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  1. This particular Cumulative Update (KB4054517) does appear to fix/resolve the "Child Window" problem afflicting many (most?) P3Dv3.x and FSX users, since October. Thus, this update is rather compulsory and has to be installed if you are running 32-bit versions of these sim's.
  2. Maybe just me but it really defies all logic in my book for MS to release a fix for just 1703 and not 1709. Think about it.... why would those that have updated to 1703 not also have updated subsequently to 1709? So did MS staff actually sit around a boardroom table and decide to fix 1703 and ‘ignore for now’ 1709? Even though they know that all 1703 users will have moved on to 1709 by the time the ‘fix’ update is released. It does not take much grey matter to figure out that releasing a fix exclusively for 1703 is rather like plugging a hole in a ship that has already sunk. Utter nonsense.
  3. Todays Windows update has not fixed the problem. It has eliminated the crash on 100% load but the child window error message is present as you enter the cockpit. Also, when I selected Scenario - Reset, I got about 10 or more Child Window error messages followed by a lock up. Absolutely never had this before that infamous Windows update. So no, the MS update of today has done nothing to cure 32 bit P3D versions and the program remains highly unstable and as far as I am concerned, unusable. Over on LM’s forum, also very negative reports on this fix.
  4. I ran the Fall Creators Update for Windows 10. Now I can't seem to find that Windows update that has broken P3D V3.4. The update list seems to have been cleared of older updates, as if it were a brand new OS (more or less is I guess). Only work around for me then is to start up in the Maule. Going to be a long wait until mid November. Sheesh!
  5. Do you perhaps have MyTraffic installed for AI? If so, this could be as a result of duplicate AFCAD files in the MyTraffic/Scenery folder.
  6. I use it, works very well and really not difficult to install at all. Excellent guide here Avsim in the P3D section.
  7. I know you say this is solved but also check your FSUIPC gets updated. Current version is and the v.6.1 does not support HF3 as far as I am aware. I made this mistake and had sporadic crashes at start up. Updating to .6.2 fix that.
  8. Hi Jim, interesting that you mention this. I tried calibrating my monitor using the Windows inbuilt calibration tools and one of the things I did adjust was gamma -( to get the 9 grey dots looking uniform). I am using PTA and Adam's (NZ) preset and getting really bright water so I turned in this direction to try and fix it. I too then noticed a sudden odd draining of VAS. My question then, how do I undo this and restore the default monitor calibration settings?
  9. Well I don't know if this was my problem but reinstalling GSX fixed things for me. One moment P3D was working fine and closed fine. The next time I ran it I also got a black screen after the initial blue opening box. Restarting did not fix it. As per advice here, I re-ran the installer for GSX and P3D started up OK. I also noticed that Bit Defender, 2 weeks back, 'attacked' my installation of SODE and deleted whatever it felt it needed to in the folder. Really makes me want to trash antivirus altogether! I now have half my PC on the exclude list anyway!!! So somewhere between Bit Defender and FSDT there is an outright conspiracy on the go to destroy my P3D installation. Damn annoying! EDIT: Also check that you are using the lastest version of FSUIPC. Latest version is compatible with HF3 and is 4.962. Unfortunately on the download page it just shows 4.96. It leaves off the critical last digit. Previous version was 4.961 and this is not compatible with the latest HF3 and can also leave you with a black screen on start.
  10. I predict more of these errors will be popping up in the forums now. With the latest FSUIPC version having an AI Traffic manager, people are encouraged to open up the AI traffic slider in P3D. For those with MyTraffic 6 that have not previously 'switched off' the mytrafficmil.bgl file, the chances of getting a crash are greatly increased as the P3D AI Traffic slider is increased. The crash will typically show in the event viewer as an obscure StackHash error.
  11. Hey Mike, Yes, I have noticed the other thread. I could not get involved in that one as I do not have NZNI or NZSI addons. The strange thing for me is that I am using the same suggested three REX4 sky texture sets that Adam said he is using. I also use REX4 for my clouds and I have AS16 to drive the weather. Everything is spot on except my ocean water which is a rather bright and saturated blue. It gets brighter further out in the distance too it seems. Maybe my water texture, which is also a REX4 set is the problem? I did select a one of the dark water themes. What are you and Adam using for your water textures?
  12. Ah, thanks Mike, That would be it then. I did try out THOPAT 1.5 to see how it compared to Adams latest preset. I vaguely recall reading about that but never put the two together or took heed. I went back to Adams latest preset shortly after that but I guess the setting would remain unless manually deleted. As I have not been experiencing blurry textures so will leave this out. Hi Mark, I too am using Adam's latest preset and in general I think it is brilliant what he has achieved with Yuri's very clever PTA program. However I too needed to make some small adjustments to get things looking good on my system I my eyes. For example, I toned down water saturation right down to 0.74 as it was too bright blue and reduced very slightly saturation in the sim menu and increased brightness very slightly in the sim menu. I think that this comes down to how your monitor displays colors and your brightness, contrast etc settings on the monitor itself. My monitor for example has a few presets of its own for vibrance, cinema, late night and a few others. Each one has a huge impact on the screen output. Thus some minor tweaking to match your monitor and your eyes is not unusual I would say.
  13. Yup, when software is reviewed, before anything else we should be focusing on how efficiently and clean the uninstaller works, before looking at how useful the software itself is.
  14. Does PTA add this line to the Prepar3D.cfg file? [MAIN] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.10 My cfg has this and I am pretty sure it is not a standard P3D entry, unless maybe it was added with the HF3 update perhaps? I know that I did not add it. I have read mixed opinions about this 'tweak' and whether 0.10 is even a legitimate setting, wonder why it has now been added for me. Not sure whether to leave it or remove it now....
  15. I think the MS FS 'franchise is older than Windows. Goes back to DOS days. I don't think that there is any other 'game' in existence that has such a huge online community with respect to forums, add on developers etc. Wonder if Bill Gates has ever seen what has been done with good old FSX. With today's scenery, airport and aircraft addons, not to mention the hardware, it has come such a long way and created an entire industry.
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