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  1. ant02151973

    wx fail

    Not sure what I did? but now when I turn on wx radar I get WXR Fail warning in pd. Thanks for the help Anthony
  2. ant02151973

    Wind effects

    Thank You Keven for getting back to me on this, I appreciate it, I was just wondering why it seems that the plane itself is stable but the camera is moving when I adjust for the wind. Maybe I just don't know how to set it correctly? for example If I setup a wing view the wing seems to stay stable, ie no wingflex as if it is experiencing turbulence but the camera is moving, Thank You Anthony
  3. ant02151973

    Wind effects

    Hi I was wondering does real world wind actually effect the wind effect movement inside cp. It seems to me that if I turn up the effect it just is a random bounce effect. Thanks Anthony
  4. ant02151973

    Perf Init

    rgr thanks for the help, I think I did confuse the two
  5. ant02151973

    Perf Init

    I could be wrong but the page where you set the weights for fuel, cruise altitude, cost index. Thanks for the help Anthony Marquis
  6. ant02151973

    Perf Init

    Hi, I am wondering if the perf INIT page in the fmc was changed with the latest update. I know after you loaded your flight info it would auto load recommendations for the most efficient flight and the altitudes. I'm running fsx all updates are loaded. thank you, Anthony Marquis
  7. ant02151973

    double landing callouts

    It was RAAS I uninstalled and the sounds are normal now. Thanks for the help everyone! Anthony Marquis
  8. ant02151973

    double landing callouts

    Hi, Ever since the last upgrades of pmdg products I have been getting double callouts on landing. From 2500 feet down. I was wondering if there is anyway to stop this. Thank You Anthony Marquis
  9. ant02151973

    Altitude Callouts

    Thanks guys, I will look into maybe the update for pmdg aircraft, Not sure what I could have added to cause this. Anthony Marquis
  10. ant02151973

    Altitude Callouts

    Just wondering if anyone else is getting double altitude callouts when landing? I get double 2500 1000 500 200 100 when on approach. Any help would be great. Thank You Anthony Marquis
  11. Where can I purchase this product? Thanks for the great work. Anthony
  12. ant02151973

    non standard bmp

    Thank you Steve for the info. I'll keep working on the oom problem, I just wanted to eliminate everything. Anthony
  13. Hi I was wondering what this means, I got a non standard scenery\world\texture\detail1.bmp error in the diagnostics test. I have been having oom problems the last few days ever since loading orbx southern California, I was wondering if this could be a problem because of this file? Thank you for any insight into this. Anthony Marquis I figured it out, for some reason rex4 loaded this file and it is corrupt, I have restored my old textures so I will see if that is the cause of my ooms.
  14. ant02151973

    Updating to 2.8

    Thanks for the fast reply, No I will look into this and let you know. I might just have something set wrong. I just wanted to be sure my install would be ok. Thank you