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  1. You have to load it from your sim via the Flightplaner menu.
  2. Just gave it a try and increased the usable fuel to 290 gal per tank. So exceeding the TOW with only 2 person on board (typical for a ferry flight) is very unlikely. And after making a short test flight for 1 hr, I didn't fell any noticable change in flight characteristic except that you have a heavier aircraft, like one with more passengers/cargo.
  3. Or increasing the usable fuel in the [fuel] section, but no idea what kind of other impact that would have. Thinking of virtually installing something like this:
  4. Anybody knows how to modify the aircraft.cfg to get the max possible range of 2300 nm for ferry flights? Greets Otto
  5. Downloaded and installed the 747 today and same problems as many others: I'm not asked for the license key after loading the 747, having no gear, black instruments etc. What I did so far: - installed the 747 on P3Dv4 (no HF1), problem as described - installed simconnect modules as suggested, although simconnect was already installed, problem as described - removed FSUIPC, problem as described - uninstalled and reinstalled the 747, problem stiil not solved Ticket opened
  6. And down again due to Cloudflare. Maybe they should reconsider Cloudflare as partner. Cloudflare was the last days also the source for the download problems. But according to JC everything was fine :rolleyes:
  7. Tom, I'm with you! Never give up and focus on yourself and your family.
  8. Ok, of course much easier, not sure whether those names were also hardcoded.
  9. Not sure which picture you mean. The icons in the startscreen of SIMStarter are obviously hardcoded. But the splashscreen of FSX/P3D can easily be changed. Here in example how you can change it for FSX: create a bmp with the size of 800x600 got to the folder ...\SIMStarter\SplashScreens\FSX\ rename the picture you would like to replace e.g. SIMstarter_Set2_VFR.bmp to name the bmp you created in step 1: SIMstarter_Set2_VFR.bmp copy this bmp file to the folder in step 2 You're done.
  10. Really a strange kind of "error" reported. I'm using Simstarter now for about 3 month very intensively on P3D and FSX with 8 different profiles for betatesting various addons and I never came across an issue like this. But what I have seen that a certain kind of user thinks that one tool is not enough and fiddle around with other tools also manipulating the same files (fsx.cfg and scenery.cfg) and wondering when something gets broken.
  11. Seems as if the product has been withdrawn from the shop.
  12. Paul, IMHO depends how much money you want to spend and where you are flying. In my case it looks like this: 1. areas of interest: NA, Europe, Australia 2. I use charts from the following sources: - for NA - Eurocontrol for Europe, you need a free account for the latest and official charts: - Australia: (also free) For the rest I use Navigraph
  13. Today I installed AS2012 in a network environment and everything runs fine except the xgauge installation reports an error: - client and server are running Win7 64bit - FSX is installed on a separate drive - full access from the client to this drive (I can edit from the client any file and save it) - running the Wizard as Administrator. Any ideas? Thanks, Otto
  14. There is a very usefull search function which would have led you to this topic :wink: