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  1. It has to do with an error in simconnect. Vpilot for vatsim users suffers from the same problem. Unusuable right now. But they say asabo is aware of the problem and working on it.
  2. Chrjs

    A2A P40 Module

    Thank you for your fast reply. I'm sorry to hear that. Kind regards chris
  3. Hi, I'm looking for the old A2A P40 Module, I can find it via a google search , but the download does not work anymore. A2A is offfering the P40 P3D Version for free right now and I expect others to grab this wonderful plane as well. I don't get along with the A2A Input configurator because you have to enable controllers in P3D (creating all sorts of problems using eg FSUIPC at the same time). Is the module still available or do you think it is unsuable in the P3Dv4.5 environment anyways? Thank you for your awesome work! I use your modules a lot. Kind regards chris
  4. What about pcaviator? I bought my version v4 there and i can't find a version v5/discounted update there yet. Will it be available there too?
  5. How were you able to get in contact with him? I tried it several times over a longer period via Email to get the sceneries working in P3Dv4 (see above) and he never responded!
  6. with a promised VC that was never delivered. broken promise...
  7. Nice, but still no enroute winds entry possible. I cannot understand why they would not make this feature top priority. Makes a huge difference for long haul flying - the thing this airplane is made for!
  8. very sad - both the lack of any information and the fact that this wonderful plane seems not be able to make it across the finish line for p4dv4!
  9. Anybody else in contact with him during the last weeks? I have already wrote to him twice but did not get any repply. I also would like to receive the P3Dv4 updates for Rio and Sao Paulo. Or can anybody of your sent me the files? Or do I have a wrong EMail address? I wrote to hotmaster@ig.com.br Thank your for your help chris
  10. One more vote for navigraph. I fly only online so an up-to-date cycle is necessary and in my opinion navigraph is the best. Pay for your subscription and you are good all year long for all your products. Thanks for your considering it!
  11. Any news about the JS41? or is this beloved aircraft forgotten..... very sad!
  12. Sure. here is the flight plan out of KPAE: KPAE TOU KBFI SEA V120 EPH KMWH (after TOU i flew the jawbn6 arrival for a touch and go Rw14R) Departure was to the north with an immediate turn towards TOU for a hold. I programmed a hold over TOU with an inbound course of 180°, right turns and 1min legs. I entered the hold on a heading of about 270° in an altitude of FL280. The aircraft slowed down to holding speed and overflew TOU, shortly before I could see the portrayed hold increasing an changing to a more circle like shape (see above). The plane didn't even bother to turn but kept going on a heading of 270° until i turned it around manually after about 15nm. Looking at the ND picture the enlarged "holding" pattern has about a radius of 40nm - of course way too much for a standard hold. kind regards chris
  13. Hi, i purchased th B748 yesterday and put it on trial on a flight out of KPAE to KMWH, just like the real ones do. The aircraft performs great but i noticed a little hickup. I tried to enter a hold in a 90 degree angle and that seemed to screw up the fmc/lnav. Approaching the hold the hold suddenly got bigger on the ND. The plane slowed down correctly but then overflew the holding fix and continued its path without manoevering (for the teardrop entry). I let it fly for about 20nm straight out before i manually turned it back to the entry. Are holdings still a work in progress? If I recall correctly the older PMDG planes could do that pretty well. Thanks Chris
  14. No, the default DCS World is free. Included are some "lighter" aircraft and a map (Caucasus). Everything else are addons (not for free). But the default map + the F18 will keep you busy for quite a while. But be aware that the F18 is "only" early access, many features will be added later. Still a wonderful plane.
  15. First of all: wonderful plane and thanks for bringing it back even better that before! I thing i'm missing is sounds on lost focus. I have som many windows open next to P3D (Vpilot, AS16, PFPX...) I think it somehow kills the immerson when i have quickly have to switch to another window and suddenly all sound is lost. Many other great addons have an option to keep the sound up even in the background. It would be great if you could include that in an update. Thanks! chris
  16. Don't forget these: Germanwings (Nordic leisure) bulgarian air charter (still using the md82 today) thanks!
  17. So far in daylight the performance is fine. but during nighttime an dwith DL enabled it suffers quite a big hit here. I know DL is generally a performance hog, but at other big airports (AS, FB, DD) it is much less for me. So right now some mixed feelingd But of course a free update is appreciated!
  18. Great news and awesome opportunity! Email sent. Keep spreading the news!
  19. I'm also quite disappointed about the (apparent) decision to drop the custom FMC. I'm still waiting to see an actual picture where a JS41 has been upgraded to a modern GPS like the GTN 750 (which I actually own and like). Looking at (recent) pictures and videos of for example Eastern Airways, the biggest JS41 operator in Europe, still show the original FMC in it. On major problem of the GTN F1 750 (and 650) is that you cannot update its database. And an outdated database is a major problem for a online-only flyer like me.
  20. Check the WXR and the FMC/GPS in the VC. They have certainly been changed!
  21. I hope so too! Even though it was wather limited, the FMS provided was for me an important part in tis wonderful small plane.
  22. Do you know more than we know? The Level-D 767 is not compatible with P3Dv4, only with 3.4. And I have never heard of a Ifly 767. Do you mean the CS 767?
  23. Am I the only one who thinks it is a pitty that KLGA represents a state how it will/might be in the future? We have already a competitor who did a future version. A future version makes the airport pretty useless for the famous online networks. Yes, runways are the same but the apron is totally different as far as I can tell. So still no decent version of the state right now (and I know that is changing a lot over time...)...
  24. Be sure to seperate the ATC channel from the flight simulator sounds. so for example flight simulator through your speakers and ATC through the headset. this helps a lot to understand them more clearly. btw it is much more realisitc as well.
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