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  1. maybe I have a similar problem with too glossy liveries (i.e. Binter is yellowish, instead of green, quite shiny, in comparison with the environment) I slightly suspect it's a shaders matter, maybe an update will come ....
  2. Hello, I've purchased the ATR72 yesterday I cannot find in the manuals and in the forum: 1 the exterior of the aircraft appears way too lighted, compared with UTL/AI aircrafts, and all my paywares as well 2 after the maiden flight, after shutdown, the left propeller is keeping spinning .... ?! thanks for directions
  3. Hello, as win764 won't allow me to setup Oculus Rift software, I've setup another OS (win10), on the same system (dual boot), and then I've installed there a second copy of p3dv4, without any problem with any addon yesterday I set up precipitFX on win10 too (again, same system) today VFX central on win7 is telling me that I have exceeded the limit of activations, specifying that the software may be used on one PC only, yet that's my case I have requested an activation reset, in the meantime I am asking, please, some clarification about this software behavior, thanks
  4. thanks! now I understand that it has to be calculated and that I have to learn what means "PSI Differential" to calculate that value ....
  5. Hello, I see that the cabin pressure knob allows maximun setting at 10100 ft as a matter fact, when I do high altitude flights, in the glass diplays that setting flashes red continuously please, did I miss something to adjust, or is this a limit of the Carenado model? thanks
  6. I solved by reinstalling the p3dv4 Client, yet I'd like to know which (shaders?) utility altered the files PTA2.52 did not find...ENVtex?
  7. I got the solution by repeating the P3d v4 client update process over itself: all the aircrafts are back now thanks for directions
  8. ok ... btw, I had already P3d v4 excluded from antivirus scanning
  9. Hello, I've just purchased the tool, and these are the error messages I get as soon as I tried to install the first prest (Thophat) WARNING: you have outdated shaders in backup Preset S:\FIGHT'sON\_AIR\prepar3D\4\PTA\pta_2.52\thophat.ini loaded Applying preset S:\FIGHT'sON\_AIR\prepar3D\4\PTA\pta_2.52\thophat.ini... ERROR applying preset: source file S:\FIGHT'sON\_AIR\prepar3D\4\PTA\pta_2.52\SHADERS_BACKUP\Cloud.fx is not original Prepar3D shader ERROR applying preset: source file S:\FIGHT'sON\_AIR\prepar3D\4\PTA\pta_2.52\SHADERS_BACKUP\General.fx is not original Prepar3D shader ERROR applying custom tweak [Clouds directional lighting 1] : the desired block is not found Applying [Clouds directional lighting 2] to Q:\Prepar3Dv4\ShadersHLSL\Cloud.fx ERROR applying custom tweak [Clouds directional lighting 2] : the desired block is not found Applying [Clouds directional lighting 3] to Q:\Prepar3Dv4\ShadersHLSL\Cloud.fx ERROR applying custom tweak [Clouds directional lighting 3] : the desired block is not found please, where do I have to read to learn more? I am not an expert, at all ...using ENVtex thanks
  10. definetly my issue is local: I've uninstalled, again, the 737 from V3 and V4, then I used the installer to reinstall on both: V3 works perfectly, V4 is not
  11. ! I've checked also other planes, and some of them (mostly, the stock ones ?!), F22 i.e., are affected by similar issue moreover, like for the 737, some buttons/knobs are almost transparent (?!), which leaves me confused, because the issue is not affecting every plane the only change I made has been to update p3dv4, a few days ago, to its latest release (flawlessly, I've done it a lot of times since p3dv3) what about the "hud deactivated" message, can you please give me any hint? (why is it displayed...)
  12. Hi, sorry but I could not find any answer to my problem: I've just installed/uninstalled twice the product, after downloading two different installers of the 737 for P3dv4 in the VC: - I read a plate on the first display "HUD DEACTIVATED" - the little levers on the overhead panel are depicted incomplete - no levers are depicted on the throttle section (speedbrakes, throttle, flaps, engine fuel) - a lot of knobs/buttons on the MCP are missing outside view: - I see only internal parts (cockpit, engine fans), no hull no wings no gear the p3dv3 version is working correctly I had a similar problem with Carenado's 177 and 210 v4 installers, yet redownloading, unistalling and reinstalling was the solution, a few days ago thanks for help Marco Gabbrielli
  13. I use Ez 2.5 with TiR5 yet, when flying airliners, EZ2 alone is hugely capable to manage the flight in an excellent way, and TiR becomes mainly an immersion addon
  14. it looks like CH Throttle Quadrant is quite an imperfect tool: even after multiple calibrations, I cannot achieve "zeroed" levers: I mean that the levers are continuously sending little spikes to the PC, so that every other button/lever programmed via FSUIPC for reverse thrust is continuously been counteracted by those spikes
  15. it did not start well :) ... I've updated to the latest FSUIPC, copied the four throttle manager files into fsx\modules, launched the 747, then FSUIPC>buttons panel: checked the FScontrol box, yet, scrolling the "Control sent..." dropdown window, I only have a "Luakill" option (?)
  16. thanks, this is for me the first time that I read about that possibility (I don't have the time to get too much in depth, tough); I've tried in the past to program the reverse on the Warthog throttle, with no result
  17. I have registered FSUIPC, yet I usually calibrate outside of it ... I hadn't the need so far, to do it
  18. [Thrustmaster Warthog / CH throttle quadrant / Saitek Trim wheel and pedals] Hi, on FSXSE, I've tried to setup four sliders on CH Throttle quadrant, one for each engine: it works perfectly, except that thrust reverse keypress won't engage the reversers ( conflict?), so that I had to step back to one only axe throttle programming (on Warthog), in which case the keypress works correctly please, any suggestion that might help me using separately the four engines, yet having working reversers? thanks Marco Gabbrielli
  19. my "high memory value" crashes happened when approaching uk2000 Heathrow v3 (+ Orbx's England), Paris Orly (+ FTX Global), Frankfurt v1 (+ FTX Global), with AS2016 trial by lowering a lot scenery settings, I have been capable to land ...
  20. Hello, although I purchased the 737 for p3D a while ago, I've retrieved and started using it more recently on p3d, mainly because having all PMDG products for FSXSE according to the manual, I set up FSUIPC to monitor VAS usage, and that trick is working perfectly on FSXSE, allowing to save the flight when I am around 200Mb from the memory ceiling in p3Dv34, instead, I suffer a percentage of OOM crashes (on approaches, of course, when the sim starts loading landing area), even with 950Mb to go (crashes ranged from 500to 950), so I am asking whether I am missing anything in p3d tweaking when flying airliners (it happens also with AS Airbus) - fresh Nvidia drivers 378.78 thanks (and sorry if I missed any reply in forum or manual)
  21. >Hi,>>No, I don't think it is the De-Ice switch. Best to use shift/h>even though nothing happens on a panel. Do this when you first>start a flight and leave it on for the entire flight.>>Why with ASX? Better weather data, but no influence on the>airframe.>>Please keep us informed.>>Thanks,>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-community-sigbanner.jpg>http://www.hifisim.com/hi Jim, are you still there?definitely ASX has some "affair" ;) with FSX-SP2-ACC often weird aircraft behaviours keep on happening: i.e., other than with airliners, within Microsoft's F18 carrier missions the weather suddenly changes, and the aicraft shudders, but worst of all the altimeter and speed indicator go astrayif I play those missions without ASX, the flight flows correctlyit never happened until 2 months ago, without SP2&ACC (consider that I fly ALL aircrafts available, everywhere and everytime)please, would you suggest a solution different than uninstall SP2&ACC, I wouldn't like to leave F18 and UH60thanks
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