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  1. P3Dv4 shows as running in Task Manager

    Thanks vgbaron, For me the problem was RAASPRO in dll.xml and when I remove it p3dv4.2 load correctly now. Its maybe RAASPRO who is not compatible with the v4, however I upgraded last version of PDMG v3 who include it. Regards Pierre
  2. Rudder pedals not works

    Solution found!!! Since I updated EZCA V 2.5 build 21 this issue is resolve :) Here the link : http://www.simforums.com/forums/topic58324_post368859.html#368859 Thanks all for your help. Pierre
  3. Problem with ground handling with v4.1

    A lot but not so much. A2A Comanche 250. : I installed their update but no change appear. Bell 407 Milviz for p3d v3 Bell UH-1H Huey Milviz p3d v4 DHC2 Milviz p3d v4 Lancair IVP Orbix p3dV3 Learjet Xtreme Prototype p3d v4 PMDG 747 p3d v4 TDFI 717 p3d v4 Maybe someones p3d v3 cause problem... I installed content and client v 4.1 but before I had register problem when I tried do uninstalled the content v4.0 I had this message "Prepar3d v4 content The specific account is already exists'
  4. Problem with ground handling with v4.1

    Hi Warriorpilot I have this issue with all my addons and default aircraft, the nose wheel correctly turn but the aircraft just turn 10-15 degrees only. I rollback to client 4.0 and its correct now but would like to know how to correct it without reinstall all my addons. Any solution will be appreciate. Pierre
  5. Rudder pedals not works

    Sure, I reach solution as calibrate my joystick or control surface but all is normal...
  6. Rudder pedals not works

    I rollback to the client 4.0.28xxx and all is back to the normal...
  7. Problem with ground handling with v4.1

    I rollback to the client 4.0.28xxx and all is back to the normal...
  8. Rudder pedals not works

    Finally I installed the good dll with the good update. I checked the A2A copy that I did when I installed the v4. Even with the good update the problem is not resolved, then nose wheel turn but the aircraft not turn more than 30 degrees...
  9. Rudder pedals not works

    No the date is 29-05-2107 I hope I installed the good update...
  10. Rudder pedals not works

    Oh, I think Im not alone to have this issue. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6314&t=126996
  11. Rudder pedals not works

    Hi Marteen, I installed the A2A patch and the problem still there... Did you have same issue ? Pierre
  12. Rudder pedals not works

    Its not only A2A all my aircraft have this problem. The front wheel turn but the plane turn just little bit. Thanks for the patch for A2A I didn't know :)
  13. Rudder pedals not works

    Hi, Someones have this problem when taxiing behavior since p3d v4.1 the wheels turn but the plane does not follow with generic aircraft and A2A and TFDI B717. I have T-Flight Hotas.x. I tried to calibrate it and nothing change. Thanks in avance for your help. Pierre
  14. Hi Bill, Im bit late in this post but me too I would like to have panel.cfg. I love this aircraft and Im new owner of GTN 750 :) Thanks in advance Pierre