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  1. A brilliant freeware by the guys at 'Jemma sim'.
  2. 1928 Antarctic - in the plane named after the deceased Bennett, Byrd and Balchen flew over the South Pole.
  3. The first FF777 - checking the wingflex mod.
  4. This one by Airfoil Labs.
  5. Back in the '70's at McGrath AK, 80/87 from the pump was around .60 gal. Case gas (two 5 gal cans in a nice wooden box) was $1.00 gal.
  6. Sixty five hp, 110 kt cruise - what more could you ask?
  7. Default Cirrus jet over the 'Glades'.
  8. That scenery is not colored particularly well and I didn't/couldn't help it🙂.
  9. I've had it since the gitgo. Pete (developer) had a lot of help from a couple of guys who helped him create the 'Immortal Beaver' - now it's freeware.
  10. Thranda Beaver and Orbx TE Florida.
  11. 'Zero Dollar Payware's great version of RKSI.
  12. Designed for Mach2 but as they added mission requirements ( bombs etc) it lost some luster. Of course Politics, as always, center stage.
  13. The BAC TSR 2 - didn't make the cut back in the sixties.
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