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    vFlyteAir SR20 Released

    Hi, Note: the Aerobask Pipistrel has a functioning emergency parachute in X-Plane. I tried to send a picture, but it didn't work. So, Carenado could use it if it wishes.
  2. Hi Jose, Here is a review: http://asn-xp.aerosoft.com/?s=archer+III&x=0&y=0 that may be helpful.
  3. Outstanding! Big improvement and should be standard in XP. Nice work.
  4. FYI, RC3 is out now. My version shows 10.41.
  5. jcjimmy

    Serious FPS trouble

    Hi Joonas, You might try deleting "Preferences" in the "Output" folder of Xplane. I had low FPS after a rebuild and upgrade (970 card). and didn't have the performance I expected. So, I finally deleted preferences and had an improvement. Reboot. Type in new preferences. I also like the "presets" as a starting point. I hope this is helpful.
  6. jcjimmy

    rc3 is out

    Release candidate 3: Fixed IOS selecting wrong airport over the net when the IOS and master machines have different scenery installed. Fixed older aircraft stalling out with propeller locked in feathered position (4541). Fixed auto-start command not working (1852). Fixed incorrect versioning info in analytics code. Clarified language on product key entry dialog box. Fixed typo in version number on startup screen.
  7. I couldn't resist........................So, i ordered the Viperjet today. Nice bird with good avionics and performance. Like a personal fighter. Flies nicely. The price was good as well at $21.95.
  8. jcjimmy


    I am really looking forward to the highly polished IXEG B7373 release. Keep on plugging along and get it out to the public soon in first class fashion.
  9. jcjimmy

    Flight Factor 767!

    I tend to agree. At least have some options available to help tailor the user's needs. Reduce the drama clutter. I hope the B767 will be a great addition to XP-10.
  10. CyberMike, I got mine a couple of days ago on the .org (v10.36) and it works. Try "My Account" and a fresh download.
  11. jcjimmy

    [Beta Preview] DC-6 for X-Plane

    There was no engineer panel per se. Generally, the FE sat facing forward. There was an Ignition analyzer on a panel to his left (facing forward). I don't know if PMDG has that panel in their DC-6B. Considering their thoroughness it will be there.
  12. jcjimmy

    Planes in Wireframe

    Hi Commanche, Great idea. Thanks. I like to take screen shots of X-Plane in action. This is another artistic way to view these beautiful aircraft,
  13. jcjimmy

    PMDG DC-6 Preview

    Hi Tony, Thanks for the heads-up. It does, indeed, look highly detailed. An outside view would have been nice. I am looking forward to the release.
  14. This looks like a promising development for X-Plane. See: https://pcflight.net/carenado-g1000-for-x-plane-avionics/ Also mentioned at Carenado.com
  15. jcjimmy

    10.40 b6 is out

    John, Thanks for the heads up. Mine seems to run without issues. Frame rates on my system are good with few stutters. Maybe a slight incease in FR.
  16. Hi HiFlyer, I was thinking of Windows, Apple and Linux. However, If they can use consoles more power to them. That being said, I have no experience with consoles and don't know the ramifications of their use.
  17. 64-bit Multi-platform Accurate flying characteristics Accurate physics Fast loading time Simple updating Photoscenery option - Bing, Google or other tiles negotiated for. Some included aircraft of high quality Open development for third parties that meet the sim's standards To name a few That's quite a task to undertake a new flight simulator. I hope you get a number of quality programmers to pull it off. - Best of Luck!
  18. jcjimmy

    [Beta Preview] DC-6 for X-Plane

    Many thanks for the update. The a/c looks beautiful and well executed. I am an X-Plane fan and look forward to flying my first PMDG product. I did fly the DC-6 as an F/O just before they were put out to pasture. It should be an interesting experience again.
  19. jcjimmy

    SoulMadeSim DHC-2 released!

    Thanks for the Heads Up! I just ordered it and looking forward to flying this great aircraft.
  20. jcjimmy

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    Well said Mike. I think many are under-rating XPlane in its present and future form - it will just get better. I am looking forward to PMDG releases for my preferred platform. I also have P3D. I did buy the PMDG cockpit panels for the B737 in advance and hoping to use them soon for their XPlane version of the software. It should be interesting.
  21. Good news - The Twin Star has been upgraded. Bad news - The Baro/Course control doesn't work in setting course. The baro function works ok. I tried the control on both sides of the cockpit. I downloaded a fresh copy from the org. Anybody else have this problem? Aside from that, it looks great.
  22. To activate the course selector the OBS icon has to be selected now. It works fine. If memory serves me correctly, it used to have a selection box that could be dragged to set courses with the mouse. Now it is + and -. So, when all else fails - RTM - read the manual.
  23. Hi John, I agree about the tire screeching sound. It is overdone. Thanks for the tips. Looks like Aerobask reads the forum because they have a new version of the Epic 1000 - v1.1.5. The sounds are much better. It is a very nice machine - fast and great altitude capability.
  24. HI, I just installed the v1.2 B757 update and was befuddled by the lack of response of all the knobs. The button type objects worked ok. Then I read on another forum................................................. IMPORTANT: PC users MUST download and install the Microsoft C++ Redistributable 2013 64bit. https://www.microsof...s.aspx?id=40784 The download didn't work on my Firefox, but Internet Explorer did. Now, all seems ok.