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  1. I'm having an issue where the NGX has terrible performance both on the ground and in the air. I have many hundreds of hours in the NGX under FSX so I don't think I am doing anything wrong. 

    In a nutshell it takes 65% N1 just to taxi at 10-15 kts
    At TO thrust it took me the entire length of a runway (10,000 feet) to get airborne and even then it took another few thousand feet or so to get out of ground effect. it take substantial back pressure on the stick to stay level at the trim calculated by the FMC. To try and climb it's full back pressure plus additional up trip to get a reasonable climb rate. 

    Weights are all under MTOW. I tried payware and default airports. (KDEN payware and KPHX default). I tried a heavy-ish load (96% max payload and 30,000 lbs of fuel in the -800) as well as the default load out. During the default load-out the performance was better than at the heavier load out, but no where near what I remember on FSX. For example on the lighter load out it still took 45% N1 to taxi. 


    Tried the 777 and had no trouble. The plane easily taxied with just a small push of the throttle and maintained a reasonable taxi speed when barely above idle at a pretty heavy load out of cargo and fuel. 

    Brakes are off (no indication in the lower left)
    Chocks off
    5 Degrees of flaps and no spoilers. 
    I run ASN,  FSUIPC and some payware sceneries, no other addons though. 


    Anyone have any ideas? I searched the forums but couldn't find anything like this. 

    Edit: did another test. This time 10k lbs under MTOW. It took 60% N1 just to start inching along. I tried emptying the plane of cargo and pax, and left only 5x fuel. I was able to taxi down the runway at 55kts with 60% N1, which still 'seems' slow but I am not sure. 

  2. So to be clear - is there any chance this will be a FSX/P3D plane? 


    I'm one of those who have been waiting for years for announcements on the DC-6 and epic disappointed is all I can say to describe my reaction to this. I've tried X-Plane twice and just don't care for it at all. 

    Especially since I just spent a ridiculous amount of money switching to P3D (a large portion going to PMDG, lol)

  3. I agree, you should recommend them for the Beta team for the 744V2 and future products! They've definitely proven they have what it takes!


    Tom Cain


    I can attest to Kyle's abilities to repeatedly fly the same flight over and over again with only a minute change each time - the guy is relentless and has much more patience than me.


    Or may throw them a nice -300 license  :Big Grin:





  4. The sound-FPS thing is actually true. Have you updated the driver for your sound card? About 6 months ago (maybe more, I dont know) creative came out with updated drivers that supposedly solved this. If memory serves, I think this was a problem with the Xi-Fi series - but I could be completely wrong. 


    I know I haven't noticed the issue since I downloaded the driver but to be honest it wasn't something that was a huge deal so I may not have noticed either way. 

  5. It's only as complicated as you make it. When I use it for FSX I really only have maybe less than 10 commands actually mapped to the stick.


    If you want to come up with some FS command to map to every button of the stick you can, but there's really only a few that are good to have on the stick since you can still use the mouse to interact with the plane. No stick is going to be able to replace that.


    I have thrust reverse mapped to the throttles back detent, an autopilot cutoff button, a auto-throttle cutoff button. I have parking brakes mapped, a screenshot button. Spoilers are mapped to the slider, flaps are mapped and I think that's everything.


    Also note that I use registered FSUIPC and I'm not sure if someone mentioned it but there is no rudder with the stick like the Saitek one. I think TH assumes that if you're going to spend 500 dollars on a stick, you already have rudder pedals.



    How fast are you when you are intercepting the localizer? When are you deploying your flaps? Also, at what point are you noticing your speed is too high? I find the landing gear does a much better at slowing the plane then the speed brake if it looks like things are too fast.






  7. i had just planned to use it with A-10 but I immediately started using it with FSX and threw away my yoke. I love being able to lift the throttles backward to simulate the reverse thrust. I also use the two switches below the throttles as the fuel cutoff switches.


    Yes I think it's an all-rounder. Even though it doesn't look all that realistic flying the 737 with the A-10 stick, I still much prefer it.

  8. I love the stick. Within a week of owning it I threw away my yoke, although my intention had been just to use the hotas for A-10. Everything about it is amazing, plain and simple...




    Out of the box I noticed that the china hat switch was sticking in the forward position about half the time. If you don't know, the china hat switch is a switch on the throttle that you push forward or backward and it springs back to center. Mine would sometimes stick forward requiring me to manually push it back.


    In A 10 this is a big deal because pressing the switch forward and letting it spring back is a completely different command than holding it forward. On a 100 dollar joystick I wouldn't have cared but this cost over 400. It was a birthday present for me and it had been sitting in the box for over a month before I opened it. Therefore I couldn't replace it through the store so I contacted Thrustmaster who was very receptive. They had me send them a video of the problem and they suggested some oil in the switch. I tried it and it didn't work, so they took my address to send me a new part with instructions on how to change it.


    After a month I had not received the switch so I contacted them again and they apologized and said they were sending it that day. That was almost 4 months ago and I have not received the part and my switch still sticks forward.

  9. I love it. With my track ir it was even more amazing and when I got the thrustmaster hotas the game was changed even more for me. Far more immersive than FS.


    My only gripe is how limited it is. I can remember other similar games that had dynamic campaigns where each mission was different and each time you did the campaign it was different.


    With DCS you're stuck with a limited set of missions, and once you finish them, that's it.


    I have gone through the campaigns twice each


    I started downloading the user created missions but it's hard to tell which missions are actually done well. Like when you take 20 mins to preflight, then longer to fly to your objective only to be told that there are no targets, or have some trigger not work right or whatever.


    Multiplayer is awesome too but it's impossible to actually find someone who wants to do it properly as opposed to someone who just wants to make it some kind of death match kind of thing.

  10. Chris - Good video. I really look forward to watching these. I consider myself in the group of people that will probably buy it when it's finished. The quality of work is top notch. Have you put any consideration into selling them individually?Even knowing that I would spend far more money on them individually than purchasing the whole package at once, I would still start buying them today and watching them.I think you have yourself a fairly large group of people who are reluctant to purchase anything until it is done. The worry though is depending on when these sections are available completely, a lot of people may have lost interest in the NG by then. Just a friendly suggestion/request - if you offered that I'd start buying them immediately.

  11. If it were me as an ATC, I'd treat a non-responsive aircraft as a challenge, something interesting rather than the norm. I'd call online pilots and challenge them to attempt an intercept or something. :) Does it really kill your experience that much that you have to come down on people that are otherwise trying to contribute? Why not just mark the blip "unresponsive" and move on?
    99% of the time that's exactly what I do. If they are on a runway or circling the airport at a low altitude it causes a huge distraction for the other pilots. Imagine being on a long flight that you've flown flawlessly only to have some dude who went AFK (for whatever reason) cause you to crash/go around etc. It's rare but it does happen. I have never reported a pilot who was AFK in cruise.Once I even vectored a USAF guy in a fighter who happened to log in for patterns to intercept an unknown target. I'm sure he got a kick of it.There are PLENTY of controllers who have the god complex though. I know quite a few of them by name and absolutely avoid their airspace, to the point I will log off of the network prior to entering their airspace and log on when I have passed through. They are also the ones who call a supervisor the second someone doesn't respond.However, the thing is, it is very frustrating when pilots aren't paying attention in a critical phase of flight. There have been plenty of times I tried to call a guy up to give a speed restriction, or vector and they don't respond. When it starts to get busy, controllers come up with a plan for how they are going to get planes sequenced. Sometimes that plan is literally dependent on giving a single plane a specific speed or vector at a specific moment (even a 10 second lag can screw it up). If that plane doesn't respond, or responds slowly (like setting a heading bug, then forgetting to engage the HDG mode) it really can completely screw up the experience for the 5 pilots behind him.Take a look at this video and imagine how things can get screwed up if a guy fails do do something. It's kind of like a traffic jam in rush hour. Everything goes fine until that ONE guy does something stupid and then there's a traffic jam for 90 minutes, lol.http://denartcc.org/...1_2_TRACON.htmlSo the bottom line, if you need to step away for a minute, ask/tell the controller. Sometimes, if there's no other planes around, i will even let a pilot pause in flight. If you have an emergency, just disconnect. I'd rather have a plane just disappear than have them go AFK with no warning.And what I always say to pilots: PLEASE don't say you'll do something you don't understand. If you didn't understand an instruction, ask us to repeat it. If you don't know how to do something, tell us :)

  12. Very strange and believe it may be a bug in Direct X because it would not drop framerates in DierctX 10 preview. Not for all though!
    I just tried this for grins. I set it to DX10 mode and the problem went away. It's not a solution though because as soon as I move the undocked panel to another monitor the panel becomes just a blue/white FS logo, plus with all my add-ons DX10 Preview messes so much up. Interesting nonetheless.

  13. The vid card is brand new (xmas), so I hope it isn't dead. I also tried resizing manually and that didnt work either. I dont know how to go about troubleshooting the card though. I'm not a hardware expert at all. So far I haven't had issues with any other games though. I also tried:I plugged all 3 monitors into the HD5870 (no difference)I plugged the two secondary monitors into the HD4850 and the primary monitor into the HD5870 (no difference)I didabled the HD4850 (no difference)I will try having just the main monitor to see what happens.

  14. Full screen doesn't work at all (this is also a new problem it seems). When I go to full screen all monitors just go black and flash every few seconds. What I am doing is putting FSX on my center monitor in windowed mode. I maximize it and open a pop up panel. After I undock that panel, the FPS instant drops by exactly half. I tried doing it with FSX not maximized where it's only taking up a small part of the screen but there's no change. The start menu is on the left monitor on the left side so about 1000px away from FSX.

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