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  1. Thanks, Captains! I was wondering if the problem was linked to the Honeycomb yoke since I have never experienced the problem before with another yoke I used to have, which actually allowed me to have the ailerons and rudder axis assigned separately to different axis. Indeed, turning the autorudder function on may solve the problem but in fact cause other ones. I hope Santa will provide me with some rudder pedals the following days! Happy flights and a Joyous Season! Marco
  2. Dear Captains, I was wondering if there is a way have the ailerons and rudder axis assigned simultaneously in one so that it is possible to steer the aircrafts' nose wheels with the Honeycomb Alpha Controls yoke. I am not able to steer airplanes neither to the left nor the right. Thanks so much in advance for precious help! Kind regards, Marco
  3. Thanks for the reply, Gérard! 🙂 Regards, Marco
  4. Hello, I very recently bought CP and I am still configuring everything. I noticed that the REPLAY function is not visible in the main menu, although I saw it in manyu videos on YouTube. I suppose I have the latest version... (1.0.37)? Thanks in advance for all support. Kind regards, Marco
  5. Dear all, I have large white squares when flying over oceanic airspace. I did not have this issue before in P3D v4.2... Any ideas what may be causing it? Here are some links to images: https://imgur.com/Ut3fyV4 https://imgur.com/zx0D7TJ I thought that running the FTX Vector Airport Elevation Corrections would solve the issue. I did that but large squares still appear. Thanks a lot in advance. Kind regards, Marco
  6. Thanks, guys! I got it now... 🙂 Kind regards, Marco
  7. Thanks, Marc... I didn't think of that. Then let me put it this way: is there an automatic way for the aircraft to manage the crossfeed valves to be turned on and off until the fuel level of the main tanks is equal and the four fuel tanks feed each corresponding engine? Or do I have to monitor that until that point is reached? Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Marcp
  8. Hello Kyle, What I mean is to have a balanced amount of fuel distributed on the 4 main tanks (by default). That does not happen even when I set a fuel level. The problem is that I could not understand neither in the Intro Manual nor in the Tutorial Manual what I have to do to get my fuel main tanks 1 + 4 with the approximately same quantity as in 2 + 3. Is there an option for that on the FMC page (aircraft settings) and if so, which option is that? Thanks again in advance for your help. Kind regards, Marco
  9. Hello Captains, I would like to know how one can obtain by default balanced fuel tanks. I went through the Settings in the FMC but couldn't figure it out. Thanks in advance for your help. Kind regards, Marco
  10. My audio definitions were set to 5.1 surround speakers. Now with the definitions set to two stereo speakers the VOR/ILS ident tone is audible again. Thank you very much! Kind regards,
  11. 1. Checked - glide slope and localizer signals appear on the PFD. 2. Checked - as mentioned in my previous message NAV1/2 button selected and filter switch set on B (Both). 3. Checked - If not, then I certainly would not be able the ident tone in other aircrafts like the 777 - I guess). But tried out all Windows Sound Devices in P3D. Nothing changed. Tone is still not audible. Thank you anyway... Regards,
  12. Dear Support-Team, Since I have migrated to P3DV4, and when flying the 737 NGX, the VOR/ILS frequency ident tone is not audible, despite having NAV1/2 selected on the radio panel. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance. Kind regards,
  13. Let's see what LM will provide to solve issues like these - and other ones (like for example the exaggerated stuttering when dynamic lighting is turned on during night flights). Thanks again to each one of you... Best wishes and nice flights, Marco
  14. Dear all, Thank you so much for all replies willing to help me with this issue. I am happy to have been able to reorder my SL priorities and not having to uninstall and reinstall every item again. Nice flights to all of you. Cheers, Marco
  15. Hi Maarten (and also Tom), I was able to establish my desired scenery library priorities with Lorby SI Addon Manager, but I still get the message "Prepar3D has detected non-sequential layer ordering within the Scenery Library list. Would you like ... bla, bla, bla...", in spite of having checked encoding errors, which have not appeared anymore. Do you think that FSDG xml files are still responsible for that message? Thanks again very much... Marco
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