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  1. Hi Everyone. So I do not have any flight planner tools installed, (don't really want one unless you guy's tell me different), I just use P3D default, but right now the flight plan does not show up on the aircraft kneeboard in V5, which I use for manually transferring into the fmc, (I'm hoping there will be a fix in the next update). So am I missing something here and being dumb. Could someone please explain to an old f**t how are you getting your flight plans into your PMDG's and Aerosoft's. Not so much a problem with QualityWings as you just click "load atc route" in their fmc. Thank you in advance for your replies. Best regards and stay safe. Malcolm Hancock
  2. I have just about every thing they've produced, so fingers crossed eh! 🤞 Keep them coming Taxi2Gate! ……. PLEASE!
  3. I've just downloaded new VHHH but not tried it yet. I hope they now move forward with updates for all their products. I think the upgrade price is ok for this. I'd have their children for a new KMCO! 😂
  4. I had this problem at Rwy26's Montego Bay approach, would just slam into the runway on final. Try bringing back your mesh resolution to 5, 10 or even 19, it cured the problem for me. Best regards Malcolm Hancock
  5. Hi All The title says it all really. I am running P3d V4 on a new and pretty high end system I have two airports so far with this problem that I've found, Taxi2Gate VHHH and Rwy26 Montego Bay. So I'm just a couple of hundred yards from touchdown and maybe 2-3 hundred feet altitude and in a micro-second the aircraft slams into the runway. In the case of Montego Bay I do see what looks like a small "wall" of water just before the threshold and it seems to happen when I cross this point. I do have ftx base and vector installed and also UT Live. I was wondering if any of these are contributing to the problem, an afcad or something, (I don't know where to find most addon ones)! Not much of a teche I'm afraid so any thoughts/help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and best regards. Malcolm Hancock
  6. Hello Chris I'm having the same problem as our friend anbrod1. so what does one do please. Malcolm Hancock
  7. I also get this CTD when pressing LSK for arrival runway. FSX Acceleration fully updated, and latest 777 build. Anyone out there who could have a look at this please, (PMDG). Malcolm Hancock
  8. Apparently it's a DX10 thing, lights are fine if you turn it off. Any chance of a fix Carenado? Malcolm Hancock
  9. Does anyone else have this problem? I only have the port white wing strobe working not the starboard. Also I notice that there are several minor (small white dot flashes) before a full flash, again the full flash is only functional on the port side. I am using fsx with acceleration and dx10 with paid fixer. Any help/thoughts would be appreciated. Malcolm Hancock
  10. To check whether it's an elevation conflict, open your AFCAD for SFO and get the elevation (in meters) from the airport datum point. Then use JABBgl - a freeware utility - to open the KSFO airport file in the scenery/Namw/scenery folder and make sure it is the same as the AFCAD. If it isn't, adjust it to the same elevation as the AFCAD using JABBgl. (It will make an automatic backup so don't worry that you are going to create a monster)Thanks for your reply Ian thats exactly what I want to do but thats my problem, I dont know how to. I'm a bit long in the tooth and when I first got my computor I looked for ages as to where you stoked the coal! Best regardsMalcolm
  11. Hello Ian (Kiwiflyer45)Sorry for hijacking the thread but the problem you mentioned above is the exact problem I have with Fy Tampa's KSFO. I have very bad texture bleed through on all runways, taxiways and grass areas causing major flickering when inbound, (not outbound funny enough). I am using GE Pro and terrain max vertex level at 21 and I have mipped the textures but to no avail. These are the only things I can think of that may be relevant to the problem.I love Fly Tampa's stuff but this problem makes KSFO unflyable for me. I have the same problem at VHHX but to a lessor extent. Could you possibly help please with KSFO in the way you mentioned above.Many thanks.Malcolm "Rooster" Hancock
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