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  1. For years I have been using three monitors for FSX. My main monitor is a 22in and it's flanked by two 19in monitors. I run FSX windowed and uses the second and third monitors for charts and for all the 2D panels (overhead, throttle etc).I just noticed a problem where if I undock a panel, my FPS instantly drops by half. Undock another and it drops by half again until I'm at about 4 FPS. I have NEVER had any perceivable performance hit from undocking panels.I'm not exactly sure when the problem started because I have been flying the J41 and 707 a lot lately and I dont use the pop up panels with those planes. This problem occurs exactly the same with all planes and all geographical situations. I havent been able to find any others who have had this problem and I'm curious if any of you guys have any ideas?I have only installed one thing recently (the new KSFO scenery) and I have since uninstalled it to be sure that wasn't the culprit.Specs: HD5870 Eyefinity i7 2.93ghz 5GB Ram Win7 Home 64

  2. Man ole man...What's the problems out there? The end of June, 2010 I just build a new system:Intel I-7 980X standard speed no OCGTX 480X video card running a two monitor hook up12 GB of memory for the Asus P6X58D premium MOBOWestern Digital Rapture drive 10,000rpm...I have all my sliders in FSX maxed out to the Right...Fly the following: Eaglesoft Citation X - PMDG 747-400F and 8I versionsThe PMDG MD-11 and default FSX planes from time to time...I tried unlimited settings with FPS and sometimes it goes over 200fps when I am flying out in the country so to speak...Get around busy airports with car traffic,people, full airport scenery, or boats, water all of these running full maxed...When I land at Fort Worth/Dallas traffic is running all over the place, even heavy trucks, cars, buses and etc...over the interstates...Looks like the "real" world to me...With all my settings wide open at Dallas or other busy airports, the FPS will drop down to 25 to 30, but never below 25....All the scenery runs very smooth plus I am using REX2 and FScommander 8.1 on the same machine...All cores are working equally. I finally set the FPS back to 30fps and it sticks right on...Never moves....I changed my fsx.cfg to see what would happen, nothing changed so I set it back to default...I even messed with setting "affinity Mask" that really didn't change anything... So I came to the conclusion that a very "hot" video card like the GTX480X with 12gb of memory probably solved all my problems from the dual core I was trying to use...That's it very satisfied....FDX183EJA183Bob Adams
    Well I know what to go buy now...

  3. Im having the same problem... door wont open but all other animations work great.... on the ground no engines running latty datty dah...JR
    Are you using the DVA ACARS?I have done 6 test flights now. What I have found is that the problem seems to be with the DVA ACARS program. I did 4 flights with fs passengers but without using the ACARS program. Then I did one flight without pspassengers and with ACARS, the door froze immedaitely.Do any of the PMDG developers have any ideas??? I will also post at DVA's forums as well.What's strange is that I did many many flights with ACARS with no problems until all of a sudden this started happening.

  4. Oh man this is so fusterating now....I uninstalled and completely reinstalled the plane and all my liveries. The door opened once for my first flight. Closed FS and now today, it's stuck again. I cannot get it to open using the keybord or the ramp manager.It's annoying because no I cannot use FS Passengers with the J41 at all if the main door wont open.Jax are you using FS Passengers?

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