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  1. I switched Windos+G . It shows CPU,GPU activate . but FPS is showing nothing?
  2. Donstim, Good news. I activated my yoke and pedals . Your instruction was excellent. You gave very detailed guidance. I was lucky to saw your post, Many thanks.🙂
  3. Donstim, Thank you very much. I am already start to work and will inform.🙂
  4. Donstim, I have CH yoke and Pedal. I can't program them . It is complicated for me to assign controls . I am glad to read you succeeded. Is it possible, if you can give me directions to how to program😧 my CH Yoke and Pedals. Thanks
  5. I don't know what to say. Maybe some one provide a guidance.
  6. I purchased FS Standard . I open the MS Store and clicked for install. At "Selection of Hrd drives", I selected 😧 D:\ 1000GB. I clicked "Install "not thing is happening. Any advise. Thanks
  7. I saved flight yesterday and I forgot to how to load . I managed.🙂
  8. Christopher, Hi How did you installed in P5D? Yesterday I purchased and spent many hours. I can install in P3Dv5 but when I start P3D, A72 500 is not appearing in "Vehicle" list. Can you help me?
  9. Bert, Beta Atmospheric enabled. All ok now. THX🙂
  10. Gentlemen, Finally, I found the missing leg. "IMAGESCHACK" Now I can access to my all pictures. Here is the screenshot I was going to ask question about. How can I reduce "Blue Haze"? I fill so good having good members around us. Thanks again.😄
  11. I am confused now. May be if you tell me how you send screenshot to Avsim forum as line format.. ,so members can clicks on lineformat and opens the screenshot picture
  12. Bert, It is OK, I have no problem to get the screenshots, My problem after screen shots I was going to another Irfan website and I clicked my library I select screenshot to post in our forums. Unfortunately, I forgot what was the Irfan Libraray address. I tried to contact with them. Their e-mail connection is not active.
  13. Thanks for your reply. I am utilizing Irfan View long time. Recently my PC crashed and I reinstalled Windows 10. Now I can manage to take screenshots,but I want to open My account Library. Here is the problem. I forgot webpage where my screenshots saved . Will you please provide address of the webpage . I can access to my library. Thanks .
  14. I am utilizing my screenshots with "Irfan views". Now I have problems. Are there any member using Irfanview Will you please inform me, Thanks🙂
  15. Bert. Thanks. Your settings, worked well for me.🙂
  16. Thank you ALL. I get very good info, how to organize my Hard Drives. I will star to work and arrange hard drives accordingly. Will inform.
  17. My C;\ Hard drive in soon going to be full. How can I reduced the files in C:\ Drive. Temp files and download files has all duplicate files. If I dele them I will gain 127GB. Can I do it?🤔
  18. Peter, Help arrived. Thanks both of you.👍
  19. Faisal, thanks. I didn't realize my serial number published.(except last number). I try to delete my post. I don't no how to do it.
  20. Yes, I am trying to download SF Keep getting this warning: I dont know what is it?
  21. I am trying to utilize REX Download Manager, but keep rejecting my request.
  22. David. Thanks. It is very informative detailed opinions and experiences.
  23. Thanks for your response.🙂 I downloaded and installed new Nvidia driver. No more DXGI_ERROR .My GPU is TITAN X.
  24. Thanks all responses And advises👍. I deleted Scenery. cfg file and started P3D and generated the new Scenery.cfg file. There are no more P3D messages. Also, " ORBIX Central" I clicked "Verify Files" on Orbx Libraries" folder.
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