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  1. >Hello Bill,>>There is a pre-defined list in the FS2Crew code that looks for>what's indicated in the aircraft.cfg.>>US Air is on the list.>>Please open your aircraft.cfg for the Airbus and make sure US>Air for your model (ATC Airline I recall it is), is written>exactly like this.>>It could be a case sensitivity issue:>>Usair>>Cheers,>BryanBryan,I also have the same issue. Is there a list of how the atc_airline entries should look like to make FS2Crew recognize them?I have a problem with "Scandinavian". In the aircraft.cfg for the A319 IAE model, it says Scandinavian in the atc_airline entry, still, the FO uses "Airbus" for the push and start call. I have tried both "SCANDINAVIAN" (uppercase), "Scandinavian", and "scandinavian", this does not work either. RegardsKyrre AndersenNorway
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