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  1. I am having pretty much same problem with some knobs not working, mostly on the 737. Since the store was moved, I changed my password and can now log into the store but they show me with no orders. I have many orders. I have submitted 2 tickets with no response. What can I do ???  Help !!!

    Alvestus Williams

  2. That works fine too, but I really do not need the radio information, since the Collins radios are right next to it..


    Also, using the screen in the VC means turning off Instrument Reflections, and even with that, I do not have

    access to the Direct-to button.


    So, for me, I'll use the popup for interaction and would like the map screen to look as undistorted as possible..

    Good point Bert.

  3. Follow on to the above.... here is for the popup.


    1. Make a subfolder to your panel folder and call it C2CAR


    2. Unzip the contents of the file (found in the Gauges folder) into this new folder


    3. Open the Toggle10300.xml file (in the new folder) with Notepad.


    4. Change    <Click>10300 (>K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE)</Click>


    to    <Click>14401 (>K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE)</Click>


    5. Save the file as "Toggle14401.xml" back into the new folder


    If you made the changes from the previous instructions, the left bezel of the MFD

    will now pop up the GTN750, assuming you have a GTN popup window in your panel.cfg file

    with Ident=14401 which the F1GTN config app should have added for you.

    Nice job Bert. Try using this and let me know how you like ----gauge04=F1GTN!GTN750VC, 555,  45, 424, 310, UNIT1