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  1. I use REal WX Lite (freeware from Hans-Coderz) for FS2004 weather. FS Real WX Lite will lock up after a few minutes of running RCv4 then I end up shutting down FS Real WX Lite. What can be done to make FS REal WX Lite and RCv4 run happily together in communication to FS9 via FSUIPC v3.999. Detalis: All software running on the same computer. 2GB ram 1.73GHZ Intel Pentium M ATI x300 64mb video Windows XP SP3 (RCv4 supports XP!) all VB6 runtimes installed. FS2004 v9.1 FSPassengers installed PMDG 737NG (pmdgoptions.dll) I can't think of any other DLL in modules folder that needs FSUIPC. Is it to many connections to FSUIPC causing FS Real WX Lite to freeze like a froze rusty bolt in a 100 year old engine block? No error messages. FS Real WX Lite turns into a white blank window when I check weather.
  2. JD BIG THANKS! I have wnated Radar Contact for many years just never could afford it. It worked first run after install and using the keygen you provided. I am very thankful I finally can use your software. I am a daily FS2004 virtual pilot. I fly in the PMDG 737NG and some HJG DC 10's. I use FSGenesis payware 38m mesh and Western Hemisphere 153m buffer mesh. I hope any new project is double or triple as successful as Radar Contact is. You and your team did astounding work on Radar Contact over the years. I see tons of hours of hard work in rcv4 programs folder. Thats 100,851 files in 2,995 folder total disk space usage of 1,33GB/1.13GB actual. That has got to be many hours weeks days months years of development. BIG THANKS!
  3. I have an answer. Based on my test flight yes it did automatically raise gear after take off. The Autopilot was already set on ground. I looked at the panel in FS Panel Studio. I found nothing that displays which gauge is tied into automatically setting it. I do suspect gauge25=EMB170!Speedtrend, 1,1,5,5,3 may or not be the gauge controlling other gauges at a set criteria. This is an XML gauge and the author designed it on their own. Maybe even proprietary. This looks like a set of gauges that if one is edited or missing the rest fails. I wouldn't hamper with it. If you need further control I suggest Ken Mitchell's emb170km_panl.zip
  4. Not a support request but a little bit of experience and what I've learnt of how to see AI in FS9. I have installed 14 AI airlines from Alpha-India Group. I also have installed 1gb worth of AI model base packs and liveries combined. I used AIFPv3 My sim is set to 15% traffic and see plenty of aircraft.. Start with a small airline because huge airlines require a bunch of models and liveries and can take all day if you're missing many! One of the many important things installing the AI flight plans is your AI aircraft. AIFP shows what you have in black and not have in red. The goal is to make that list 100% black. You may need to substitute with a similar AI closest to what is intended. Never compile a flightplan bgl with red aircraft entries. The sim won't like it. It will take longer to load if any aircraft is missing. No aircraft will appear as much as expected. It is because missing aircraft cause the sim to search for what is there before it completes the loading process. I had this issue many times with WOAI. AIFP has a Missing Aircraft feature. It can download the missing repaints but those repaints require you to have the AI base pack model in your aircraft folder. It can install the repaints into the required model or you can do it manually. Be sure to tell AIFP to regenerate the installed aircraft list before proceeding to install if you manually installed the repaints. If you have selected to allow AIFP to install the AI repaints then you should double click the blue entries to download the repaints. It will open your default browser to the download location then download it. It will be a zip archive. Please move that zip archive to AIFP's "Repaints" folder so it can "see" that it's there. Observe that there may or may not be orange entries in the "Missing Aircraft" box. The orange colors means there is no available download known for that specific livery. You can either substitute it with another livery or delete that aircraft and associated flight plan. When you delete a aircraft do it by right clicking on the aircraft list on the third column by right clicking it then click delete. It will want to confirm it and DO allow it to delete the associated flight plan. It will save you headaches later! Each route in a AI flight plan is tied to a specific AI aircraft! Best to substitute it for another livery IF you elect to keep the route. Once you have all aircraft in black on the third column then press compile then load your sim. To verify the aircraft are working I used Microsoft's Traffic Tools. I installed it to FS9's modules folder to get a Tools menu in the sim. I used its explorer to select each AI to see if the liveries re working. Some may appear in your select aircraft menu. Scrolling through that will also verify the installed repaints are working. Here is some images to show what I had gained using 75% AI traffic. https://imgur.com/a/YkjoARH
  5. The Wayback Machine shows what the site consisted of yet the downloads are resulting in "source file cannot be read". I too would appreciate having the legacy liveries for the FS2004 versions of the PMDG 737/744 variants. Very interested.
  6. Inno setup installer is used by Navigraph. I looked at Inno's documentation and it has alot to do with allocating huge amounts of memory to compress files. I suspect the installer is trying to allocate way to much memory for decompression. It doesn't matter how much memory your system has available to any applications. I doubt anyone is running out of memory. It usually has a out of memory error when it gets to a "##################.index" file. It uses LZMA block size. That's a very large dictionary size. reference http://www.jrsoftware.org/ishelp/index.php?topic=setup_lzmadictionarysize I believe Navigraph needs to rebuild the setup. Just because many systems don't see the error doesn't always mean there is a problem with the systems that do see the error.
  7. There is two click spots undocumented on the Skydecks v3.15 737NG. In the main panel there is one on Yaw Damper and another just above the left corner of the PFD. Both seem to do nothing. What would be the functions of these click spots?
  8. Issue is not fixed. Still dialogue box saying source file can not be read. contact server administrator.
  9. Hi, I thought about attempting to build a panel from available gauge and bitmaps and searched entire avsim, flightsim.com, simviation file libraries only to come up empty searching for freeware gauge packs and panel bitmaps. I wanted to use FS Panel Studio to install gauges that I like in a panel for personal enjoyment. The bigger reason is my ability to see small fonts is getting more difficult even with reading glasses at my age. Seems like every single panel out there in Boeing or Airbus planes the EICAS fonts are way too tiny on a 15 inch monitor. I like to set take off thrust manually and not use TOGA as TOGA can set 102-106% N1. Also ND display fonts are so small they look like a blur. The whole plan is to piece the puzzle together. Anyone know of such a thing as freeware boeing gauge packs and panel bitmaps packs? I have FS2004 and staying. As far as gauge editing, I want to learn how to increase the font size in gauges ONLY
  10. Flpas gauge nonresponsive, altitude gauge has a orange tape(aswellas other gauges) over the digits..any idea howto fix that ? trim gauge is also non responsive!Certainly not well animated!
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