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    FF 757 working 11.30?

    Hi, I tried yesterday with rc3. A sim message said it wasn't supported - a beta thing. I flew it anyway and it crashed after several minutes.
  2. I can't find the Nimitz. Has it been removed? I have searched high and low - no joy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I do not have P3D anymore. My focus is on XP11. I hope it will advance in features over time. This is an X-Plane forum so, I can't see muddling it up with P3D.
  4. jcjimmy

    Helicopter flying

    Hi Parafin, Thanks for the tip on the helicopter handbook. I have had limited success so far. Your tips in general and the handbook should help a lot. Thanks.
  5. jcjimmy

    Beauty of the jet age stewardess

    Hi VeryBumpy, Thanks for the videos that brought a smile to my face and reminded me of the good old days.
  6. Just found this update.
  7. Harransor/Aerobask, Many thanks for the generous gift and beautiful aircraft.
  8. Hi Nils, Thanks for the heads up. I was just flying the nhadrian modified C152 yesterday and was thinking what a nice piece of work. I got the latest update today and it is even better. Is he working on any other aircraft updates?
  9. Follow up. I tried Full Screen with the box checked for "Show location of pointer...." and it worked fine - no disappearing pointer.
  10. Hi N1125Y, You might try - Settings - Mouse - Additional Mouse Settings - Mouse Properties - Pointer Options - Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key (and check). I haven't tried this myself. I just went back to the Window Mode. Good luck.
  11. Hi, I was looking around the flight simulator world for examples of Gulfstream business jets and found none. I was surprised considering the great performance of these aircraft. Maybe there is a restriction from the manufacturer (?). I hope some enterprising X-Plane aircraft design team would pick up the challenge of making one. Back in the day crossing the pond, Gulfstream aircraft would be flying several thousand feet above us at FL410 or FL430. That always impressed me. Let's see one in X-Plane.
  12. I agree with jt8d9a. nhadrian must have put a lot of time into this upgrade. It works very well in XP11. It's nice to pull the C152 out of the hangar for some fresh air. Thanks also to Carenado for cooperating in his work. I hope that many of my other languishing XP10 aircraft find talented people for XP11 compatibility.
  13. Hi Orbx, Welcome to X-Plane 11. The teaser video was very interesting - looks great.
  14. Hi michelh, Yes, I get at least a 10 fps drop as well. So far, I just use the LR C172 with the G1000. The scenery is very nice. Looks like another computer is beckoning.
  15. signmanbob, "I just wanted to share this with you....... these videos ..........Computer Based Training." Outstanding. Thanks for the heads up. They look like a very good reference.
  16. Hi mcmini, Check out the org. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/ Riviere has several Airbuses. I can't say how "good" they are, but they are freeware and there for you to evaluate.
  17. Laminar Research jumped on the VR bandwagon with gusto. It would be nice if they would get the take-off torque, ground handling and aerodynamics straightened out with the same intensity. If it is to be the most realistic flight simulator, these problems have to be fixed.
  18. Good to see Orbyx coming to X-Plane. I am looking forward to their new releases for XP. Wow, that 50% sale caught my eye. However, it doesn't apply to 2018 releases (Meigs). I might buy it anyway.
  19. Hi, I have the AFM Mooney. It is currently being sold as an Early Access release. AFM seems to be diligent in updating the aircraft and it flies well. I like to take screen shots and the absence of a pilot from outside views is unrealistic. I suspect this will be changed. Soon I hope. One advantage to buying now is the "M20R G1000 Update (Free to existing customers)" opportunity. I like the G1000 and is one reason I bought their aircraft..
  20. I downloaded the 11.12 update and the update failed - indicated by a warning about the x-plane.exe. When I reverted to 11.10 everything worked ok. It did say that x-plane.exe and planemaker.exe had to be overwritten. I couldn't find a new x-plane.exe download on the XP website. Anybody else have this problem.?
  21. Hi FlyIce, Thanks for passing along your info. The scenery looks fantastic! Wow. I'll have to try and emulate your techniques. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
  22. FYI, XP11.11r1 is now available.
  23. jcjimmy

    Yak 55

    Hi Nils, Thanks for the Yak 55 info. It does look good.
  24. jcjimmy

    The XP11 G1000

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for taking the time for the pix and comments. I'll have to give the LR G1000 a check out. After Carenado's G1000 faults I wasn't too enthusiastic. I hope LR will continue to fine tune their version.