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  1. For me (like each one of you) the most regretful was FSX from Microsoft...What a pain to get this thing working through the years...Even had to purchase special hardware and on top, had to overclock the CPU. However, since it's the platform of everything in our hobby, I cannot uninstall it. :Big Grin:
  2. Goodness everytime I enter this forum and see this very same toipic over and over again, I honestly keep wondering: 'What's the deal with the cargo doors..What is so important...What are these guys doing with opening or closing the cargo door...What's inside>...NOTHING ? :lol: :mad: Moreover this topic should be moved to the Level D Forum.
  3. What Version do we need to purchase to fix CTD and for smoothing wind effects?
  4. Hello, wonderful scenry..I was wondering if Orbix is planing on doing any projects for Central America, especially MSLP ?

  5. Themoses, I like your videos, very much. I'm about to build an akll exclusive FSX System... Could please guide me in how to set-up 2 hard-drives and what softare goes where to install, so a s ot get the maximum benefit for FSX ?

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