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  1. Hi all,I have a problem regarding FSX (on server) not being updated by ASX (on Client).At the beginning all deciption messages are ok, but then, to update weather I need to click on cutstom weather (on FSX Weather menu).No click no update...What is wrong this time?ThanksNick
  2. >The themes are on the FSX Weather tab, not in ASX. My best>overcast conditions are when I create them in FSX by selecting>World...Weather then User Defined Weather option and then>select the Customize button and then click the Advanced>Weather Tab and then build a solid overcast deck on that>page.>>SteveYes I know about FSX themes, but I would like to know ho to create a proper OVC condition on ASX. Just to see if my pc is among the ones able to simulate it...Downloading real weather, even when I fly throught what it should be an OVC sky (tower view shows rain on ground!), it looks like a sunny and fine weather from cockpit view...Nick
  3. Steve (Chappie)can you please give me details on how to create what you consider OVC sky? (I'm talking about the layers to create on ASX as I cannot find the "theme" Overcast ready to fly).I would like to see if on my PC there is the same problem you are complaining about and reporting my results (I could help?).ThanksNick
  4. I have a little question: today starting ASX, I found among all the checks it performs when it starts (on main page)the following line:Could not access FS weather mapping file: pcnameMicrosoft Flight Simulator XWeatherwxmapping.binThere were other messages concerning other folders normally shared on Server PC to which I could access throught Network icon on Win Desktop without any problem.Not accessing to these folders ASX was behaving tricky showing up several errors when interacting with Xgraphics.I tried to start ASX and FSX several times but the messages did not change, I had to reinstall ASX to fix the problem!What to do in this case?I wonder if there is a way to refresh target shared folders to ASX without reinstalling everything?Thanks Nick
  5. Jim,thanks for your help, I reinstalled ASX and now everything is ok!!!Xgauge too!!!Thanks a lot once again mate!!Nick
  6. Jim,I run AI traffic from client and the black window came up sayng:"Connected to Flight Simulator! Received:2"Nick
  7. Jim, The target directory mentioned on Network Configuration for AI program is only on server, I do not have it on client.Do you mean I have to copy AI Program to the client and run it from there?Please note that when I start ASX on client, it looks ok and on FSX (server) all the deciption messages from ASX scroll ok on top window. Weather is generated from ASX (I assume!!!) and also on map I can see my plane in its proper position.I might be wrong but if it was a bad network coinfiguration I think ASX and FSX could not communicate at all? To me just Xgauge does not update.Sorry for bothering you soo much...Nick
  8. Jim, when I run it from the server a black window pops up writing:"Connected to Flight Simulator!Received:2"That's all it saysNick
  9. Jim,unfortunately I still have same problem, To improve FSX FPS I installed ASX on second PC everything looks fantastic but XGauge does not update from my networked client. It keeps on showing last image from local ASX I used the fly before...I tried to install Xgauge from client as per manual but it never asks me about any shared folder to point to.It simply tells me that FSX is not found on client PC and the wizard asks me to stop installation.Any clue?Thanks NickPS: force processing option is selected
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