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  1. I'm throwing a bottle to the sea with the following message: will there be a VoxATC version for MSFS 2020? All VoxATC users are hoping for an answer !!!
  2. Thank you, Dave, for guiding me to correct pattern direction errors. The problem is solved.
  3. Hello, There are too many wrong VFR Patterns directions (Left or Right-turn patterns ) in Pilot2ATC (Geneva, Marrakech etc). It is not credible! How to correct these errors ?
  4. It's true that the vocals used in FS2Crew are of a very high quality. The human sounds are exceptionals, and I regret that we can not use these voices in ATC softwares like VoxATC or Pilot2ATC.
  5. Yes, I would need them to speak with ATC in VoxATC. In fact, I feel like I have 2 copilots : one who handles checklists in FS2 Crew and an another who deals with ATC in VoxATC. Is there a solution to have only one copilot (voice) ? For VoxATC and Pilot2ATC, I bought IVONA voices. Can we use these voices in FS2Crew ?
  6. Hello, Is it possible to buy the copilots voices you use in FS2Crew so that I can use them in VoxATC or in Pilot2ATC? In these two softwares, I very often use the option "Fist officer respond to Radio and changes Frequencies" and I would like to have the same copilot voice in these ATC softwares and in FS2Crew.
  7. Virtualflight agrees to do some tests with the PMDG 747-400 for P3D V4 before I confirm my purchase for YOKO + yoke ... to be continued.
  8. I only have problems with PMDG with all others aircrafts the Fligh tIllusion yoke works perfectly.
  9. When I say nothing, it means nothing at all works. Buttons, axix etc.
  10. what problems I have faced ? The answer is very simple: absolutely nothing works at all with the PMDG 747-400 for P3D V4 - With the PMDG 737 for P3D V4 the axis works but the 737 autopilot does not work at all.
  11. 1/ I made contact with VirtualFly and PMDG and neither can assure me that the YOKO + yoke will work with the PMDG 747-400 FOR P3D V4. 2/ I have been using for a few years a FLIGHT ILLUSION Boeing force feed back yoke and it works very poorly with PMDG aircrafts and not even at all with the PMDG 747-400 for P3D V4. 3/ FLIGHT ILLUSION and PMDG could not do anything to solve the problem. They only returned the ball to each other . So I do not intend to spend $ 1100 to find the same problems !
  12. Thank you for your feedback. If I do not get a definitive answer with YOKO + yoke and PMDG 747-400 for P3D V4, I may be looking for yokes from PrecisionFlightControls.
  13. Hello, I intend to buy a new yoke. As I know that the PMDG 747-400 has problems with some yokes, is there anyone who has a YOKO + yoke and who is using it successfully with the PMDG 747-400 for P3D V4 ? I am waiting for an answer before ordering the YOKO + yoke. Thank you in advance. Gérard
  14. When I try to install the f1, I see a message who ask me to download the Garmin Trainer 6.21 on their servers. With the Reality XP GTN product installation, all is OK, but With XP GLJ Learjet Model 25D aircraft, P3D V4 Crash.
  15. Hello, In fact, there was confusion because I also own the RealityXP GTN750 from f1. The product I cannot install with the error message 1721 for the installation of the Garmin trainer, is f1's. I tried to intall the RealityXP GTN750, but this software does not seem compatible with the XP GLJ Learjet Model 25D aircraft. I tried to intall DirectX using the Microsoft Installer, but I have always the error 1721 with the installation of the Garmin GTN Trainer for f1 GTN 750 P3D V4.
  16. Thanks for your answer. I have alredy Open a ticket on f1, but they told me : For support on this title, please contact the developer at http://www.reality-xp.com or http://www.avsim.com/forum/767-the-realityxp-support-forum/ I am running the GTN Trainer installer as Administrator without sucsses
  17. Hello, I first asked for help to f1 who referred me to this forum. I cannot instal the Garmin Trainer 750 for use Garmin 750 in P3D V4. I have always the error message 1721... I tryed to register at f1 "Registering your product for support access" without succes. I have Windows 10. What can I do ? Attachments : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3r0t1x402e2k0j9/AADwLlFp6Iv2Pj8Of8juSi8Ga?dl=0
  18. Thank you for your answer Dave. Can we hope that RTOs and mainly Backtracks will soon be managed by P2A?
  19. Hello, 1/ I would like to know how to manage ATC in the case of an RTO (rejected take-off). 2/ Will it soon be possible to request permission for a "backtrack" on runways without access by "taxiways" ?
  20. Update downloaded, and installed. After a VFR flight LSGG LFLB LFLG FL 65 and back to LSGG FL55, I dont have noted any problem. Great software ! Thanks for the additional "Atc Ignores Bearing Based Altitudes"
  21. Amazing !!! Soon, P2A will become an ATC software even more realistic than true air control !!! Thanksss for your work and your efforts, Dave Gérard
  22. Hello, A big thank to you for the speed of your update and for the correction of the VFR flight levels. I am extremely satisfied with Pilor2ATC and above all with your after-sales service which is attentive to the comments of your customers The software now accepts odd levels (1000ft + 500), but the controller does not recognize them yet. For a VFR flight planned in the VFR flight plan at 8500ft, the controller asks me to climb to 8000ft. I have, however, still flown at 8500ft without the controller asking me to descend of 500ft. On the other hand, if you could find a simple solution for the North / South IFR levels in force in many European countries, this would surely satisfy your Europeans customers. Today, I made an IFR flight between Milan (LIML) and Innsbruck (LOWI). My flight plan has been validated by the European organization Eurocontrol at FL180 but the Pilot2ATC controller has forced me to fly at FL170
  23. Thank you, vololiberista, for the lesson (despite one or two small errors), but I already know all this. In summary, the problem with Pilot2ATC is the transition altitude. For the US and Canada, the transition altitude is 18000ft. In France, the transition altitude may vary in some cases, but it is generally 5000ft
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