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  1. Goodness everytime I enter this forum and see this very same toipic over and over again, I honestly keep wondering: 'What's the deal with the cargo doors..What is so important...What are these guys doing with opening or closing the cargo door...What's inside>...NOTHING ? :lol: :mad: Moreover this topic should be moved to the Level D Forum.
  2. I am sure it's going to be another Boeing...We need more Boeings-- not enough Boeings out there...As to Airbuses, well...NO...PMDG wouldn't want to fail as everyone else has...Airbuses takes more than some pretty little painted graphics...An Airbus requires some serious engineering ! Just my 6 cents. (lol) And someone out there is too scared to even try!
  3. Hello, wonderful scenry..I was wondering if Orbix is planing on doing any projects for Central America, especially MSLP ?

  4. Themoses, I like your videos, very much. I'm about to build an akll exclusive FSX System... Could please guide me in how to set-up 2 hard-drives and what softare goes where to install, so a s ot get the maximum benefit for FSX ?

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