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  1. I have the 737PIC and it's loads better than the default toy that comes with FSX, but nothing compared to PMDG.It certainly satisfies my desire to have a 'real' plane that has an FMC and most the bells and whistles of the real thing. But to answer your question directly, I highly recommend purchasing it but I expect you'll uninstall it the second PMDGs is released as mine will be.

  2. Thank you, resetting everything to default fixed everything except the fog problem.Just flew into SAC which was fogged in, 1/4mi visibility. When I'm about 1200 feet off the ground I can clearly see the field and can set up for a visual approach, then, at about 200 feet AGL, i lose all visibility and it instantly goes to the 1/4 mile visibility.Is there any way to fix this so the fog obscures the field no matter what altitude you're at?

  3. I just cant get ASX to work right... I just completed a flight from the Phoenix area to Denver. Weather is horrible nearly the whole way. According to the METARS (as viewed in ASX) it was overcast skies the entire way... Of course if you were in my plane it appeared to be clear skies (see attached) screen shot.Then when I am coming in for landing, i get past the outer marker and I can see the field fine, then when I pass a certain magic altitude (which was about 500 feet AGL) visibility goes instantly from an unrealistic miles, to what the metar said (1/4 mile). Naturally this screwed up my landing.I then restarted FSX and ASX to see if it helped any and it was screwed up even more...see the attached second screen shot and you can see the ASX report stating 1mi visibility, and my FSX which shows unlimited...any ideas what I can do about this?

  4. I've tried it with Directx 10 preview on and off. When the weather is okay and the visibility is good, it looks fine, but when the visibility is low it looks awful because it looks like blue skies that fade away 1/4 mile away and you cant see any clouds. Especially because the snow/precipitation is white it clashes a LOT. I've tried messing with a lot of different settings in FSX and in ASX. Another problem I had was when I had visibility graduation and fog layer simulation enabled, it would display unlimited visibility. The attached screenshot shows what it looked like when the wx was supposed to be 1/4 mile visibility at KDEN.But I dont think the two are related.

  5. that didn't work. I checked all of the folders and didn't find any thumbnail files.I also tried taking out all but one of the B1900 folders from the airplanes folder to see if one of them was causing the problem and it seems that all of them are causing it. I also noticed that not only does it mess up the pictures, but it fails to display nearly half of all my planes.

  6. Hell0-I just reformatted and am reinstalling everything. I came across an annoying little problem. All of the little aircraft images on the select aircraft page are messed up after the first B1900C. I am running FSX and before the reformat, it just displayed the blank no image available box for the 1900 aircraft but now it just seemingly randomly picks an aircraft images.Then, following the B1900 aircraft, all the rest of my planes are messed up too. Anyone have any ideas how this happened? I have tried removing all the B1900 planes from the Airplanes folder and that fixed the problem so it has something to do with the B1900s.Thanks

  7. I plan on getting a nice new 8800 GTS (or ultra) card for X-mas (if my wife will let me ) but until then I was wondering if someone could point me in a direction to help my performance, just so I can enjoy this beautiful plane until then...Right now I get about 6-8 FPS with the 744X on the ground and about 15 in the air.The Default 737 gets 18 FPS on ground and about 20 in the air.Default Cessna gives me about 15-20 on the ground and 25-30 FPS in the air.I was wondering if this is on par with my system or if there is something I could do. I'm not a huge expert on tweaking hardware so there maybe something obviously easy I haven't done. I've also enabled the config file fixes listed in PMDG OPS.Here are my stats:Vista Home Prem. Intel Core2 2.4 ghz3 GB RAMNVIDIA 7900 GTX @ 1280x1024Creative SB XI-FIFSX AccelerationGraphic settings:Global Texture res: HighLens Flare offLight bloom offAdv. Anim. ontrilinear filtering anti-aliasing offHigh Res- 3D cockpit onAircraft Casts shadows on ground onAircraft casts shadows on self offlanding lights illuminate ground onLOD- MediumMesh Complex.- 58Mesh Res.- 10mTexture Rex - 5MWater Effects- Low 2.xScenery complexity- denseAutogen- normalground scenery shados- offspecial effects- highCloud draw distance- 110midetailed cloudsCoverage density- med(Mytraffic add-on installed)Airline traffic density - 14%GA- 14%Airport vehicles 0%road vehicles- 0%ships/ferries- 60%leisure boats- 66%Noah B.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks!Purchase, download, install and first flight all worked perfectly!Frames are a little low but good enough to fly with and I'm loving the plane I've missed for a year. THANKS PMDG!!!!Noah Bryant

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