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  1. I can only give my subjective thoughts having recently made a similar(ish) change on my particular system. I recently had a chance to upgrade without too much cost from a 1060 (6Gb) to a 1080Ti (11Gb) and having tried various scenarios in P3D I was slightly disappointed (but not entirely surprised) to find very little gain in either frame rates or smoothness. I suspect that going from a 1080 to a 1080Ti would see less gain. Now X-Plane on the other hand, that was a different matter. Much smoother overall experience swapping views etc.
  2. Agreed - one of my few remaining gripes with P3D (they've gradually fixed most of what was on my list over time, but unfortunately never this one).
  3. Personally I'm hoping for an autogen loading fix, as I'm currently back to 4.0 as for me at least this was a vast 'improvement' on 4.1.
  4. I have a vague memory of renaming a file (adding .off) which removed a sinking tyres problem at VHHH in P3D v3. Might have been VHHH_EXCLUDE-BACK.bgl in the VHHH-TERRAIN folder. Can't remember for certain. Haven't got any elevation issues with it in P3D v4 though.
  5. Does anyone know if this new version requires the PNW Compatibility Patch in P3d v4?
  6. Hi Matt Just changing the values manually, not using a preset. For my test I'm using a particular saved flight in the PMDG 747 at cruise, after midnight local time and overcast clouds below. After varying both cloud brightness tweak values, applying, then reloading the sim I see no change in brightness in the clouds below. If I untick both tweaks then do the same, the could brightness jump up significantly as expected. Could it be I'm missing a step?
  7. Anyone? Be nice to hear from anyone who's tried this with the same result.
  8. Many thanks, will look at that too!
  9. Hi all Just been experimenting with the two Reduce cloud brightness at dawn/dusk/night tweaks but while ticking them on/off certainly makes an obvious difference, the number (0.2 - 4.0) doesn't seem to make any variation on my system. Does anyone else see any change with these?
  10. I was not aware of that! In the past with v3 I've only ever updated the Client bit. Will do and thanks for the info... Luke
  11. Hi all Just completed an update to 4.1 of the P3d Client and all seems well and am just about to do the same for the Content. Before proceeding, I happened to notice that the size of the Content Installer is around 5MB, but the size of the v4 Content installation (in Windows Programs and Features) is nearly 15GB! Before proceeding just wanted a bit of confirmation that I shouldn't be worried by this. Luke
  12. I have just managed to solve the problem by deleting the \FLIGHTPLANS and all subfolders completely, rebuilding them within Windows and copying back in the flightplans I had. All aircraft can now read the flightplans as they used to! Not sure exactly why the sim was unable to read the existing folders, but so far there seems to be no problem with the newly created ones. Thanks to all for their suggestions and help on this.
  13. Maybe time for a PMDG support ticket...
  14. It's on a second HD, E:\Prepar3D v4. I've been trying to discover if there's something that has changed with the folders themselves, maybe some sharing/security issue to do with Windows (10), or some Windows update that is preventing access from within the sim. I'm no expert there but I do seem to be able to write/change anything in the FLIGHTPLANS folders from within Windows with no restriction. Luke
  15. Having followed the suggestion to enter origin and destination into the FMS (and a basic route comprising one VOR) I see the SAVE RTE option appear. The filename is pre-filled as EGLLEGKK001 and once I complete the save it appears as CO ROUTE EGLLEGKK001. So far so good. But again, once the route is cleared from the FMS I am unable to retrieve it by typing its name back into CO ROUTE. Also I can't see the new route appearing in either the FLIGHTPLANS or FLIGHTPLANS\747 folders after the save. I have just tried this with other quick routes, and in the 777 with the same result. So it looks like there is something wrong with the way that the aircraft is dealing with files both in saving and loading. Could it be worth an uninstall/reinstall of all PMDG aircraft? Luke
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