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  1. reider

    RealAir Customer Support *Please Read*

    Many many thank to Sean. Realair=RealPeople. People who make a difference!
  2. reider

    04MAR12: SP1c Released for full NGX product range.

    Installed no problem here for the 800/900 and the 600/700. Many thanks for the work put into this guys.Steve
  3. reider

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    Money is tight but if ever I have the spare funds I`ll really need to consider this plane highly. She looks great! Nice one.Steve
  4. Many thanks, hoping to see an EasyJet Texture before too long. Steve
  5. reider

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    I fancy having a go at the Easi Jet when the paint kit is out.
  6. reider

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    I would like to see the traditional PMDG textures please (I usually use them for testing and real world variants for routes). Easijet for definate and any British jets possible. I`ll be getting the base pack so anything British + Easijet for the 800/900 would be cool. By the time the other variants come out I think a few home brewed ones will be available.Steve Brooks
  7. reider

    Gave in and loaded SP2 and disaster

    Probably the dll.xml is corrupted, SimConnect has always been a weak area. One of your 3rd party add ons may have corrupted it. This is how mine looks.....<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252" ?>Launchdll.xmlFalseFalseTraffic ToolboxFalseFalse..Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDKSDKEnvironment KitTraffic Toolbox SDKtraffictoolbox.dllVisual Effects ToolFalseFalse..Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDKSDKEnvironment KitSpecial Effects SDKvisualfxtool.dllLevel-D SimulationsFalseFalseModulesLVLD.dllFSUIPC 4FalseModulesFSUIPC4.dllPMDG OptionsFalsePMDGDLLsPMDGOptions.dllPMDG EventsFalsePMDGDLLsPMDGEvents.dllPMDG SoundsFalsePMDGDLLsPMDGSounds.dllObject Placement ToolFalseFalse..Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDKSDKMission Creation Kitobject_placement.dllThis affects the file menu in FSX and if its corrupted then either stuff does not appear in the menu or in severe cases FSX fails to start. Only a guess, but thats my take on it anyway. Start by uninstalling 3rd party add ons and reintroduce them one at a time until you find the offending item.I had no problems, but then I clean installed in this order....FSX Deluxe, Acceleration (includes SP1 and SP2), SDK, SDK SP1a, SDK Acceleration Version. I tried the SDK SP2 version and prefer the Acceleration one as some items were missing from the file menu with the SDK SP2. Best to start FSX before applying SP1 and the same with SP2, so it at least builds the FSX.cfg Likewise if you take the FSX/Acceleration route instead. Then, one by one under test conditions reintroduce 3rd part aircraft/programs and check for problems.Reider
  8. reider

    I've finally found a bug

    The major flaw is not having fresh food on board for the flight. Never see the food truck there ;-) Reider
  9. reider

    747X in Vista SP1 RC

    The RC is not recommended to install. Best to wait for the official release, their are still changes between the two and its not far off now anyway. I am a beta tester and still would not attempt to use this software, until the official public release. It was somebody from Microsoft who told us not to install it.....Reider
  10. reider

    Order keys to open door seperately ?

    Glad it helped along with Lefteris. We all have a mutual hobby and interest, so we try to pool ideas. Its often a combination of these ideas that works. Have fun and enjoy.....Reider
  11. reider

    737ng compatibility

    Haven`t got FS9 on now but I have had it on in Vista 32 bit in the past wit no problems..... No intention of putting it back on either ;-) Reider
  12. reider

    Uninstalling PMDG 747-400X

    Yes, I have both and read the message. It was said more matter of fact than anything, whilst it may have come across as a serious message I don`t think that was the intention. Daryl has to make it an official announcement so it just sounds that way. I`ve seen him 'having a go' and I definitely do not think this is one of them.I must say, hats off to PMDG on this subject. They were already dealing with it and have acknowledged it. These overlaps can and do happen with all the best good will and intention in the world.Go get it Graham, you will not regret buying her. Both PMDG and Level D represent a quality and service level for others to look up to. You`ll get a lot of enjoyment and total back up too.Reider
  13. Got to admit, this would be a nice feature..... When I land, I open the doors, its like you`ve really arrived somewhere. Seeing the steps would be the icing on this visual cake.Reider
  14. reider

    Guestimate for 737NGX for FSX?

    Why not tell him, he can tell us, then you can just kill him anyway? ;-) Not looking for info on it so only joshing guys.....Reider
  15. reider

    What's your 747 FPS Poll

    Mine runs 15-20fps on average with a 3800 Dual Core AMD, 2 gig memory and a Geforce 7600GT. Most settings on high and running SP1 and SP2 (acceleration) with the 747 in FSX on Vista 32 bit. Graphics are crisp and clear, the sim is pretty fluid. This is ample to fly it and have lots of fun and views along the way.Reider