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  1. I deleted ShadersHLSL folder and try to select P3D client_MSI,repair bu informing ShaderHLSL folder missing. I tried to Control Panel uninstall P3D still asking Shader HLSL folder.
  2. I don't use Estonia migration tool . AS soon as downloaded and installed RSP my P3D start page Vehicle Selection went black and P3D screen, too.
  3. Rich, I reinstall just msi,files and result same I have the same P3D screen as above. It looks like RSP for my luck did some thing wrong to P3D. Is there any thing left before I uninstall P3D, then all adons and reinstalled them again? It will take weeks.
  4. Rich, I deleted P3D cfg. file and restarted P3D. Same result: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1600x1200q90/921/smOjW4.jpg How can I reinstall just msi,files?
  5. Rich, It didn't worked. I uninstall RSP v1.1. Deleted all files. Reboot the PC.Unfortunately RSP corrupted P3D files . I can not get back P3D to start clean. I hope it didn't damaged OS. May be Win10 is not for RSP. Now I have to uninstall P3D and reinstall it. I just completed P3D repair, but Repair did not solved the problem , also. What a mess.
  6. Rich ,now, there are 65 CSO files in Shaders folder.<br />My Screen is still dark , some airport light are appearing.<br /><br />How shall I solve this problem?
  7. Rich, thanks. How shall I build shaders ? Will I start P3D and leave it on?
  8. I have Win 10 . I ran as administrator and SLI GPUs TITAN X.
  9. Pe11e,Hi I just downloaded RSPv1.1. I started P3D and realized Starting Page no Vehicle pictures, all dark, Also P3D, screen has some trees rest all dark. What did I do wrong Thanks http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1600x1200q90/921/gdHlje.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/1600x1200q90/924/ko41sh.jpg
  10. I tried many days unfortunately UT2 airplanes does not not appears in P3D
  11. FSX installation completed with out any problem, but P3D2.5 what ever I did UT2 does not appears. Checked all installation files with FSX , all UT2 files are in proper P3D V2.5 locations. :(
  12. Dave, I replaced all. I managed to install at FSX , but I received six Area missing files warning. FSX library listed PILOTS Global 2010. Where shall I see in FSX installation was successful with out 6 missing area folder ? I cannot install PILOT;S Global to P3Dv2.5? I contacted with Developer Stephan, keep changing e-mails, but I don't go any where?
  13. Dave, It is very interesting. Will I remove each "=" and replace with ? :unsure: or remove entire entry line "Remove=" Thanks
  14. "Ahhhh...the joys of flight simulation"... You are right .
  15. OK..I will try again. 1- I wish I didnt uninstall/reinstall P3D. 2-I will delete FSX scenery.cfg file and resart FSX.
  16. UNfortunately , I got the BAD Apple. Las addition to my journey, Pilot' Mesh corrupted P3D and scenery cfg. Also deleted 129 area files.Also FSX three files. I have to reinstall FSX.too Thanks again, you tried to help me. :smile:
  17. Ses, HI I found FS Global 2010 in FSX Library. All listed. There are no Global 2010 list in P3D v2.5 Library. I made a test flight in FSX, I didn't see any improvement. I uninstalled and try to reinstall it . now I cannot reinstall again It is a night mare. I really don't understand what is going on , I cannot even contact PILOT e-mail for their help. I never understand why developers, do not provide "Installation for DUMMIES". That is the end of story and another lost of money for me anyway. I gave up. Thanks for your help. I just tried one last time. Installation completed. Now P3D has many warning Messages: "Scenery Cfg.File error. Failed to add Library item [Area 001-130} An entry already exist with path". I clicked 130 times. Scenery .Cfg file corrupted and needs uninstall P3D and reinstall again. Wow...That is it.
  18. Sesquashtoo, I opened the Scenery Library list. I didn't see a title listed as Pilot's Mesh or similar, :unsure:
  19. Jay, Thanks for your info. I purchased and installed. Didnt have any problem. Installation didn't take more that 10 minutes. I checked the P3D scenery library listing, it wasn't listed . Does it suppose to be listed there? :unsure:
  20. I want to purchase Pilots mesh software. I read it is a good addition to P3D, but complicate installation and can cause rise of Airports elevation? Will you please advise? Thanks :smile:
  21. AM 15 made the difference. THX http://imageshack.com/a/img537/3950/f8162b.jpg
  22. Bryan,I purchased the 747X8i'Voice Commander'. I don't want to install Voice Commander to 747X-400. I like to use manual Fs2Crew. How can I insatall 'Voice Commander' to only 747X-800 Cargo?Regards
  23. Bryan,I just installed upgrade. Does Fs2Crew works with 747-800 Cargo ?Regards
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