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  1. Hi Olderndirt....saw a post about your X52....

    I recently dusted off mine and connected it

    up to my sims...with P3D, it works perfectly...

    With XP, I have it hooked up and configured...

    with GA Planes, they all pull to the left hard

    on takeoff and then lean left in flight....all my helicopters

    spin (usually left) and I can get only one to fly



    I am flying XP 11.41 on a Windows 10 gaming computer

    with plenty of power....XP recognizes the X52 and it can

    be setup and calibrated...I've tried a "plugin" for XP, but

    not sure it does much...at first installed a program/driver

    from Logitech/Saitek... it may have gotten the X52 recognized

    by XP, but not sure what else it's good for...

    If you ar no longer using your X52, what are you using and do 

    you recommend it?...

    Any help or thoughts appreciated...

    Thanks, John H.

    1. jmhelms


      Hi Older...let's hold off on a reply...I 

      installed a "spacer" under the main 

      joystick and reinstalled the Saitek 

      driver program and all seems much better, 

      if not pretty darn good...

      Thanks for your willingness to help...

      Cheers, John H


    2. olderndirt


      John - there's a mod out in Google land for doubling the capcacity of your magnets in the joystick base - fairly simple.  I too have a 'spacer' under the joystick spring - compresses it enough to make it feel more real.



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