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  1. When launching the app, I've got an error: "cx_Freeze Fatal Error" cannot get zipimporter instance. Any solutions?


    You are unzipping everything before trying to run the executable, right?




    Would be nice to have in the table on the right side also the duration with the ability to sort by duration.

    (e.g. to find the really shortest flight with a 777)



    Would be nice to have the duration in smaller steps (if possible) e.g. half an hour, hour, 1 to 2 hours, etc.



    is it possible to see also the distance?

    If so, would be nice to have it also in the table.


    Distance probably isn't possible, it would be a ton of work to go through and add coordinates to all the airports to make the distance calculations with.


    Next version will let the user to enter any duration, without using the radio buttons.


    I'm cautious about adding information to the table, because it's already a bit cluttered and difficult to use with a ton of flights displayed. I'll look into it, but if I add the manual duration entry like above you'll be able to find the shortest flights that way.

  2. Welcome to Avsims rule #7....."no good deed shall go unpunished" :lol:

    Where is your primary data from? I used to use Flight stats but their new interface has made it much much harder to quickly source a flight now that they are concentrating on subscriptions for Pilot based info


     Primarily various FS9 AI traffic files, actually, which are in turn often based on OAG or other such data. They've had a heavy round of clean-up and filtering and error checking as well to make sure historically correct airports are used and all the destinations are valid, etc. Also, as stated in the first post, I'm in the final stages of putting together some code that will take in a bunch of flights and aircraft types and registrations and auto-assign them, so I can use manually-compiled data from timetables, especially for the older/historical schedules.

  3. It since to me that web page you gave for download has an issue with registration and permissions up on registration. Sims that you posted here on AVSIM about your software, it would be very convenient to place your software in our community library too


    Thanks in advanced


    I don't want to include my email address and full name in a publicly available download, so no. But I can upload it to a different file hosting site if that would help people get it. The site it's at now should work, at least it was trouble-free for me when I was signing up, but if enough people have issues I'll gladly make it somewhere else that doesn't require registration.

  4. Sorry about making a new post if that's a problem- I wasn't able to modify the first post of the old release thread to update it with the new info.


    This is a utility that can assign give you information about real-world flights to do with your aircraft. There are ~2.3 million flights of the database, and a single click can give you a realistic route, airline, flight number, departure and arrival times, aircraft registration, and more for almost any airliner you can think of. There are historical schedules in the database as well, so now you can get realistic flights and routes to do with your classic aircraft that aren't used as much in the real world any more.


    A huge range of real-world flights from multiple areas of aviation are included. 707 flights for Pan-Am in the 60's, flying Tristars in and out of Kai Tak in the 80's for Cathay Pacific, all the way up to modern A320/737/777 flights.


    Download link is here.



    This release is DB-focused, with some new airlines and the usual error and bug fixes in the data. I'm also in the final stages of writing a script that will allow me to add data from more sources, so more complete, accurate, and varied historical schedules are in the pipeline. I'm also looking into allowing users to sort the table by the different column headers, but that's WIP until I figure out a fast, elegant way to take care of it.

    DB additions:

    Air Caraibes Su08, Wi09, Su12

    Air Iceland Wi10, Su13, Wi14s

    AnadoluJet Wi09 and Su13 under Turkish Airlines THY

    Blue Air Su08, Wi11, Su14

    Bluebird Cargo Su08

    BoraJet Su10 and Su13

    Ellinair Su14

    Freebird Airlines Su08 and Su12

    Hermes Airlines Su13

    Mistral Air Su09, Su12, Su14

    MNG Airlines Su08, Su09, Su13

    OLT Su08, Su10, Su12

    Polet Airlines Su08, Su12

    Red Wings Su08, Wi12

    SkyWork Airlines Wi10, Wi12, Wi14

    Small Planet Airlines Su12 and Su14

    Travel Service Su10, Wi12, Su14

    Turkish Airlines Su13

    Turkish Airlines Cargo Su10, Su13

    VLM Su08, Wi14

    Volotea Su12, Su14

    Windrose Airlines Su08, Su13

    WOW Air Su12, Su14

    XL Airways France Su10, Wi12, Wi14

    XL Airways Germany Su10

    Yamal Airlines Wi07, Su12, Su13





  5. Hi MeneMene

    Any way of including the Super VC10 East African Airways and Air India 707 schedules from the 70s and 80s respectively?




    I'll add them to the list. It would help if you could point me to where I could either find the timetables or a FS9 traffic file.

  6. Good God, what an amazing utility. It even has flights out of my little hometown airport from the mid-90s that I didn't even know were flown. Obviously, there are flights missing, but as development continues I'm sure it'll become one of my go-to programs for flight planning. Thank you so much for giving us this great program!


    I'm glad you like it


    So it's potential uses is not limited to generating ideas for realistic flights, but to also 'vet' an aircraft add-on prior to purchase to see if it flew in areas where you might want to fly.


    Also, I'm assuming that one could add to the database if desired, and if one had the proper software?


    I'd be a little careful about the first point, there's plenty more of the historical schedules to be added, just because something isn't in the database yet doesn't mean it wasn't used.


    For the second point, yes in theory, although it's a bit involved and there is 10+ minute compilation script that needs to be run to push out a new version of the database. Until I get a workable way for users to do this figured out, what I could do is make a guide about the data format expected, so that anyone who wants to help or really wants a particular schedule can research and make the raw data, and send it along to me to be pushed out in the next database update.

  7. Thanks, MeneMene.


    Besides the Ansett flights of the late 90s era, I was also looking for 95 onwards Garuda Indonesia Europe-Asia.


    You are doing a fab job, so I'm not expecting miracles. If it's in the pipeline for the future that will do me.


    No problem.


    Garuda is included for 1994 in full, that should be enough for that decade. Any special reason why you need to have it after 95?


    With this 1.0 release, I have most of the current major airlines up to date an in the desired amounts 2008-2014, with the historical schedules where possible as a bonus. The current goal is to expand the historical flights and clean them up, the ones in there can have some errors. Ansett is one I'll definitely begin including, it's currently in there for 1976 but not much else ATM.

  8. Maybe you misunderstood me, I do have a flightplanning program which is excellent, but what I would like to see is the actually filed RW flightplan from sites like "flightaware" or "fligthradar24" etc., if this is possible. I know that it is out of the scope of this little tool, to generate a flightplan... but maybe there are internet sites, where one could download the original RW flightplan..... and I don't mean an online Flightplanner like "route finder" etc.... which are excellent sites, but not what I mean.....


    Flightaware only has flights from the last month or so available for free, and I've got "modern" flights going back to at least 2008 for most of the airlines in here. And then it depends on the AIRAC in use, ETOPS restrictions for different aircraft, changing weather and oceanic tracks, etc. Much simpler to just let users find or generate their flight plans.



    Am trying to find out some information on AnsettAustralia flights I took in 1997. Tried inputting PER-MEL as the departure and arrival airports, but came a blank. Any help appreciated.


    That's because I don't have 90's schedules for Ansett included yet. Although there are a lot of flights in here, it's not as if I magically have every season of every airline in the past 60 years, I have to find and add them manually. I have added historical data where I can, and I am currently working on overhauling and expanding it. For historical schedules, my ultimate goal is to have one set of full schedules for each decade. If there's one you really want me to add, point me towards the timetable and I will see what I can do to include it.

  9. Hi,


    Just downloaded this little tool, excellent - really neat. Any chance of you including the RW routings (flightplans, with altitude etc.) of these flights? 


    Kind regrards


    No, I don't think there's a feasible way for me to do that. There are many other flight/route planners that do a much better job than I could hope to, and I feel it's outside the scope of the application. I agree it would be nice, however.

  10. The more I play with this, the more brilliant I think it is!


    Another suggestion, for the table.  Right now it sorts the 'Airline' column alphabetically.  It would be great if the user could choose to sort any of the other columns instead, particularly the 'Aircraft' column.


    Glad you like it


    I'll look into sorting the columns by clicking the headers

  11. Very good work. Thank you very much. I have now some schedules for my Stratocruiser :Applause:  . Brilliant !




    Richard Portier


    There's not too many for that at the moment, only BOAC if I recall correctly. I'm looking into adding NWA/UAL/Pan Am if I can find the flightplans for them.

    Very nice tool! Couple of questions.


    - Would it be possible to host the data on a server so it can get frequently updated?

    - Would it be possible to add DEP & ARV time within the columns of the flights?


    Thanks :)


    No server at the moment. Right now I've been coming out with updates about once a month, I'll make a post here when the next version is out.


    I'll look into the times, but my big fear is that too many entries will make the table too cluttered and unusable, it's already pretty crowded as it is.

  12. I do have a suggestion however - in the table on the right, it would be superb to have a fifth column that indicates the year of the flight.  On that path, it might also be useful to be able to define a date range, in the same way you can define airport, airline, aircraft.


    Another suggestion:  Rename the 'Update Table' button to say something like 'Search' or 'Display Results'.  I know the manual likely says it, and I figured it out very quickly, but still. ^_^


    Another suggestion:  Ray's questions regarding AI got me thinking; it would be awesome to be able to select one or more of these flights, be able to click a button that reads something like 'create AI flight plan' and have the program prompt you for a model / repaint, and generate a AI .bgl that you can use in the sim.  Would be a different way of generating AI flight plans for unique, one-off flights.


    A fifth column might make the table too cluttered, as it would drastically increase the number of entries. However, adding a date range selector similar to the flight duration options should be entirely possible.


    The update table button simply takes the currently entered filters/parameters and displays all flights that match those parameters. You can then either click and interesting-looking one in the table to get the information, or hit one of the two random buttons at the bottom right to get it to pick for you. The pdf guide/manual has more info if you're interested.


    I'll take the AI suggestions under consideration; at the moment they might be out of the scope of the application, but maybe in the future if I can think of a clean way to do it.



    Thanks for the explanation. So it's a read-only application at present. Fair enough. Whenever I see these type of applications I always think there's an option to generate your own data.


    At present it doesn't look like it's what I'm after. Having recently bought MyTraffic X Pro I was hoping I could interrogate that bgl to add, alter and delete flight plans.


    But it's certainly useful and I wish you every success with it.


    Thanks for trying it out!


    Just to be abundantly clear, to help other users, this utility has nothing to do with AI traffic whatsoever. Instead, it's a "what route should I fly with my 737" type of program, that gives you real flights from real airlines.

  13. I've installed 7zip, thanks.


    Unzipped and ran it without reading the manual. Entered OMDB and EGCC as airports, A380 as aircraft and pressed Update Table.


    It showed several fights on the right. Highlighted one and the results were displayed in 'Results'.


    Question: Is its purpose to allow you to edit existing flights? For example, the 2nd OMDB-EGCC flight switched from a B777 to A380 recently.


    Can I update that info and can I generate a separate traffic BGL?


    It worked first time without me reading the manual so well done on making it intuitive. :smile:


    At the moment it's not possible for users to add their own entries into the schedule. My raw data is approximately 350 mb worth of text files, and I have a script that takes around 10 minutes compiling them all into the big .db file that the program uses. I could potentially include that script as part of the program and give instructions on the data format expected and such so that users could make additions, but that's in the future plans and would take a bit of careful thought on how to implement it cleanly.


    However, there is hopefully more than enough in there currently to keep people happy for the time being. Each current airline has full schedules every two years starting in 2008, data permitting. This is done for balance, to prevent airlines with data from every season from "drowning" out the smaller or sparser ones. In this release, the most recent Emirates schedule is from the summer of 2014. I am updating the schedules and adding new airlines quite frequently, so it will continue to grow as new data becomes available.

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