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  1. My audio definitions were set to 5.1 surround speakers. Now with the definitions set to two stereo speakers the VOR/ILS ident tone is audible again. Thank you very much! Kind regards,
  2. 1. Checked - glide slope and localizer signals appear on the PFD. 2. Checked - as mentioned in my previous message NAV1/2 button selected and filter switch set on B (Both). 3. Checked - If not, then I certainly would not be able the ident tone in other aircrafts like the 777 - I guess). But tried out all Windows Sound Devices in P3D. Nothing changed. Tone is still not audible. Thank you anyway... Regards,
  3. Dear Support-Team, Since I have migrated to P3DV4, and when flying the 737 NGX, the VOR/ILS frequency ident tone is not audible, despite having NAV1/2 selected on the radio panel. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot in advance. Kind regards,
  4. Let's see what LM will provide to solve issues like these - and other ones (like for example the exaggerated stuttering when dynamic lighting is turned on during night flights). Thanks again to each one of you... Best wishes and nice flights, Marco
  5. Dear all, Thank you so much for all replies willing to help me with this issue. I am happy to have been able to reorder my SL priorities and not having to uninstall and reinstall every item again. Nice flights to all of you. Cheers, Marco
  6. Hi Maarten (and also Tom), I was able to establish my desired scenery library priorities with Lorby SI Addon Manager, but I still get the message "Prepar3D has detected non-sequential layer ordering within the Scenery Library list. Would you like ... bla, bla, bla...", in spite of having checked encoding errors, which have not appeared anymore. Do you think that FSDG xml files are still responsible for that message? Thanks again very much... Marco
  7. Dear Maarten and Tom, Thank you very much for your replies and suggestions. I am sure they will be very helpful once I am not an expert on editing xml-files neither. I will try not to think about uninstalling every single scenery item and install it again. But if that is really necessary, I will certainly do so and follow Maarten's suggestion. However, I would be very pleased if Tom's suggestion was a final solution to the issues I am facing now. Does LORBY-SI Addon Manager fix the situation I have described above? Thank you very much again. Marco
  8. Hello Captains, I migrated from FSX to P3Dv4 and I am having some scenery configuration issues. In FSX I was able as desired and almost without no restrictions to move up and down my scenery items, which is apparently not the case in P3D. For example, I installed some FSDG freeware (Oresund, Cape Verde, Tromelin, etc.) items which can't be moved. I tried to group/move these with the most recent version of the Scenery Config Tool Software (version 1.1.9). After moving these items up and down with Scenery Config Tool, my scenery library was somehow messed up in P3Dv4. I had scenery items which originally couldn't be moved, nor edited together with - I think - exactly the same layers, but with a different name created by the SCT. Apart from that, whenever I want to refresh my Scenery Library, I receive the following message box: Prepar3D has detected non-sequential layer ordering within the Scenery Library list. Would you like Prepar3D to attempt to repair the issue? Yes/No. I clikced 'yes' the first time hoping that the issue would be solved. At the same time I put the previously backed up scenery config file back to the respective folder. However, whenever I install a new scenery item and when adding it manually to my Scenery Library the message still appears again and again. There is obviously something wrong. Otherwise that irritating message would certainly appear never again. Any help and support appreciated. Nice flights, Marco Furtado
  9. Hello Captains, I installed the Logbook Editor (v2.0.17) to edit and convert my Logbook.BIN file (FSX) and make it thus readable in P3D v4, which I meanwhile acquired. The conversion seamed to work normally, but when I open Pilot Records in Prepar 3D only Oriental characters are visible in Aircraft Types, in Departure and Arrival Airports. These are not readable in Western standard characters. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Regards, Marco
  10. Dear all, Thanks a lot for your answers. Another + for me to consider the migration. Not completely sure by now - but let's see. Cheers, Marco
  11. Hi Captains, I am planning to migrate from FSX to the upcoming P3D sim platform and I was wondering whether my Pilot Records can be transferred from one sim to another. I didn't like to lose my many flight hours... Thanks a lot in advance. Kind regards, Marco Furtado
  12. Amazing... Can't wait! Cheers, Marco Furtado
  13. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. Actually, I have never put my fingers on the sound options. As you mentioned it, this item was set to default, i.e. NONE. Cheers, Marco :smile:
  14. Hello Dan, Thanks for your suggestion and helping hand. I reinstalled ASN and it things are working fine now. Flew several long-hauls and FSX behaved normally, probably due to reduced general settings. Best wishes... :rolleyes: Hi Andre, I normally deselect the scenery items, particularly add-on scenery items, which I do not use during a flight from A to B. Thanks for the hint... :smile: Cheers,
  15. Well, guys, I am going to reinstall ASN soon. Will first try another flight, long-haul this time. As far as FSX-SE is concerned, I'll wait some time before trying that out. Best wishes to all of you and thanks again for the replies! :Applause: :Applause: :Applause: