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  1. Have you run the options.exe to tell it you have FTX Global? Try a reinstall, running as administrator.
  2. I still have a lot of Daedalus according to the Dashboard, but I can't see any in the sim. I'm sitting at Dublin at the moment and this is what I can see (I'm in the Condor): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e0lB5qxB9d8gjeJ-b2RhaenbPdJ2ZFo7/view
  3. It scans the repaints file and compares it to what is available in your repaint source (FLAI for me). There are various rules/options you can set but the default approach is very sensible. The log file after I ran it reported the following: Total UTL Model processed: 4204 Total Ai Replaced: 2679
  4. If I install SP1 can I continue to use the default settings without having to bind any more keys?
  5. You also could update the liveries in UTL using a free tool called AI2 UTL Injector. All you do is set two paths in the config file and run the tool, then copy the resulting repaints config file into the UTL folder. I did this recently using the free FLAI models and it was not difficult. I'm happy to talk you through the process by pm. I agree that UTL has a good user interface, it also does GA AI, which I believe AIG's software does not.
  6. It's most likely a Windows Defender issue, I have had the same problem. Check you quarantined files and allow the AS_P3Dv4.exe in the virus scanning Defender settings.
  7. Check if Windows Defender as quarantined the AS_P3Dv4.exe, if it has allow the file in the Defender actions and it should then launch. Lawrence
  8. I lost faith with Orbx when they reacted very badly to Froogle's perfectly valid criticisms of their website wording a few months ago. An apology from Orbx to Froogle was called for but unfortunately was not forthcoming. They seem to have lost their way recently, and their products are not worth the prices IMO. I'm not going to install Orbx Central 4 in its current state or purchase any more scenery until they sort themselves out.
  9. Some people commenting in this thread do not seem to have watched the relevant Froogle videos, but are happy to jump in without the necessary information. FYI the bit under dispute is in Froogle's news video for 28 October from 2 minutes 12 seconds in. Froogle is 100% correct IMO. His video baulked at the cost of the airport, due to ORBX's website saying that you are required to buy the region as well. ORBX then made an inaccurate comment below Froogle's video instead of correcting the wording on their website or defending the cost as justified by the amount of work. I have been put off buying more ORBX airports because I thought the region was required, because that's what their website said. ORBX have shot themselves in the foot with this one and owe Froogle an apology. Until they do that, I'll stay clear of buying more of their products. Honesty and good manners wouldn't cost them anything!
  10. Doing a complete uninstall and reinstall of P3D, including deleting all P3D folders (including hidden ones) sorted out all of the glitches for me. Have done several long flights post reinstall and not had a single issue. I also made sure I ran everything as administrator during install and don't use the Program Files folder.
  11. No, throttles reduce to idle if needed and increase/decrease to maintain correct rate of descent and speed.
  12. That's weird because for me the VNAV does work and auto throttles and rate of descent both behave. The issue for me is that the weight of the aircraft seems to feel unrealistically low, i.e. too much lift. If you create drag by using spoliers and flaps it will keep to the correct speed and altitude on descent and approach.
  13. I thought the cost index influenced the speed of descent, in that Top Of Descent would differ? If descent doesn't start early enough then intervention is inevitable at approach IMO. BTW I have been flight dimming since 1983 😁
  14. The one tip I would pass on would be to install P3D outside of the Program Files folder (i.e. do not accept default location) and make sure that during installation of P3D application and all add one everything is launched as administrator. I don't have any issues with FSX on the same drive. Lawrence
  15. I find a couple of niggles, not sure if they are realistic. With a light fuel load (25 %) the aircraft creeps on taxi with no throttle, this makes parking tough. Also, she's a devil to slow down on descent, even with full spoilers. I've tried various cost indexes, but it needs manual intervention as you near approach to start reducing speed early or VNAV will end up too high to capture the glide slope. Lawrence
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