XP11.
  6. Thanks Tony, I hope that becomes the norm. I agree with your remarks
  7. When the Aces Team was abolished, I quit FSX and went to X-Plane about 6 years ago. There has been constant improvements in the sim and more to come. I was impressed that XP could use Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems. Why couldn't the giant Microsoft? Then 64-bit XP came along, another big plus for X-Plane. I am happy with X-Plane. With the IXEG B733 for airline flying and numerous general aviation aircraft, there is a lot to like.
  8. Hi Jetman, Thanks for the info - and a free update at that. I am looking forward to the release. I get a kick out of your originality and thinking outside of the box. While the Polaris is a production model it looks like fun as I live near a bay for water landings. I guess the Sky Fox will be out soon. Good luck.
  9. Hi Jetman, I tried to buy the Trikes package twice with PayPal (full price) and the sale failed twice - no message. You might want to check out the problem.
  10. jcjimmy

    Beta 6 is out

    Hi Murmur, Thanks. I restarted the pc and now through divine intervention xp11 is working ok.
  11. jcjimmy

    Beta 6 is out

    beta 6 for me is a disaster. It "updates" then it kills XP11. I can't start it through the installer.exe or X-Plane11.exe. Need a new update. UPDATED NOTICE: Through shear magic I simply restarted my pc and the 6pb update is working on XP11 and Plane Maker. This is a new one on me.
  12. Hi Rich, That forum didn't help, but I did find the solution at: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/113076-x-plane-11-beta-4-is-out/ by simon76. It required editing the navdata file with only 4 characters. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi Rich, Thanks. I tried that and no change. Maybe pb6....................................
  14. re: pb5. I get Loading navigational data failed. Reading file X\X-Plane 11/Custom Data/earth.nav.dat. The navaid IDK iin DIAVIK is missing an entry. Report to your Navdata provider. Please note that X-Plane 11 is not compatible with navdata files made for x-Plane 10. The same files worked ok in pb3! Anybody else with the same problem and a solution? If not I'll go back to pb3. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I have the same Navdata error unable to run XP11pb4. Went back to pb3 and it runs ok by unchecking beta updates and "updating" again.
  16. Check for XP11v004pb. About 104 mb compressed data.
  17. Well, The Orbx for XP11 topic has certainly generated a lot of comments/interest. If it does, indeed, come to X-Plane I look forward to see how it looks, performs and is priced. Go X-Plane! The future looks really good.
  18. Caaront, I have it and it works on XP11. The website indicates it is for XP10 and XP11. Nice work and they say they are working on a CYST (Stewart) snow upgrade.
  19. Hi, Wow! When I saw the snow in the video I decided to get this airport. Beautiful, well done. The snow effects are really impressive. God knows what it takes to apply the snow set-up to other locations. Otherwise, this will be my go-to snowy airport/location for light aircraft. Note: it requires a couple of extra downloads, but the instructions are very good. Nice work!
  20. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Best wishes to all.
  21. Hi Jetman, Looks really good! Keep up the good work.
  22. Hi Tony, Thanks for sharing those great shots. Is that default scenery? Dziekuje! (Thank you) and Merry Christmas
  23. HI Caaront, Thanks for the tip. The black clouds are not very eye pleasing at all.
  24. Hi Jetman, Many thanks for the info. I'll order when the XP11 versions come out - it shouldn't be too long a wait. Good luck in your endeavors. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  25. Hello Jetman, Very nice looking trike. I am converting to X-Plane 11. Will the trike operate well with XP11? Thanks.