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  1. SAK is out and i'm on my "milk run" way up to ANC. For now i have to take the published procedures - hope to fly your awesome RNAV procedures soon! do you also include PANC, or only PAJN, PAYA and PACV? Looking forward to it, thanks for your great work! edit: could you please include the minimums of the RNAV approaches, maybe in the readme-file? the weather seems to be right at the minimus allowed pretty often up there thanks in advance!
  2. Painters of the new AAL, here you can find two close ups: http://www.jetphotos...=7541559&nseq=1 http://www.jetphotos...=7541572&nseq=0 (on the second you can nicely see the detailed stripes within the stripes) Cant wait to fly these new beauties!
  3. Great! I will try the Milk Run tomorrow. I have only skimmed through the files and the only thing which might be missing are the minimums for the individual approaches.... But I can live with that ( or could you provide us with them as well ;) ) Thank you very much for your efffort!
  4. Well, it would really be very handy to fully reset FS2Crew. Just today i noticed that my mic wasn't working perfectly, I tried different things e.g. unplugging my headset. Finally I figured out that my mic wasn't properly connected to my headset. After fixing it, even though the display bar showed me that i spoke the right commands i got no answer anymore from my FO or other crew members. Is it true that after un- replugging your voice hardware FS2Crew doesn't work anymore? In this case it would have been nice to shut down FS2Crew and restarting it w/o having to close FSX. Everything else is very nice!
  5. This livery is aweseome, i hope some repainter finds the time to paint it!http://wwww.airliners.net/photo/Boeing-737-7GV-BBJ/2066496/L/&sid=88b94ffaa56c7e7be64b2ed9c274261a
  6. hi Christian, i'm sorry if you feel offended. i think most of us really appreciate your, and all the other repainter's awesome work. Thank you very much for it! may i, nevertheless, please ask you whether you could give us a status update on the incredible HLX-repaint you showed a few pages earlier? I would love to "revive" this paint scheme in the virtual world.... thank you very much in advance.
  7. Hi, I would love to fly the old HLX-livery as well. was it already uploaded soimewhere, i cannot find it on the usual sites.... great work!
  8. Great lievery Christian. Maybe you could add some more wear and tear? i just love when they look "used"... thats what they are made for!
  9. OK i will try that. Thank you for your time and great/fast help!Awesome work!chrjs
  10. yes winds were 0/0 and no error messages.weather "returned" over newfoundland....
  11. It seems so.I made today a transatlantic flight from EGLL to KJFK. There wasn't any wind over the atlantic. In New York winds were shifting all the time. I noticed later on the ASX screen, that, even though i set 17 minutes for updating the weather, ASX refused to dowload weather for more than 2 hours. I don't have a high-end computer, might there be not enough memory?thanks chrjs
  12. Happens most of the times. i think i'm using the default settings. what should be set/checked?thanks,chrjs
  13. Hi, i'm using ASX and have a problem with the weather at destination.it seems as asx is not updating the weather at destination at all or too late.for example, i flew from lszh to egll. on the briefing screen it was reported weather at egll 260@8, 1034hpa. i came in london and atis told me winds calm and 1013hpa. i was directed on ils09 and suddenly on final winds changed to the "real" data and i had more than 10 kts tailwind.can i somehow set the controls of asx that it updates the weather at destination before i reach it?Thanx,chrjs
  14. Hi,i have fsx and flying around with the wonderful 767 from level-d. i love complex aircraft and widebodies and would like to purchase the 747.however i don't have a highend computer. i can run the 767 w/o traffic quite smooth in fsx. i don't care too much about the look of theoutside, but want to experience as much realism in flying the aircraft as possible. Has somebody both aircraft and can tell me if the performance of the pmdg747 is much worse than the level-d 767?second, i'm really into the systems of the 767 (also with the fs2crew version). How different are the systems of theses two aircraft? would the change be a hard one and would it be a long learning phase?thanx for your help
  15. Thanks for your help. i noticed that the SP1 pack for ASX wasn't installed properly. now it is and winds aloft is unchecked. i will give it another try tonight, my flight will be from jfk to egcc!regardschristopher
  16. HI,i have active sky x with xgraphics and i want cross the atlantic with my leveld 767. few days ago, i had my first flight from amsterdam to jfk. i noticed over the atlantic there where no winds! not really realistic. is the jetstream or the wind over the ocean in general not modelled in active sky? is there any way to simulate it. otherwise to fly the NAT would not make too much sense.thankschrjs
  17. Hi, i'm using the fantastic level-d 767 (for FSX) with fs2crew and rc 4.3. Finally i want to start flying transatlantic routes. i did a lot of reading about how to manage these flights (there is great tutorial on avsim about it). my question is, how does rc 4.3 handle transatlantic flights? can i make positon reports, do i have to change transponder to 2000, what about SELCAL, RVSM, ETOPS, ...I couldn't find anything about it in the manual. searching in the forum only showed me a question related to it for rc3.thanks for your information!Chrjs
  18. Thanks for your reply,i'll give it a try!ChrjsPS: I have a Saitek X52 so it should work!
  19. Hi, i recently purchased the awesome Level-D 767(FSX). I would like to add the fs2crew version to it. However i couldn't find any system requirements? the 767 runs on my laptop, not perfect, but it's acceptable. how big is the impact of fs2crew for my performance?Would there be a money-back if i notice that it doesn't work after installing?thanks,christopher
  20. HI,i'm using FSX with RC 4.3 and i'm quite happy with it. however sometimes the small window with the possible answers (keys) seems to freeze and it is not catching up with the program itself. for example i had to go around because of poor visibility and the controler kept asking me what i want to do. but on the RC-window there was no option to choose, then it just disappeared and there was no chance getting it back!Is it a problem of RC 4.3, FSX or my computer (too slow?)?thanks for your suggestionsChrjs
  21. hi,i have fsx and since i bought radar contact i could split atc sound and engine sound to my USB-headphones on the one hand, and to speakers on the other hand. it seems not to work with rc4.3.i switched my settings on my system (XP) so that i hear 'audio' on the speakers, and 'voice' on the headphones. is there any way i can somehow assigne radar contact to 'voice' as output sound? may changing a path in the script?thanx,chrjs
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