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  1. Request for advice:


    I am running an Alien 51 system I7 3770 @3.4 Ghz, 16 Gb Ram Win 7 64 bit and a GeForce GTX555 Driver 296.36.  I have a lot of addon scenery from Just Flight UK photo Scenery most of Gary Summons UK2000 scenery.  I also run a lot of European destinations from Aerosoft and AS2012.  At last to the point, I am using FSX Booster 2013 and wondered if I should use the NVidia Navigator fix as well or will they conflict.  I used *******'s online FS Config editor previously on a different rig and wondered if I should consider running the Investigator changes as described at the begining of this thread.  With NGX I get between 30 and 45 FPS but have noticed a drop with the T7.  I have disabled a lot of my scenery to combat the OOM crasshes I experienced with the T7 which appears to have resolved that issue.  Is it possible to use the ******* online fix FSX Booster and the profile changer NVidia Investigator.


    I appreciate the time and thank you in advance for the advice given

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