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  1. The Lightning's just airborne after a long run - draggy stuff still hanging and guns not yet armed. A new situation for the POH.
  2. Turbo DHC3 by 'VFlyte' enroute from Lake Washington to Riffe Lake just off US12 by Morton WA.
  3. On the Klamath River in northern CA - CAXX1.
  4. On Santa Cruz Island - another by 'wookie042'.
  5. Another of 'wookie42's little jewels - MT22.
  6. At Lake Minchumina - almost geographical center of AK.
  7. Your 'airport objects' look a lot better than mine.
  8. Along with your 'Quarter pounder with cheese' you get a local ride in the DC3. Here in Sedona AZ.
  9. Off RAF Lossiemouth headed for the west Scotland MOA.
  10. Stewart is an end of the road town in B.C. with a population less than 500. At one time, along with Hyder AK, it supported a gold mining operation at 'Premier'. Hyder, pop 87, is around the corner and across the border in the U.S. but its only road goes to Stewart. An old trail road from Hyder to Premier still exists. This is the 'Cowansim' MD500. The international border runs down the ridge in front of the helo.
  11. Off Quatam River in the Thranda DHC2.
  12. One of a brilliant livery series for the 'Levelup' 737NG by 'Jviation'.
  13. A freeware from 'Tieman68', this plane was designed for and flown by the French Air Force - some ended in the Luftwaffe thanks to the Vichy government.
  14. Nice looking little 'T craft' - certainly was nicely trimmed for descent - too bad about the mountain.
  15. Off Munda in the Soloman Islands.
  16. Rugged country from Furnace Wells westbound by Mt Whitney.
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