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  1. ChinookWind

    FS9 Ultimate Terrain

    Thanks Groovy, gave it a try and seems good. Cheers
  2. ChinookWind

    FS9 Ultimate Terrain

    Hi ; Long time user still of FS9. I have always wanted to have UT Europe but never got around to it. I have many European sceneries free and payware installed. If i were to install UT Europe at this stage would i be risking problems with my installed addon airports? Would hate to screw those up. Just for instance things that come to mind are Gap Greek sceneries, Project Canarias, lots of Aerosoft airports and the like. Thanks for any ideas, Cheers, David Alsolots of UK 2000 Extreme airports as well.
  3. ChinookWind

    FS9 time change problem

    Happens every year. Try FS Realtime. correct time will be displayed when we get to the old change date
  4. ChinookWind

    Jets or props? (FS2004 poll ONLY!!)

    Jets and props. Bombardier Dash 8, Embraer 170, Small private planes and Biz jets. Get's me where i want to go in this great virtual world. Long live FS9
  5. ChinookWind

    Weather for FS9

    I would assume this is for the op as i have never visited Simviation, Regards
  6. ChinookWind

    Weather for FS9

    Hi, just installed fsrealwx and when the program opens it states 20 days of trial period left. Do you need to purchase to continue using the program, I understood it was a free program. Regards
  7. ChinookWind

    I need help

    Thank you Graemeb. You have saved me many hours of work. Cheers
  8. ChinookWind

    I need help

    Today i purchased Pilots FSGRW for fs9. After installing the prerequisite files and installing the program i discovered i had no AI traffic in the sim. All aircraft folders are where they should be, all bgl files are where they should be. I have restarted my computer, uninstalled FSGRW and still no AI traffic.Am i going to have to uninstall all WOAI and start again, not looking forward to that exercise. Thanks for any advice, Cheers, David
  9. ChinookWind

    Default Weather

    I noticed this too, however i experienced this for a short time a couple of years back. So, keep fingers crossed.
  10. ChinookWind

    New FS9 Scenery

    Between Winnipeg and Calgary this is a dream come true. Thank you to both Greg and Emmanuel for there work. Simply amazing stuff Greg. Continued success with your project Emmanuel. Thank you both
  11. ChinookWind

    active sky 6.5 dead?

    Active Sky Evolution still works. It's great
  12. ChinookWind

    Opinions on The Natural World by Howard?

    I have tried it. It has possibilities but for me it just did'nt fit. Too much green, areas that i know had too many buildings or not enough. Also even though i backed up everything i still required a re-install of fs9 just to get rid of some remaining artifacts. I would not rule it out, just not for me.,
  13. ChinookWind

    New FS9 Scenery

    Oh, this is stunning, thank you Greg. Get this one folks. Awesome!
  14. ChinookWind

    How is the new Virtualcol CRJ series pack?

    I would be interested in knowing whether the cabin and tail logo lights work without the landing lights being on. Seems to be an issue with their previous E-Jets and Saab package.
  15. ChinookWind

    Installing FSX-SE

    HI; Just purchased FSX-SE and REX4 Textures bundle from Steam. Steam is installed on my SSD Drive, which is my main drive and i want to know if the FSX bundle should also go there or to create a new folder outsideof Program Files. Thanks