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  1. No argument - I just flew Pipers and they all pitch up with flap deployment - more flap more pitch. Cessnas now did pitch down some with flaps specially back when they still had a 40 degree setting. It was said a C170, in the flare with 40 degrees flap, could not go around without touching the landing surface. The Spitfire has only full down or up and that full down balloons just as my Pacer did with full flap.
  2. I remember my old Pacer - flap handle was middle floor and easy to reach so for getting off quick (essentially increasing the wing angle without banging the tail on the ground) as you felt it accelerate to a certain point, reach for the flaps - full down and hang on to the handle. Airborne but a bit nose high (similar to flaps down in the Spit) - relieve the nose and milk off the flaps with the release button. The tail never hit 'cause it was minimum elevator/all flap - like a forward moving little elevator.
  3. Yes they are. Back in my student days, if the instructor caught me with my head inside too much he placed little cards over instruments to force me to fly by attitude - outside references. Didn't take many cards but what a way to learn.
  4. FYI - the RAF handbook for the MarkIX (Link provided with download) specifies the following recommended trim settings: UNDERCARRIAGE UP - Nose UP UNDERCARRIAGE DOWN - Nose DOWN FLAPS UP - Nose UP FLAPS DOWN - Strongly nose DOWN
  5. This has got to be the hottest one so far - think I've owned them all. The detail is super and it teaches a new respect for that supercharged Merlin. https://store.x-plane.org/Spitfire-Mk-IX_p_934.html
  6. I use it in conjunction with UWXP and am happy with the results.
  7. My review - two out of three ain't bad. I've looked at several areas of the country and get the impression the scenery was done by a different outfit. Even in the capitol, Edinbrugh, most of the scenery is generic and what they'v planted as POI's looks ridiculous. As a native Scot, I'm perhaps looking too critically but the quality just isn't there. A particular point of interest - some of the POI's were done by the same person for a previous FTX SCO and they were much better than those in "North".
  8. Sure wish a version with just the flight model was available. All the gadgetry is impressive, I guess but not my cup of tea.
  9. That's a lot of rain - never seen a windshield obscured so much. The sound of thunder suggests this may not be the day - interesting that the movement areas appear dry.
  10. Ground looped my C140 at 12.4 total time, a bit over an hour after solo. Not paying enough attention and reacting incorrectly aggravating the loop. Tore out the right gear leg, bent the prop and the right wing bow. My first plane and the only one ever insured - lucky. A lesson learned and several thousand hours later never came close again.
  11. Looks like I misspoke. 'Dreamfoil' has an MD500 for 11.30 in the works and, since I believe they did the original for Milviz, I got confused.
  12. Tempting - think I'll hold out for the Milviz port, hopefully during my lifespan.
  13. X Plane is limited by not having much in the way of cloud textures however several addon/plugins have done an estimable job of improving on this. Get on X plane.org and you'll find several. Almost forgot - X plane has a comprehensive control assignment menu for sticks, throttles and rudder pedals and a similar menu for your keyboard entries.
  14. Yes, tried several of them. Far as I know, they're still there. The little LR favorites - flap speed etc are still there. The URL for the review is https://xplanereviews.com/.
  15. Actually all I've done is the yaw curve - no resets to .acf. The SMS DHC2 was my immediate challenge and it cured that so figure any others will be close to good. Take a look at Steve Dutton's review - very complete and I believe toe brakes are mentioned.
  16. Those axis curves are a breath of fresh air, especially the one for yaw. The SMS Beaver's running straight on takeoff again just like it was intended to.
  17. Mine's on Steam and I went bonkers with my first two attempts Then I remembered the classic "empty your preferences folder" - did that and returned to normalcy. I sure like those curves that allow dead zones.
  18. A wee bit OT but is there any real resolution advantage with the 'NVidia Control Panel' feature that allows a resolution increase from native or is it merely wishful thinking?
  19. I was intrigued with NHadrian's mod for the Carenado C152. Picked it up at the last sale and installed the mod (freeware). Absolutely fantastic - flies so much like the real thing, I may start loggin' time again.
  20. The script is named 'Deadzones.lua and below is the .txt file. -- Simple deadzone script by DevereM -- Requires FlyWithLua -- In case if you don't know how to edit, here goes a little how to -- Think of each of the values below as percent -- 1.0 is 100% deadzone, meaning that input wouldn't be accepted unless you pull the stick fully -- 0.095 is then 9.5% and so on -- Have fun! -- DON'T EDIT THIS PART dataref("Elevator_deadzone", "sim/joystick/joystick_pitch_nullzone", "writable") dataref("Airelons_deadzone", "sim/joystick/joystick_roll_nullzone", "writable") dataref("Rudder_deadzone", "sim/joystick/joystick_heading_nullzone", "writable") -- EDIT HERE Elevator_deadzone = 0.200 Airelons_deadzone = 0.105 Rudder_deadzone = 0.200
  21. Orbx does this every year. If you have whatever it takes to wait, the deals are there.
  22. I have a Lua script that allows adjustment of null zones. The sim tells me I'm using too much but I had that bobbing pitch and it's cured. Another item that might be a factor - if takeoff pitch trim isn't close, as you raise the nose to become airborne you tend to relax pressure on the stick to avoid excessive nose up. When you relax, the nose will want to return to takeoff trim.
  23. I have the LES 340 and it's quite good except for X-plane's "My way or the highway" attitude.
  24. All seems to be well other than the throttle. Flew a helo the other day and that's when it decided to remain in the 'pull' mode. Is there anything in X plane that I can set to 'off' to elimate this problem? My windows settings are good and I do like having the pull mode for rotary wings but it's disconcerting to have it for fixed wing also. Reverse axis does nothing other than changing the movement of the blue line - unfortunately that change doesn't translate to the sim.
  25. A simple problem but can't, for the life of me, remember how I fixed it before. My X52 won't reverse throttle axis and come out of the helicopter (pull) mode. I've clicked reverse axis on and off but no joy.
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