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  1. Before update I was getting 60 fps with only the occasional stutter and limited by gpu coming on, Now I have limited by main thread and fps of 20 with lots of stutters. Any help would be great. Thanks i7 9700 k , gtx 1080 32mb ram
  2. yes i have been using flight sim for years and this just has a different feel when accelerating on the rwy, I will keep working on it Thanks
  3. Does anyone think when you are taking off its like there is no sense of speed? Its as if you are standing still going down the runway. I may have something set wrong but it is really bad. Everything looks big and slow when taking off. Any ideas to help or is this just the way it looks for now. Thank you Anthony
  4. Does anyone know how to get FS2020 to recognize a second throttle quadrant? It sees one but I have two that I like to use for 747. Thank YOU
  5. Yes I also checked the remember me option. Anthony Marquis
  6. Looking for an answer on why I have to load my login info every time I use 747 and the EFB with navigraph charts. I read on forums this problem was fixed in the last update but for some reason I still have to click on the page that comes up. Maybe I missed something and just need pointed in the right direction. Thank you Anthony Marquis
  7. Thank you, this update made the 747s so much better on my machine. Keep up the good work Anthony Marquis
  8. What slope setting did you use for the brakes? Thank You Anthony Marquis
  9. thanks for the replies I am using the 400 not the 8 but I will be patient and wait for the screen to refresh. Thank you Anthony Marquis
  10. After I finish a flight, how do you end the flight in acars so I can start another leg? It shows that it is done but no way to reset for another flight, at least the way I see it. Thank you, Anthony Marquis
  11. Not sure what I did? but now when I turn on wx radar I get WXR Fail warning in pd. Thanks for the help Anthony
  12. Thank You Keven for getting back to me on this, I appreciate it, I was just wondering why it seems that the plane itself is stable but the camera is moving when I adjust for the wind. Maybe I just don't know how to set it correctly? for example If I setup a wing view the wing seems to stay stable, ie no wingflex as if it is experiencing turbulence but the camera is moving, Thank You Anthony
  13. Hi I was wondering does real world wind actually effect the wind effect movement inside cp. It seems to me that if I turn up the effect it just is a random bounce effect. Thanks Anthony
  14. rgr thanks for the help, I think I did confuse the two
  15. I could be wrong but the page where you set the weights for fuel, cruise altitude, cost index. Thanks for the help Anthony Marquis
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