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  1. Texas was warm today, 85 degrees. Used to the Connie, I decided to start the #3 early to get the cabin cool but realized I had no idea how to cool the cabin of the DC-6. I've been trying for more than an hour now. Heat works fine if I want to give my passengers heat stroke, but cannot figure out a way to cool the cabin down.  

    Turbine is on, the thermostat is all the way to cool and the Cabin Temp Mix Valve Position is fully cool. I tried using AFE for everything just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. 

    What'd I miss?

  2. 1 hour ago, scandinavian13 said:


    My flow is:



    Thanks, Kyle that's exactly what I was looking for and makes sense. 

    59 minutes ago, downscc said:

    Interesting.. not what is on the diagram and somewhat more complex.  The POH method works too.

    I'm still not sure where in the POH this is explained. It does a great job of explaining how to do things, just not when. 

  3. Thanks, all - That helps me a lot. I am doing my best not to use AFE at all but still need him for takeoff.

    So to be clear, 

    • Mains during climb
    • Once leveled out and everything is stable, switch to alternate dry
    • Switch back to mains 
    • ??? I am assuming I should use crossfeeds to get the quantities in each tank equal?


  4. Can someone help me understand the diagram on page 67?

    I am trying to understand the goal of making the tank changes. For example, it says that you should switch from mains to alternates about 20 mins after takeoff. Then at some point, you switch 2 and 3 back on main. How do I know when that point is? Same thing for the rest of the changes. 

    I have read through the section on why you should do this correctly, but I can't for the life of me figure out what fuel management goals I need to shoot for throughout the flight. Especially since I will rarely ever do a full fuel flight. 

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  5. 11 hours ago, henningvr said:

    Hi there Noah,

    Glad to see how much you like the J41. I share the same appreciation for it.

    Just a tiny correction: the J41 actually has very little default FSX functionality :wink:

    My apologies Henning - I was thinking particularly about the autopilot and for some reason, I seem to recall reading that it was all default FS with the exception of IAS mode. Plus, since there were no failures (aside from blowing up the engines) it led me to believe it was a more simple plane than PMDG's usual. 

    Of course, now that I think about it, the Universal FMS that was modeled was really well done too. 

    Forgive me, when you go so long you tend to forget....of course now that I am remembering the plane better I am even more unhappy about the prospect of not getting it back ;)



  6. My point was that I am not expecting it to be done for free. I have money and want to spend it on what is probably my favorite plane ever in FS. 

    That being said, comparing the J41 to the MD11 isn't the same either. If I recall, the J41 was mostly a testbed for new visual effects/ methods and was never anything close to a study-level sim. It also was connected to a lot of default FSX functionality rather than the custom everything in the 7x7s.  While it would have to be re-done for 64bit, they already have a visual model in place which is part of the battle at least. 

    We're at a point where PMDG hasn't announced anything major at all. Every plane has been released and whatever the next big project is it's a long way off so it may be beneficial to have smaller projects to bring at least a little extra revenue. 

    Plus, it sure doesn't hurt to remind Robert that amongst all the people screaming about their Boeings, there are still those of us who appreciate the JS41 almost as much as he did. 

  7. 37 minutes ago, rsrandazzo said:

    We need to conduct an in depth engineering review of this product in order to determine if it is feasible to update it for compatiblity with FSX-SE and both versions of P3D.

    There are a number of road blocks that make it unlikely that it can be done without a very significant effort- but we haven't ruled it out yet.


    Robert, the J41 is by far the PMDG plane that I own with the highest number of hours and would gladly pay the $70 bucks for it. It's really a shame to think I will never fly it again. It was a perfect airplane to fly when I wanted to have fun hand flying instead of button pressing. PMDG doesn't have any other planes like it which made it so special. 

    Of course, if you wanted to do a B1900 redux I wouldn't be too angry ;)

  8. 8 hours ago, scandinavian13 said:

    Ignore that. Carryover from XPL. Just click the cold and dark button on the ramp manager.

    Thanks Kyle, I was kind of suspecting that. It may seem silly, but it really drives me nuts starting with the engines running and having to press a button to make it c/d. 

    On a side note, this plane is amazing. I am having so much fun with it. I really hope this is successful enough for PMDG for you guys to get outside the Boeing mold. As much as I love the 73/74/77 I would say the PMDG plane that I have logged the most hours with was the J41, which is sadly now a thing of the past. 

    Can't wait to try this in VR, hopefully, FlyInside is updated soon. 



  9. My first flight followed the tutorial and I used AFE quite a lot. It was fine but AFE is not really my thing. I really want to learn to fly this thing. 

    Second flight, I followed the normal procedures. There were a few things in there that didn't correspond to the diagrams starting on page 25, however. 

    • Inverter switches—all. three “ON.”
      • None of them have an "on" position, so I assumed it to mean the option that wasn't "off" or "standby" - right?
    • Starting engines sections don't mention the boost switch, however, I found I could never start the engines without it also being on. 
      • The power plant section does imply that the boost switch must also be on so I am guessing that's right
    • Blowers—”HIGH” then “LOW.”
      • Where are these?
    • How does one adjust the altimeter setting for cabin pressure?

    The only problem I had in flight that I couldn't find an answer to in the POH was that both my Gyro Compasses stopped working. They just froze at about 150. Flipping the cutoff switch didn't allow me to manually adjust it either. I was reading the manual a great deal so I can't say for sure when they stopped working. Magnetic compass was fine, and all other instruments worked fine as well.  

    Also, possibly related, when I turned the autopilot on it started an immediate hard left turn. Switching to localizer mode got it to track in on a VOR, but the Gyropilot mode was unusable.

  10. 2 hours ago, NoahBryant said:

    It says I have an outdated version of P3D v4 - how does one update P3D?

    I figured this out. My P3D 4 activation was broken. As soon as I launched it again and re-activated the PMDG installer worked fine. I think it was just confused and thought an un-registered P3D was an out-of-date P3d. 

    That being said, I also need to update my v3 install - what is the correct way to do that?

  11. I have solved this (at least for me) and I wanted to let you know what I did in case it helps you as well. 

    I was also suffering from this shutdown. It was always the kernelbase.dll and occurred when I would click back in the P3D window after doing things in other windows. 


    It happened in all my planes but I mostly fly PMDG. In the 737s it happened maybe 10% of the time. 50% or so in the 777 and after I got the new 747 I was getting it nearly 100% of the time before I even could take off. 


    This solution is a PITA - to be honest - but could definately be worse. I solved this by creating a new windows profile (admin account). That's it. I have now done about 10 747 flights and 777 flights in the last two days and this crash has not happend once. I am 100% positive I would have seen it by now based on how often it was occurring before. 


    The solution itself is easy and, luckily, P3D and most of your add-ons should work fine. The bigger pain in the you-know-what comes in resetting ALLLLL of your other stuff such as windows settings, app settings, moving documents etc etc etc. 


    It's possible to test this before you go to all that trouble. Below are my steps, I hope this helps anyone else having this crash. 


    1. Create new windows profile and make sure it is an Admin account.
    2. Restart the computer and log in as the new account.
    3. P3D should launch fine and most of your addons should work without reinstall with the below exceptions that I saw for my setup. I'm sure there are other similar problems to other addons, but if you have as many add-ons as me you'll be happy it's not necessary to completely reinstall P3D from scratch.
      • I needed to reinstall and register FSUIPC
      • My Addon Manager sceneries (FSDT, Flightbeam etc) needed to be re-registered
      • Needed to reinstall FTC Central 3 (but all my sceneries remained)
      • Re-map all controls/axis
      • Redo PMDG Options

    I recommend you do all this and try flying for a few flights to see if the crash goes away. If it does, you can go about the long process of importing/installing/setting up whatever else you may have on your system, but since it's an admin account it's pretty easy to copy over files from your first profile. 


    Hope this helps!

  12. I'm very curious about getting one of these. My only concern is actually flying the plane. Do you have a yoke and pedals in front of you or what is your input to fly the plane? and do you have any issues with operating the controls?


    I have my pedals and my throttle on my left and stick on the right. No issues at all in regards to that (aside from what I mentioned above). I had previously mapped my flaps, gear, AP and AT controls to the joystick and continue to use sometimes...although I have actually found myself using the VR environment for flaps, gear and AP controls now more often than the joystick.




      i would like to add, absolutely no screenshot or video does the oculus rift any justice, it's simply that amazing, when i took my first flight in the 767 in x-plane i actually had a little motion sickness. i felt like i was flying that plane.


    No doubt about it. The screenshot I put above just seems kind of silly compared to what it actually looks like. There's absolutely no way I will put a dime into any more cockpit hardware. 


    The ability to fluidly look around (even stick my head out the window if I want :wink:  ) far outstrips having a few pieces of physical hardware. Even in a full motion sim you're just looking at tv screens. This is a complete game changer and I will never fly without it again. 


    Being on a base leg and just looking to my left to time my turn to final feels exactly like flying my little bitty planelet in real life. 

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  13. Kyle, 


    I know most of the team does not follow the forums so please pass on my message to anyone who has worked on any of PMDG's cockpits. 


    I was given an Oculus Rift for christmas and naturally the very first thing I did was load up a PMDG plane (777-300). The moment the sim loaded I was completely immersed in the most amazing representation of a real plane I have ever experienced. 


    I sat in the left seat and just looked around in awe as if I had never seen any of it before. The overhead panel was actually over my head. The radios were actually below and to my right. I leaned around to my right and could see all the detail put into the rest of the cockpit that I had never bothered to see before. I saw grit in places I didn't know existed. I found a few easter eggs. It makes me chuckle at the people looking at online screenshots and measuring angles and distances comparing them to some photo taken on the internet of unknown position and focal length and crying foul. 


    I switched to night and turned up the lighting. Wow. The word magical comes to mind. Words, nor screenshots, can express what an amazing job was done by PMDG on the inside of this plane. I checked a few other planes and although they were cool the detail just wasn't there like in the PMDG planes. 


    Then it came time to do a flight (in the 737 this time). Using the amazing FlyInside application I was able to import my flight plan and approach plates as a PDF window and 'place it' on the F/O seat for easy viewing. I did all my preflight routines so very fluidly. I found it easier to do my flows because it's so much more visual and real. 


    Using the 2D popups inside the 3d environment I was able to easily program the FMC and put the popup back once complete. Taxiing the plane was like a completely new (and incredibly easy) experience. Having depth perception and having the ability to simply and quickly look over my shoulder,  or up and over the F/O seat while taxiing was so realistic. 


    Approach and landing was went as smoothly as possible. Again, the depth perception makes timing the flare child's play. 


    I am a (private) pilot myself, I have been in every type of sim from FS95 all the way up to a couple full motion sims at UAL. I can tell you, without a doubt, nothing else has made me feel more like I was really in the plane and flying. Thank you so much for what you do and continue to do. 


    It's so immersive I have started having to fly from the right seat because my brain has a tough time comprehending that my throttle was visually on my right but physically on my left. I also find myself occasionally reaching for things in the virtual world. 

    Although screenshots are obviously not going to convey what this experience is like, here's one that shows how I put my flight plan and charts on the F/O seat for easy viewing. 




    In case anyone is curious, yes the resolution is low on the rift. Personally, it's absolutely an acceptable trade-off. Being able to use the 2D popups and the ability to easily simply lean in to see things a little more clearly when needed are enough to counter the lower resolution (I'm coming from a 28 inch 4k display so I get it).

    The only 2D panel I need is the FMC and even then the only time I use it is during pre-flight. 



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  14. I can also confirm KSFO as having this issue. I did a test by loading up the plane on the ground at a non-payware airport. I built a flight plan direct to the ILS28R and just let the plane sit with the engine running. I saw a linear decrease in available VAS over about 6 hours until it ran out. 

  15. Kyle! Please help a guy out here...I can't be the only person who loves this plane.

    Do you guys plan to release the J-41 for P3D? I bought P3D and spent loads of moolah on addons for it and even built a whole new computer for P3D (which runs awesomely) but I have been waiting for the J41 as it's my favorite plane to fly. 

    The 7x7s are well done but the J41 truly feels like flying to me. 


  16.  if that doesn't work - if you use rudder pedals - unplug them for a flight and see if that works.



    I wonder if its your brakes?


    You guys were both right - I didn't realize the brakes could be applied without the flag appearing and since I didn't have issues in other planes I didn't think that could be it.. After unplugging my pedals I was able to taxi normally. 


    Thanks so much - now I need to figure out how to make the dead zone work. 

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