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  1. thanks Jim:my airspeed went to zero...sorry for my misunderstanding of terms: in 747s PITOT heat means DE-ICE switch?, because in that aircraft shf-h doesn't seem to produce any effect on panels or on flight either ... to me ;-) anyway, if it happened for a mistake of mine, why without ASX there was no stall / overstress ? and strangely it never happened to me before, flying big airliners ...a better environment influence on airframe by ASX?
  2. hi,I've recently reinstalled FSX from scratch:FSX, SP1, SDK, SP2, acceleration pack, and the addons:ASX - Sp1 + Sp2X-graphics - Sp1 + Sp2Flight Environment XGround Environment XUltimate Terrain XGlobalFS2008FSDiscoverUltimateTrafficXNavGraphno tweak made to any utility (except for ASX: I unchecked Skyscape mode to avoid compatibility issues with FEX, and disabled auto fog layer generation and reduced clouds generation to avoid visibility issues in fair weather), flawless installationsmy problem:I've just tried to fly two airliner flights, with real weather updates and realtime, and in both cases I had airframe overstress / stall (in one case on the descent, in the other all the way from takeoff to altitude), and I could not complete or progress into the flights until I tried to fly without ASX: thence the flights went correctlyhelp, please
  3. in the meantime, while we wait: the customized european textures that I've found in the avsim library are improving a lot: i.e., Italy looks like Italy now, and not Mali or Kirghizstan :-)
  4. @ firehawk44thanks: I am using those add-ons since a few days, so I don't know them deeply yet, but as far as I've understood FSGlobal is about altitutes, not textures; concerning the others, I did not touch anything yet, so corruption could only have happened by "electronic chance" ;-)@Nick_N:-) so let the wait begin
  5. hi,one fsx installation ago I remember to have noticed, flying across center/northern european countries, green landscapes, according to rainy cold season settingnow I observe light brownish terrains: it almost looks like desert environment, were it not for trees, hills and buildings (in Ireland it's not supposed to happen, isn't it? or does fsx takes into account the global warming of the planet? ;-) )I have:ActiveXXgraphicsUTXGEXFSGlobalthanks for any hint
  6. Nvidia's SLI is basically not working in FSX ... hugely disappointing, as SLI makes really a big difference in other games
  7. I've found the reply myself:Bloom was responsible - why don't they mention in FAQs?however: this time I think I won't forget, but in case I hope to find again this post next time ;-)
  8. hello,I've just installed FD5 on a fresh FSX+SP1+SDK+SP2/ACC, flawlesslyyet I see, save for 2d cockpit ahead view, a white 3D environment, in any view (virtual cockpit, external) ... this happens with FD aircrafts only, of courseit happened to me long time ago with another release of FD and - mistakenly - I did not write down the solutionthanks for any helpI fly on:winXPSp2Nvidia 8800gtxtrackIRmy installed addons:ActiveSkyXXgraphicsFlightEnvironmentXUltimateTerrainXGraoundEnvironmentXFSGlobal2008FSDiscoverUltimateTrafficXNavGraphFS2crew(747)
  9. hi,assuming that these terrain add-ons are worth the expense, which is preferable? , either for graphic appeal or framerate impairing ..thanks
  10. thanks Jim,sadly I had installed SP1, I don't have Vista, I have 3Gbs, so it looks like there's no choice other than lowering graphic settings:-hang :)
  11. hello,I've returned to FSX after a little break, and restarted installing Acceleration pack on top of previous FSX installis it my impression only that Acceleration has slowed down game performances?:-hmmm
  12. Jim,I saw that reply and - sorry - missed to mention it I've installed Cirrus 4/5, then prevented the overwriting in XG, yet the low level haze always appears, after a whilei.e.: I've set up a sunny australian weather and a fligth of 2 hours: good weather as expected for 3/4 of the time, then suddenly the low-level haze was back again: I was only able to remove it by resetting the FSX weather to stock "clear skies", nonetheless the haze would come back again after a few minutes after every "reset" (funny thing happened on final, when the runway almost disappeared in the myst :) )did I miss anything else?
  13. hello,I've bought the package (and upgraded) two months ago and since then I've flown (due to lack of time for knowledge improvement or experimenting) in this simple way:-I planned the flight in FSX-I processed the flight into ASX, and installed the textures (no tweaking of default settings in ASX, random choice of textures in XG)-I made the flightalong most of all flights I've noticed than, even flying at low/medium level with fine weather (almost clear sky or al least with scattered clouds), the ground view was hazy (very different from the view I have had when really flying)please, how can I reduce the haze and experience ground view without haze?thanks
  14. >>Both ASX and XG SP1 should be installed to be all on the same>page>> .......please, I don't understand what are you meaning with "same page" option... ?!SP1s installed, flawlessly: same issue: when the rain starts (it does never happen without this event), thence the fog starts, and it never goes away, regardless of altitude or ceasing rain nevertheless, I've tried again stock major thunderstorm, with ASX active: entering the rain, the issue never happened, so maybe it's been a Dean issue only
  15. thanks for the prompt assistance:I've tried "stock" thunderstorm in FSX, and customized thunderstorm ("worst" settings) as well: things are fine, there: rain and no visibility at lower altitudes (with patches of better visibility too), panorama of cloud tops above 15000ft (that's what I set)I've also tried default ASX with other cockpits (I had weird behaviour with Abacus pits in the past), same issue: rain and no visibility up to 30000 and above, in the eye of the hurricane (Dean) tooI haven't installed SP1 so far, only downloaded
  16. flying Nvidia 8800GTX, 162.18 official drivers, DX90c, winXPSp2hello,I'm using ASX defaults and, after entering a rainy thunderstorm (either setup by me or - i.e. - actual hurrican Dean), after a while the visibility goes to absolute zero and so it stays even climbing to 30000ft and more (the "fog" stays every time up to that altitude, and sometimes the rain too ! ...), and it won't go away unless getting out of the storm; a weird aspect of this issue is that, if I toggle from top-down view to any external one, for an instant I see a normal overcast/visually-impairing weather, thence the foggy situation returnsso I thought to a layer issue but, although deleting upper clouds layers, the issue stays, and now I don't know what's to do any help?thanks
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