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  1. I'm having the same issue. No idea why, but add me to the list.
  2. Rob, Just had the BEST flight with v4.1. Flew north, up the Hudson river, VFR. Past NYC, the Tappan Zee, West Point, etc (Using Bijan Fall Season) all the way up to Saratoga. Mostly hand flown, almost a sin to press AP. Best flight I've had in a long time. Don't known how you can get that 'feel' so perfect (as Carl said) but we are so fortunate to have you with us. I pray you will continue, good health at the forefront. I mashed the donate button as soon as I landed. Not life changing, obviously, but just as a thank you for the past, the present, and whatever the future holds for us... Godspeed Rob Best, Jay
  3. I'm betting that Epictetus never had a flight sim that just HAD to be tweaked 🤪
  4. Can everyone having these recent CTD issues try turning all traffic OFF just to test. No live traffic and no AI traffic and try a couple of flights. It might bring all of us closer to figuring out if it's traffic related or not. It could be some ATC interaction with traffic, so it wouldn't matter if it's live traffic or AI traffic. It could also be a new SimConnect issue having to do with traffic, or ATC. No traffic and report back
  5. Ryan, I have the same problem and I reported it via Zendesk. They wrote back with a few suggestions, none of which worked, and marked it solved. I re-opened the ticket and they wrote back saying it has been logged as a bug and escalated. Have you reported it? -Jay.
  6. Looks like this is it: https://www.flightsim.ee/products/migration-tool/
  7. Just wanted to wish my American brothers and sisters in the flightsim community a very happy 4th: May God Bless America
  8. Same for me, Bert. I'm sure JL is all over it!
  9. Howard, I have to agree with Mad_Mac's view. It works fine with P3Dv4.4 and it's also my "go-to" ATC replacement. Has been since FS9. There are a number of issues and the support is still pretty much non-existent. That being said, I still use it on every flight and put up with it's eccentricities (I'm being kind) because it does the job. In my long experience using VoxATC the vast majority of problems are caused by 3rd party airports having errors in their AFCAD. It really helps if you have at least a working knowledge using Airport Design Editor. Regarding the issue that vadriver brought up about the indexer not reading P3Dv4 scenery correctly, I have not had that issue at all. The indexer correctly recognizes all of my 3rd party scenery, and many, many airports that I've edited myself, whether they are in the scenery.cfg or via the add-on XML method. Any other questions, fire away! Jay
  10. Oh, lol, I thought you meant to actually enter expert mode...DUH. Maybe we should call it Mad_Mac Mode 😁 I also noticed that the '0. Report clear of runway' prompt won't go away. I'm gonna try that tip next time, if I can actually remember to close my flight plan that is 🤔
  11. @ Mad_Mac I was just testing my newly installed P3D 4.4 using VoxATC (all good so far!) and I was thinking about what you said re not being able to close your VFR flight plan. Once you switch to an IFR plan that option is no longer available. So, I guess that's one more thing we're gonna have to live with until it gets fixed. I don't think you can switch to advanced mode while VoxATC is enabled, so I'm not sure if it's even worth it to do the whole disable, run the advanced settings app, switch to advanced (Expert?) mode, then enable VoxATC again just to close the flight plan. Guess it's up to you if you want to. Most of the time I don't even bother to close my flight plan... Yeah, I know... @ supersym I didn't know that's how it was in France, with some non-towered fields being 'controlled' by those agents you mentioned. I should have specified that my 'fix' was probably only useful in the US. Sorry about that. Happy Flights, Jay
  12. I use ADE all the time, but by just adding a tower frequency all you are doing is converting a non-towered airport into a towered airport (as far as VoxATC is concerned). Kind of ruins any sense of realism of flying into an uncontrolled field. Thanks Kevin, maybe it'll get fixed in the next release. I did report this to Tegwyn 2 years ago...
  13. Jeff, Just to follow-up on some points you made. Once you are approved for your approach request you are on your own as far as vectoring and altitude. You are expected to fly the approach as published, until you report the FAF. At that point you're told to switch to either tower or CTAF freq, where you will be given clearance to land. Oh, something I just remembered, if your approach request is met with 'unable at this time' then just wait until you are given a new squawk code and then make the request again. You will get approved this time. Don't have any clue why. About the multiple approaches issue. VoxATC will only display the approaches that are coded in the AFCAD. I have also tried to add, let's say, a Y and Z RNAV to the same runway using ADE. While I didn't know the default ATC would recognize both (haven't looked at default ATC in many years) I did know that VoxATC won't. My own workaround is this; if it's really necessary to have a Y and Z, for example at KEWR there's an RNAV X and Y into runway 29 that are completely different, and I use both, then I use RNAV for one and add a GPS approach for the other. I also add the proper X or Y to the header which helps me remember what I did, and which one is which. Does that make any sense? Jay
  14. I know you're just joking, but of course that would work. 😉 I tried your suggestion a while back, and it will work, but you don't the 'happy ending' that you do using my trick. 😁 The only hassle is switching to an IFR flight plan before arriving at your destination. Now I always have a VFR and IFR plan set up in advance to make it easier and I just disable VoxATC, use FSUIPC's 'Load Plan' menu to quickly switch plans, and the re-enable VoxATC. It's an acceptable workaround until it gets fixed (if ever...)
  15. Hi all, First, I admit this a hack, not a solution, but bear with me and hear me out. I fly alot of GA into non-towered fields and I miss not being able to complete the flight since VoxATC v7 has a still has that unresolved bug that leaves you hanging after you report the arfield in sight. If you don't know what I'm talking about then this hack doesn't apply to you. Ok, here goes, you need to be on a IFR flightplan into a non-towered field. At the appropriate time, request an RNAV approach. When you get close to the field (5-10 mi) start to line up for a standard VFR pattern entry. Report the IF to VoxATC. Enter the downwind leg as per normal VFR procedure. Report the FAF to VoxATC. You will be told to switch to advisory frequency. Upon doing so, you will see the old menu choices (!) 0. Report Downwind, 1.Report Base, 2. Report Final, etc. Ok, I said it was a hack! Gimme a break, jees... But it works. Ok, further investigation allows you to begin the flight as VFR and then, at some point, switch to an IFR plan to the same field. At that point continue with the above instructions. Someone help me out with this, PLEASE!!! (I check for VoxATC v.7.4.3 every day...) Regards, Jay
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