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  1. From a 'Simmer's inventive mind.
  2. Got my colors in order so this time...........
  3. Glacier Park International - new freeware by 'HSD' - featuring the Carenado 'Cheyenne.
  4. This by 'Pyreegue' - the little airline that could.
  5. On Lake Wakatipu - lower west part of South Island. The airport and plane (B732) are payware but the rest is good old XP.
  6. The PA11 - converted to the O200 engine makes a nice plane.
  7. These two have been in XP since 2012 - still look fine.
  8. To quote Patrick Henry - 'Give me livery or give me death".
  9. A superb one for the 'Levelup' 737NG by 'AirChris' over at 'Threshold'.
  10. What an excellent demo video - the DH looks great.
  11. The Saab 340 with a fresh tartan tail (MacDonnell of Keppoch).
  12. Mostly where I have decent scenery - Scotland is where I started life many years ago.
  13. Featuring the Cuillin Mountains - rated from 'walk' to 'moderate rock climb' in climber talk. Looking down on Loch na Creitheach (Lake of prey), the little dot is the DGA15 following its shadow into the mountains. The 'Black' Cuillins which can be traversed in a day - not by me 😀.
  14. That old Orbx GB North is a good 'un.
  15. Not just for 'Harry Potter' fans - the Glenfinnan Viaduct and Loch Shiel.
  16. Through the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland.
  17. Gent by the username 'A-Pilot' - does really good work.
  18. Grumman F4F 'Wildcat' at .org.
  19. As a former FAA person, the book was 'biblical'.
  20. Around KEDW and the dry lake.
  21. Pardon my French - a small tribute to the mountain man Frank Dainese and my favorite - 'Matterhorn'. From the Swiss side. The Italian side.
  22. Freeware Aeromacchi 'Bosbok' (South African bushbuck).
  23. FAA opened a tower there in '74 after two ran together in the pattern - nice place to live and fly. Off 2L (1L in my day). Lake Clark Pass headed for Iliamna. Mt Redoubt on the left with Mt Iliamna in the distance.
  24. Another 'fantasy island' along Thailand's coast - featuring the STMA 'Sherpa'.
  25. One of the little jewel island sceneries from 'Monoblau'.
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