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  1. This is ongoing problem with my 777. After loading 777 and proper trim settings. When Plane reaches around 7000ft A/P suddenly dis connects and starts to nose dive. Same situations happens around 30, 000 Ft. I am suspicion with Trim Setting. I don't think . during the climb, trim is not collaborating with airplane C/G and causing onbalance pressure buildings on A/P, then sudden disconnects. Is it possible? I am out of ideas.
  2. Try this : Change the Yoke and Ruder Pedals USB cables connection to different USB Ports.
  3. FSUIPC is an excellent program
  4. Ray Hi, I am looking to replace my old CH Eclipse yoke. It is time I will follow your post. When it is ready I will purchase it. Thanks
  5. Bob, thank you very much. Correct Version 5121b solved the problem. I realized some reason I was using BETA free version. That caused all these problems. Wow... Thanks to every one who helped. Now have to study FSUIPC
  6. Bob, Will I delete all files from Module folder, Then install 5121c?
  7. Stu, thanks for your response. I re-checked P3D controls section none of the axes are assign to anything.
  8. Here is the this morning's results: 1- FSUIPC controls Ailerons, elevators and ruder accordingly. 2-In same time connects ailerons to Mixture control and Elevators to throttle. It looks like a I am experiencing some kind major problems which are preventing FSUIPC to functions correctly and messing up P3D Axes Controls . I gave up. My last questions: How can I clean P3Dv4.1 and FSUIPC from these problems ? 1- Will I uninstall P3dv4.1 and start fresh? 2- Will I delete all FSIUPC and files from my PC 3- Will I uninstall Windows 10 and all addons ? Thanks
  9. Vic, thank you. Tomorrow I will work on it.
  10. I gave up for tonight. FSUIPC settings , Ailerons connected to Mixture control.
  11. Bob, that is the one I spent so much time and not finished the settings. I have to re-install FSUIPC and will try again. Do you have any idea about this yoke "Logitech - Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System" ? Thanks vp49p3 I will re-read those pages and will try again. Will inform. Thanks
  12. Bob, that is the one I spent so much time and not finished the settings. I have to re-install FSUIPC and will try again. Do you have any idea about this yoke "Logitech - Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System" ? Thanks
  13. Bob, thanks for your response. I tried use FSUIPC , but I didn't succeeded. I printed the Guide Manual, but I cannot follow up the manual. It is written for people who has good knowledge about FSUIPC. What did you replaced CH Yoke?
  14. Last three months, I am having a major problem with Control, Axis, Calibration and FSUIPC settings with my all planes. I went through all problem solving possibilities none of them fixed the problem. I cannot fly . I just run the repair for P3D v4.1. No luck. What I suppose to do? I deleted FSUIPC no result. I have CH Pedals & Eclipse Yoke. I uploaded latest CH Control Manager, No lucks. Do I need to replace CH pedal and yoke. If yes what do you advise? Thanks
  15. I just loaded 2.60, will you please advise how can I make base clouds brighter . Thanks
  16. Thanks to ALL, 747 Queen's problem solved. CH Control Manager calibration saved the Tires and Heat. When I landed at CYWG,, Company Management was waiting me, instead of pink slip, they gave me an award."Full year supply of Peanut bags" Wow.. I was so happy.
  17. Chris, thanks for your info, I will try to use CH Control Manager. Lets see what will happen.
  18. Kevin. thanks for your info. I never used FSUPIC . I installed and left alone. if I can managed how to use FSUPIC, I will test it.
  19. Kyle, thanks for your quick response. I will check CH Pro-pedals axis and calibration. I just check them: Brake (Left Axis)127 Reverse Box checked Brake(Right Axis)127 Reverse Box checked Null Zone: Brake(Left) was 1 increased to 3 Brake(Right) was 1 increased to 3 Are they correct?
  20. I receive "tire failure/Brake Temp " warning on almost every flight with 747-Queen. I went through FMC Aircraft Failures pages and initiated "No Active failure". But It comes back. How can I stop failures. "I dont even touch the brake pedals"
  21. Bryan,I reinstalled PMDG 747 Queen and problem solved. ( Trick is here do not uninstall , just reinstalled and data will fill the blanks) .
  22. asanal

    A/P disconnects

    Dan, thanks for your help
  23. I just purchased and installed 747 for P3Dv4 with out any incident. Then , I opened P3Dv4 I received the following "Warning" : "Cannot get product version-data-string not found" I clicked "OK" then all was normal. Fs2Crew performed with out any problem. What is this "Warning" How can I fix it. Thanks
  24. asanal

    A/P disconnects

    Thanks to All, I made a test flight KEWR-KDEN with out any incident. I will make two additional Test Flight, then I will close the case, WOW
  25. asanal

    A/P disconnects

    Marc, I turned down all sliders 20-30%. Enhanced Turbulence box is not checked. I calibrated all controls. Now I will make a test flight. Thanks
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