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  1. Rhett,what is FEX you mention?Can you pls list your settings in order to double-check mine?ThanksNick
  2. >>What's to fix?>>I get pretty convincing overcasts with ASX+FEX.>>Much better than stock FSX.>>RhettRhett,please take a look here: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchand here: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchand again: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchBut you better search on the HiFi forum under "overcast" to obtain plenty more...CiaoNick
  3. Hi all,Installed SP2 and I experienced wind shifts "as usual" with Virtual Station option set to on.Once switched it off situation has greatly improved! Not shifts on Cruise FL but only few ones on my descending path...One more question: should SP2 have fixed the so called "Overcast Issue"?I still believe my ASX's weather deciption on bad weather situations is not as real as ... it should be...ThanksNick
  4. I could not resist and I downloaded it...Now, looking at prevoius posts, I better back it up straight away...CiaoNick
  5. >Guys,>I really did not get if discount will apply to Boxed version>too.>And if the CD will have all bonuses just like this release.>Can anyone make this clearer for me please?>Also, I do not remember exactly where i bought my Queen for>FS9, could be a Manual scan (with its product key) enought to>be elegible for discount?>Thanks>NickCould anyone let me know on this please?Thanks a lot!Nicola
  6. Guys,I really did not get if discount will apply to Boxed version too.And if the CD will have all bonuses just like this release.Can anyone make this clearer for me please?Also, I do not remember exactly where i bought my Queen for FS9, could be a Manual scan (with its product key) enought to be elegible for discount?ThanksNick
  7. I'm fighting with myself as I'm very tempetd to download it!!! But I think I will wait for the Boxed version, I like to have a proper CD for every "favourite software" I own.Any estimation on its release date?Will it contain all the bonuses you are including on this downloadable release version?ThanksNick
  8. Jim,done what you said, but problem persists...I was wondering: could it be related to a third part airplane add on?Im realizing it apppears only with certain planes...ThanksNick
  9. Jim,I have downloaded and installed latest ATI driver 7.10.Settings are 32B for FSX and monitor.I attach 4 .jpg for you to have a look.ThanksNick
  10. Jim,FSX detailed clouds to maximum,ATI Driver downloaded about a month ago,Using ASX with X Graphics (default themes)from a client PC.But to be onest with you I am not 100% sure it is up to ASX, as switching from user defined meteo to real weather on FSX, clouds showed same cubical semi-tranpsarent edges...Could it be some video setting on FSX or maybe on ATI Control Center?Nick
  11. I have a little graphic issue that I'm not be able to solve.There are a kind of squarish semi-transparent poligons just where the cloud edges are.Any Idea how to take them off?They do not appear every time thoug...thanksNick
  12. Come on guys!!!!Release it now!!! ;( Nick
  13. Great news!!!Everyone here know it has worth the wait!!!Thanks PMDG!!!NickQuestion: On releasing date will be available the CD-boxed version too?
  14. PMDG Team,can you give us any news about 747X release?ThanksNick
  15. >>"I would expect the 400/400F for FSX to arrive within the>month. (standard disclaimer applies: if we find something>wrong- we
  16. 747!!!!!!Where are you??!Two days left...Nick :-wave
  17. Robert!!!September is running to its end!Where is the 747??!!!I've been using FSX for awile but deafault planes are... :-hang Please do something!!!CiaoNick
  18. Yes, I noticed that myself too.With ASX it is like flying nearly always with nice weather...Hopefully HIFI will sort the problem out...ThanksNick
  19. I do not know if anyone has same problem:When I fly online using FSinn connected (Vatsim)I noticed that Fsinn "overwrites" weather datas not allowing ASX decipting for FSX.Today was flying over Europe, ASX was decipting some clouds, as soon as I connected with FSinn (which gave me CAVOk conditions), all cloud desappeared. I switched Fsinn off and ASX could decipt again.I made several times this Fsinn on/off test and result was always the same: Fsinn and ASX give weather instructions to FSX at the same time.Now, is there any option somewhere on ASX, FSinn or FSX to let ASX only accomplish its duty without any interference from anything else!!!ThanksNick
  20. Jim,I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything... it took me 2 days but I "won the war"!!!Now everything is ok and ASX keeps on updating as it should.I think the problem was related to Simconnect, in this new installation, every time I run FSX a second window (Simconnect diagnostic) pops up. Never seen such a window on my previous installation...Only one remaining issue to solve: wind direction and speed between ASX datas and cockpit display do not match. FL are same for both. Any idea on that?Thanks a lot for your priceless support.Nick
  21. Jim,done what you said and on black window come up a lot of strings mentioning like:.....AI object added: type 2, object ID=741AI object removed: type 2, object ID=721.....and many other similar....Some more info:It looks like initial deciption is ok, FSX changes weather according to ASX datas, but when you fly out the zone covered by initial deciption, weather becomes not corresponding to ASX map. I click on Custom weather (FSX weather menu) and sky gets as it should be according to ASX datas. Then fly further out and wetaher gets wrong again, I click on FSX weather to update... and so on...Nick
  22. Jim,I'll try later on, but tell me, in order for AI to show traffic as you said, do I have to change any setting on FSX?At the moment I have al AI traffic option on FSX to 0%CiaoNick
  23. Yes Jim,all the green messages come up on FSX up to final one: ASX initial weather deciption complete!But I do not see weather texture getting any better, looks like ASX cannot owerwrite weather files of default fsx automaticly.Weather on FSX is set already on Custom but I must keep on clicking it to be able to see ASX textures and updates...I run AI from client and black window pops up saying: Connected to Flight Simulator!Received:2Nick
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