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  1. VAS can be indeed a problem. P3D with 1024 textures and low-rez textures installed, NGX from EGLL (UK2000), Weather very bad (450m vis), much traffic with Vatsim Event. At the end 500mb remaining. Not much but ok. On the other hand, good frames (always above 18-20) and looks great.
  2. Probably the same. As it appears the fire started after the plane touched down and came to a halt. The the oil/fuel isn't carried away by the airstream and gets ignited by the hot engine parts.
  3. Looking at Youtube this seems not be always the case. For example in the following video the 747s land with taxi light off, but the 777s have it clearly on (eg 8:58). I would like to know as well why you would do that,
  4. LOWS. Home of the Flying Bulls and lovely Alps around it. Sceneries all aroudn from here: http://www.x-plane.at/drupal/
  5. Could you maybe write that again in a manner that we can understand it? Btw, the best way would be to report it in the X-Aviation forum (when it is open again) so that the devs can take a look at it. Many problems are due to some incompatbilities with other modules (eg XPUIPC). Others where left out for release (eg the doors) and if you had looked a the corresponding published list you would have had less anger now.
  6. I once had a very disappointing experience with broken promises what would be delivered after the release (da and the Fokker vc), so I am very careful now. I know how difficult it is to keep up the same motivation for working after you have released and got the money. Yes, what I see so far is promising but I really don't understand why, after 5 years, they are now in such a hurry for release. A completion of these 'few minor things missing' (it's actually a very, very long list with Imo more than only small unimportant items) and a couple of weeks longer certainly would have hurt nobody. So i will be waiting and see how it 'progresses' ( pun intended...)
  7. Before 2009 KTEx had a significant sloped runway, but they straightened it and now it is much less prominent. FTX modelled it therefore without a slope. So your X-plane version might represent a pre-2009 state. You can see a nice comparison picture here in reply 34. http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/111897-flying-high-introducing-telluride-regional-airport/
  8. the B736 was never certified for steep approaches ( in contrast for example to the A318). So you won't find any official procedure for that. Of course you are free to try it. Technique is as usual. going down and slowing down at the same time in a 737 is never a good idea. especially for a non-precision approach you should be fully configured and at vapp at the IAF/FAF.
  9. Try to split the voice and Flightsim Sound channel. I have the simulator via the speakers and vpilot via my headphones. helps a lot!
  10. Leave the speeds in the FMC alone on approach and use speed select on the MCP. This will happen on G/S-capture anyway automatically.
  11. Looks like a problem with 2016. Just fly in 2015 and you will be fine.
  12. Dear Rob, thank you for your response. I will do some more testing tonight, taking of from LFLJ and returning after nightfall. For your remarks. I dont use vector. I know LFLJ is compatible to P3Dv2 and seem to work in V3 as well besides of course the problems mentioned above.
  13. Hi, i think i found out something rather strange in P3Dv3v3.1. Somehow a lot of things seem to change when taking off in daylight and returning after nightfall/dusk. As we already know taking off during daylight and landing at night stops PMDG planes illuminating the ground with taxi and main lights. I think this problem is even larger and also relates to eg mesh problems. I just did a nice flight LOWS to LFLJ (Courchevel) using the payware Courchevel scenery to have a nice sloped runway. The flight started during day and i arrive just before night fall. Unfortunatelly the moment i touched down in LFLJ (quite nicely) my plane jumped all over the place not following the sloped runway at all. It seemed as if the sloped runway was not recognized anymore. I reloaded the flight and did some testing thinking it might be related to the nice realair duke. But starting in LFLJ i could take off and land without problem, even changing the time of flight via the drop down menu (from day to night) while in the air staying in the vicinity of the airport didnt change anything. I then remembered seeing something quite similar to this also with the new EDDM scenery by Taxi2Gate and the taxi way bridges. During my first testflight i also took off from UUDD and arrived in EDDM after dusk (even though there was still light as you can see). There seemed to be no underpass under the bridges (see picture 1). But if I reload the scenery during the day there is an underpass (picture 2). It is also there if I start at night. So I conclude that something strange is going on within the sim between day and night. Can anybody confirm this or explain why it happens? Of course a "solution" would be to never fly in transition times, but this is more than stupid... Thanks regards chris pictue 1 picture 2
  14. Thanks for the answer and tipp. im going to check that and report back.
  15. Hi, could it be that the combination P3Dv3 NGX Reboot and Vpilot causes the same problems as the Dash Module? I've just read that you fixed that CTD- problem in the Dash-8 Module. It seems as I have the same problem. Trying to use FS2Crew NGX and VPilot crashes both P3Dv3 and VPilot. Could this be the problem? Maybe the same fix? Regards, chris
  16. Yes, it would be great if we could solve this problem!
  17. Fps problems are a well known issues in ftx nca. The main problems are the cranes of the harbor. Manual fix can be found here http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/103540-ftx-nca-fix-for-bay-area-cranes-etc/#comment-934959 (You must be signed in to read it)
  18. They might do a NG at some point, but never an NGX since NGX is the Boeing NG Version from PMDG...
  19. Chrjs

    Slow Takeoffs

    Topcat does not provide data for the 300er yet, only for the lr/f which has different engines...
  20. Is the photopack1 also available from a server other than flightsim.com?. Even being registered at FS i get really bad download rates and the 1,2GB file would take about 7-8h to download. Why not Avsim or something else? Thanks.
  21. no completely true. PrivatAir does VIP/Charter Flights for Lufthansa and Swiss - they have both 737 and 738 (even though BBJs).
  22. there is only one huey: DCS Huey! DCS is way more realistic especially for rotary aircraft than FSX. And today is the last day you can get it for only 20$ instead of 50... (btw, the flight simulator itself is for free!) Yes it is (yet) primary a combat simulator, but nobody will stop you from doing for instance a "civil" UN-relief flight from Batumi to Sochi...
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